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Infusion pumps are a class of drug delivery devices that have found wide adoption across different application areas. Their popularity can be attributed to their reliable, user friendly features and ergonomic design. The market has a wide array of different types of infusion pumps (volumetric, syringe, implantable, elastomeric, ambulatory and others); combined, they offer a large range of infusion volume, flow rate, occlusion alarm pressure range and many other technical parameters that can be a more

Biopharmaceuticals is currently one of the fastest growing segments in the pharmaceutical industry. They have a vital use in the treatment of chronic diseases and also result in high profit margins for the drug developers. There are several therapeutic areas for which biopharmaceuticals are being investigated; these include oncology, metabolic disorders, viral infections, genetic disorders and immunological disorders. Biotherapeutics (both approved and under investigation) include monoclonal ant more

Cancer is an extremely complex disease and medical science is still struggling to figure out the reasons and factors influencing the disease origin, propagation, spread (metastasis) and relapse. In addition to satisfying the unmet market need for advanced and efficient treatment interventions, cancer prevention, early detection and management is extremely important. The high cancer mortality rate is primarily due to delay in detection of the disease.Early diagnosis and screening makes it possibl more

WHO has stated that the number of new cancer cases is expected to rise by 70% in the coming two decades. In the US alone, over one million people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Although cancer therapeutics continues to be one of the most active areas in terms of drug development, there is still a significant unmet need. Specifically, immuno-oncology has been gradually nurtured by researchers over the last several years. Post an evident shift towards the development of therapeutics targetin more

NASH or Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis refers to a chronic liver disorder characterized by accretion of fat (lipid droplets), along with inflammation and degeneration of hepatocytes. In other words, it can be defined as significant steatohepatitis not caused due to alcohol, drugs, toxins, infectious agents or other identifiable exogenous causes. NASH is often accompanied with a high possibility of cirrhosis, a condition in which the liver functions are changed, leading to liver insufficiency. Alt more

Advances in genetic engineering and cloning techniques have allowed isolation and expression of heterologous and recombinant proteins for research, therapeutic and industrial uses. Large scale applications such as enzyme, antibody or vaccine production require high amounts of protein. This demands that the system producing protein must be easy to culture, allow rapid cell growth and provide good yield. Various expression systems based on the machinery of bacteria, yeast, insect or mammalian cell more

Characterised by increased utility in chronic diseases and capital intensive manufacturing, the global biopharmaceutical market is expanding robustly. As the demand for biologics is increasing continuously, manufacturers are on the lookout for novel strategies that will help them attain maximum returns on investment.Derived from biological elements, biologic medications have transformed the treatment paradigm of life threatening, debilitating diseases. However, such drugs come at staggering pric more

Cancer is known to be one of the leading causes of death worldwide. The field of oncology is vast and comprises several indications, including some rare / orphan forms. Although oncology continues to be one of the most active areas in terms of drug development, there is still a significant unmet need. The focus of drug developers is gradually moving towards immunotherapeutics, which make use of the body’s own immune system or its components to fight cancer. It is a relatively new concept, more

The problem of counterfeit products has been a common challenge to all the industries across the globe. However, when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, the issue primarily revolves around the health of patients rather than revenue losses in the industry. Counterfeit drugs create substantial public health hazards and cause crucial safety concerns. Falsified or substandard drugs can lead to adverse reactions / side effects and consequently lead to the death of a patient. The major challe more

Injectable drug delivery systems have traversed a long way from conventional syringes with vials to prefilled syringes, auto-injectors, pen injectors and needle free systems. These modern devices have become preferred devices for parenteral administration of drugs, mainly used for treatment of chronic conditions requiring patients to self-administer medication several times a week. The origins of prefilled syringes can be traced back to early 1980s when Sanofi and Rhone Poulenc-Rorer (Sanofi- more

