Blood Brain Barrier Technologies: Novel CNS Drug Delivery Approaches

Published: May 2015

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “BBB Technologies: Novel CNS Drug Delivery Approaches, 2015 - 2030” report to its portfolio.  The report provides an extensive study of the emerging market of BBB technologies and associated drugs for neurologic diseases. The focus of this study is primarily on the technologies that are non-invasive in nature.

Raghav Goyal, the lead analyst, said, “Majority of BBB technologies are based on the process of receptor mediated transcytosis (RMT). Within RMT, Trojan horse is the most common strategy. Several companies, such as ArmaGen, Vect-Horus and Angiochem, have utilized this approach to transport therapeutics into the brain”.

In fact, one of the key objectives of this report is to understand the future state of the industry. The first batch of BBB permeable drugs, based on these technologies, is anticipated to be launched in 2019/2020; post this, we expect the momentum to rise steadily trending towards a multi-billion dollar market by 2030. Over the years, new molecules are likely to get added to the clinical pipeline and some of them may also get fast tracked. This will provide a significant upside to the overall market. Our opinions and insights, presented in this study, were influenced by the discussions that we conducted with different technology providers in this industry such as biOasis, Ossianix and Sagetis Biotech.

Goyal further stated, “The BBB technologies market is inundated with huge opportunities and potential for growth. The key strength of this domain lies in cooperation and cohesion; the market will flourish well if all the stakeholders work collectively. The new and innovative technologies bring with them a ray of hope for improving the lives of all the patients suffering from neurological diseases. Based on several parameters, such as target patient population, and competition (both in terms of number of pipeline and marketed drugs), we believe that indications such as Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease offer a very lucrative future for this market.”

In fact, several venture capital firms have backed the start-ups working in this field. In addition, partnerships and collaborations have played a pivotal role in the advancement of this market. Many smaller companies, as a part of their business model, are looking to out-license their technologies to the established players in this industry. 


Who will benefit from this report?

The research is targeted towards big and small pharma companies working in the field of BBB Technologies. In particular, you could benefit if you are an:

  • Investor
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  • Finance manager
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