Engineered Antibodies market to be worth USD 5.7 billion by 2023

Published: September 2013

Roots Analysis has announced addition of the “Fc Protein and Glycoengineered Antibodies Market, 2013-2023” report to their offering. The report provides an extensive study of this emerging field, including detailed sales forecast (till 2023) of the following ten molecules in Phase II / III clinical trials:

  1. Mogamulizumab / POTELIGEO / KW-0761 / AMG761
  2. Obinutuzumab / GA101
  3. Benralizumab / MEDI-563
  4. MEDI-551
  5. Ecromeximab / KW-2871
  6. Roledumab / LFB-r593
  7. Ublituximab / LFB-r603 / TGT-1101
  8. Ocaratuzumab / AME-133v
  9. Margetuximab / MGAH22
  10. XmAb5574 / MOR208

Shivani Singh, the lead analyst, said, “Owing to niche nature of this market, the report provides three scenarios for the forecast. The conservative, base and optimistic scenarios represent three different tracks of market evolution governed by success of these pipeline drugs. Under the base case, the company expects an annualised growth of 76% till 2023.”

“Engineered antibodies are modified to improve effector functions and pharmacokinetic properties. These antibodies are likely to be administered at a lower dose level owing to their higher efficacy, reducing side effects of the therapy.” The research confirms that there are several opportunities which drug developers haven’t explored to the fullest extent. “One such opportunity is to develop biobetter versions of existing mAb therapeutics. These antibodies can also be used as a potent life cycle management tool for companies with marketed monoclonal antibody drugs.”

The study provides a detailed view of the drug pipeline, which includes over 35 new engineered antibodies under development (including the ones in pre-clinical stages).  It also profiles existing/upcoming technologies used to engineer antibodies. The 174 page report covers the work done by over 90 big and small pharmaceutical companies. Key topics covered in the report are:

  • Market overview
  • Analysis of the drug pipeline
  • Detailed forecasts over the next ten years
  • Technological developments and licensing models
  • Profile of leading companies
  • Comprehensive SWOT analysis

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