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ADCs: Prepare for a Meteoric Growth

Antibody Drug Conjugates are a new class of biologic therapeutics. The market is still in infancy and, currently, there are only two marketed ADC drugs. However, the pipeline is rich and the market is expected to pick up pace with the launch of several pipeline drugs in a few years
Roots Analysis has conducted an extensive study in this upcoming area; one of the key objectives of this study was to understand the future state of the market, including detailed sales forecasts of various drugs in the pipeline. The analysis, insights and opinions gathered during the course of this study are presented in our comprehensive report titled “Antibody Drug Conjugates Market, 2013 - 2023
The aim of the current document is to share some of these takeaways with key industry stakeholders and provide a brief snapshot of the outcome of our research. Any feedback must be sent either directly to the sender of this document or to sales@rootsanalysis.com

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