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In addition to providing off-the shelf market research reports, we also engage with our clients on bespoke consulting and research requests. Our experience tells us that it is the interpretation and insights, based on market data, which is really helpful for our clients. Over the last many years, our in-house experts have provided extensive support on commercial, strategic and marketing issues in the pharmaceutical industry.


All the work we undertake is tailored to defined client requests to deliver the highest quality. These studies encompass a variety of subjects such as future growth opportunities, regulatory developments, competitive landscape, regional market evolution, financial and business planning. Such reports are designed to empower the clients with relevant information for them to


  • Prioritise mid to long term focus areas
  • Drive strategic decision making, including product development and launch
  • Identify potential geographies and market segments to improve and sustain overall profitability


Most of these projects are handled by a team of analysts, led by an in-house expert. Our unique approach allows us to blend the skills our consultants have developed in top-tier consulting organisations with the mindset of a smaller boutique consulting firm. For each customised project, we give our clients open access to all the research and analysis which is conducted on their behalf.

Service Portfolio

Drug Discovery

Pipeline Tracking: We develop a comprehensive view of the drug development programs with regards to specific competitors and / or therapy areas. In addition to providing an in-depth analysis of these programs (distributed by class of molecule, development phase and other parameters), we use a variety of frameworks to distil relevant information establishing immediate and long-term research focus areas.

Therapy Area Assessment: We help clients build a detailed understanding of their area of interest. Our highly comprehensive therapy area assessment reports provide deep commercial, technological, regulatory and other relevant insights to assess the competitive landscape, epidemiology, unmet needs, development pipeline, existing gaps and overall opportunity within the sector.

Research & Development

Clinical Trial Tracking: We track the latest developments in clinical trials pertaining to a specific therapy area. We regularly assist our clients benchmark the clinical trial designs and results, covering detailed information on various parameters such as drug targets, underlying technology, patient enrolment data, age group, inclusion & exclusion criteria, treatment endpoints etc..

KOL Selection: We identify relevant KOLs in multiple therapy areas and maintain a high quality network of thought leaders globally. The approach requires us to not only leverage our existing network of partners but also continuously expand our global reach. We screen high priority experts (driven by our proprietary algorithm) who are most suited for a particular role and establish connections between different stakeholders.

Publication Analysis: We support our clients’ needs of staying updated and well-informed regarding the latest industry developments released in multiple trade publications. In addition to abstract writing and author profiling, our publication analysis team provides a thorough understanding of relevant publications highlighting the key trends and current focus areas

Investment Analysis: We offer robust support by reviewing investments made in the past, highlighting the type of such investments (seed, venture capital, public offerings, debt / grants etc.), the amount invested, the list of active investors and the overall investment climate. We also recommend potential investors whose investment agendas are better aligned to our client’s portfolio.


Market Assessment: We provide an accurate and comprehensive assessment of the market highlighting the competitive landscape, key trends, pricing data, current market size, future outlook, key challenges and opportunity areas for different stakeholders. Specific to a particular product, we also benchmark product competitiveness vis-à-vis other commercially available products and / or products under development.

Deal Tracking: We track the partnerships / agreements inked within the industry for a wide range of therapeutic areas helping our clients implement their go-to-market strategies through collaborations and acquisitions. The detailed analysis highlights the types of agreement, relevant financial details and strategic fit to the clients’ core competencies to drive wider adoption.

Competitive Profiling: We help our clients evaluate their competitors’ product / service portfolio and offer a one-stop-shop to meet their requirements of staying ahead of the competition. Our competitive intelligence profiles (can be drug, device, technology, company) are designed to improve our clients’ strategic goals, enable them to make informed decisions and define the future roadmap based on the intent and outlook of competitors.

Commercial Strategy & Business Development: We engage in supporting our clients identify, filter and evaluate in-licensing / out-licensing opportunities to drive their commercial development strategy. In addition to recommending potential licensing partners, we also provide assistance in developing optimal deal structures and facilitate discussions to help our clients grow and capitalize on these opportunities.

Affiliated Services

Congress Coverage: Congress coverage encompasses a variety of industry segments such as medical devices, formulations, drugs specific to therapy areas and manufacturing / technology developments. We offer a complete solution providing live conference coverage, abstract writing, highlighting important developments, discussion analysis and insights. In addition, as a part of out services on congress coverage, we offer a pre-conference handbook as well.

Newsletters: We offer real-time updates on new launches, clinical trial results, regulatory updates and other market developments from multiple sources saving valuable time for our clients. We customize the newsletter based on the clients’ specific requirements and structure the information across different categories such as drug approvals / updates, clinical trial updates, recent collaborations / mergers / acquisitions, IPO filings / venture capital funding and regulatory developments.

Earnings Calls Analysis: Our financial analysis desk can help you with analysis and interpretation of important press releases, investor presentations and financial data released by your competitors. We regularly keep track of conferences, webcasts and earnings’ calls to ensure all the relevant news articles are promptly understood, summarized and communicated.

Social Media Analysis: Analysis of real-time conversations can provide pharmaceutical companies with relevant insights useful for product development and commercialization. Using our proprietary approach, we identify end-user perceptions, unmet needs and generate actionable insights via data collated from social media platforms.

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