mRNA: the Higgs boson of modern medicine?

Messenger RNA (mRNA) is a single-stranded molecule, which is complementary to the DNA strands of a gene. It plays a prominent role in the process of protein synthesis, wherein mRNA is responsible for transferring genetic information from DNA to ribosomes, a specialized structure, or organelle, which decodes genetic information into a protein. In the last few years, in vitro transcribed (IVT) mRNA has gathered the attention of researchers for use as a drug delivery agent. With the help of genetic engineering, these synthetic mRNAs can express proteins, as they structurally resemble a natural mRNA. It is worth mentioning that various companies have started developing mRNA-based cancer immunotherapies and vaccines targeting infectious diseases, as these are believed to hold the potential to bring a major revolution in the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, these drug candidates can be used for the development of precise and individualized therapies, which enable patients to produce therapeutic proteins in their own bodies, thereby, eliminating the concerns associated with the complex manufacturing process of recombinant proteins. Considering the various advantages offered by mRNA drugs, increase in demand for vaccines owing to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we believe that this market is likely to witness significant growth in the foreseen future.

Players Engaged in mRNA Therapeutics and Vaccines Domain

Presently, over 150 mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines are being evaluated for the treatment of a wide variety of disease indications; majority of the candidates are in early stages of development.

mRNA therapeutics - global development pipeline for vaccines and Therapeutics by Roots Analysis

mRNA: A Diverse Landscape in Terms of Disease Indications and Phases of Development

The current pipeline features both vaccines and therapeutic candidates, which are being designed to be delivered with the help of specially designed delivery vehicles. The analysis conducted by Roots Analysis revealed that majority of the candidates are designed to be delivered via Lipid Nanoparticle.

mRNA Therapeutics - market landscape Grid distribution and trends by Roots Analysis

Diverse Portfolios of Companies

Over time, well-funded companies have invested significant time and effort to explore the potential of these novel biological entities; the innovation in this domain is being led by developers headquartered in the US mostly by small scale or startup players.

mRNA Therapeutics and Vaccines - company competitiveness analysis for 25 players by Roots Analysis

Strong Intellectual Property Portfolio

A significant number of patents related to mRNA delivery technologies and methods have been filed / granted to various organizations; patents with highest relative valuation were related to LNP delivery technology. This domain has over 600 patents in the highest value gradation.

Enormous Partnerships Activity

The increasing interest in this field is reflected in recent partnership activity; majority of deals were inked for research and development purposes, featuring the participation of both international and indigenous stakeholders.

mRNA Therapeutics and Vaccines - partnership and collaboration trend analysis on geography and year by Roots Analysis

Success Stories

Given the recent approval of mRNA-based vaccine candidates for the prevention of COVID-19, the market is expected to witness significant growth in future. Scientists have clinically tested a wide range of mRNA therapies and vaccines and there have been numerous examples of positive results of clinical candidates and positive results have been revealed for trials that are currently ongoing. These exciting developments led us to be optimistic about the future of this technology. For detailed analysis of the market, check out our report mRNA Therapeutics Vaccines Market.

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