The concept of growing tissues outside their natural system in an artificially created microenvironment is known as tissue culturing. It is a common tool for developing model systems that are useful for studying the basic human molecular and cell biology metabolisms. Cell culturing was first initiated in flat plastic or glass dishes as 2D cell culturing. Since then, all the tissue engineering, stem cell, molecular biology work is being carried out on the widely popular petri dishes. However, the more

Given the intricacy of the anatomy and physiology of the eye, it is quite challenging to deliver an ophthalmic drug effectively to a specific ocular site. Several barriers have to be overcome for a successful ocular drug delivery. These include dilution of a drug by tears, clearance of a drug by the lymphatic system of conjunctiva and drug permeation issues with respect to the cornea, sclera and choroid. Approximately 95% of the drug, in topical eye drops, is lost due to the aforementioned barri more

View Latest Edition Several people across the globe suffer from different neurological disorders. However, the drugs currently available in the market provide only symptomatic relief and do not treat the root cause. This is because of their inability to penetrate across the blood brain barrier (BBB). BBB is a highly selective permeable membrane which allows the entry of only specific molecules, across it, into the brain. The widening gap between the demand of effective treatments and supply o more

Characterized by a rapidly expanding product pipeline and a capital intensive manufacturing business, the biopharmaceutical market is witnessing a growing trend towards contract manufacturing. In addition to serving as a cost-cutting tool, contract manufacturing provides several other advantages to biopharmaceutical companies including technical expertise, operational efficiency, regulatory support and the ability to focus on core competencies.Spanning multiple operations withinthe wider manufac more

Over decades, the oncology market has been led by surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The non-specificity of chemotherapy/radiotherapy and limitations of surgery has expanded the focus of many pharmaceutical companies to improve these treatments as well as discover novel cancer therapies with minimum toxic effects. Targeted cancer therapy is an upcoming area gaining strong foothold in the industry and has already become the focus of a number of pharmaceutical companies. Different types of more

The service oriented and dynamic nature of the healthcare industry has led to the discovery of a plethora of treatment options for a wide range of ailments.However, there are certain diseases, termed as rare, that continue to remain untreated and neglected. Rare / orphan diseases, as the name suggests, are those diseases which are relatively infrequent in occurrence. Many orphan diseases are life-threatening and progressive in nature. Absence of potential treatment regimes catering to these dise more

Amongst the increasing financial pressures and the need to reduce cost and improve efficiencies, the pharmaceutical industry has witnessed a paradigm shift from vertically integrated business model to a network of suppliers. As such, contract manufacturing has evolved as one of the integral components of the pharmaceutical market. Started initially as a one-off activity, contract manufacturing has evolved into a dynamic business model; currently most prevalent in manufacturing, outsourcing is st more

Several disorders that arise inside the body are a result of either a direct genetic aberration or a dysfunctional/non-functional protein. The attempt to use nucleic acids to correct or delete the genes causing a particular disease is known as gene therapy. Although gene therapy has not contributed significantly to the global pharmaceutical market yet, it is anticipated to grow at a fast pace over the next decade. Gendicine, developed by SiBiono GeneTech, was the foremost gene therapy that en more

Owing to their complexity and instability, proteins and peptides are mostly injected by intravenous or subcutaneous routes. Amongst the various modes of administration, oral delivery is the more preferred route. Although very convenient, there are many challenges which hinder this route of administration. These include enzymatic and pH-dependent degradation of the amino acid based drugs in the gastrointestinal tract, low epithelial permeability and instability during formation. As a result, prot more

Oral drug delivery technologies form an integral part of the pharmaceutical industry. From the conventional tablets / capsules to modern-day fast disintegrating and rapidly acting tablets / films, the market has come a long way. Lower bioavailability of oral solid drugs, inconvenience of administering injections, inaccurate dosing by liquid formulations have turned the focus of pharmaceutical companies to develop novel oral dosage forms that eliminate several known limitations. In addition, dysp more
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