Cancer Stem Cell Therapies Market

Cancer Stem Cell Therapies Market, 2017-2030

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Cancer Stem Cell Therapies Market Overview

The global cancer stem cell therapies market is estimated to be $13 billion by 2030, representing a CAGR of 36% during the forecast period. Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are known to be rare, immortal cells within a tumor that can both self-renew and differentiate into several cell types that form the tumor mass. Over time, the development of CSCs has been shown to be associated with several signaling pathways, which regulate the survival and proliferation of these cells. Presently, a number of initiatives are underway to explore specific targets that can be used to selectively eliminate cancer stem cells and, thereby, confer therapeutic benefits to patients suffering from various forms of cancers. The presence of CSCs has been established in various cancers, including oesophageal cancer, gastric cancer, intestinal cancer, colon cancer, hepatic cancer and pancreatic cancer. However, it is postulated that these self-renewing CSCs represent only a small fraction of the cell population (approximately 1%) within the bulk tumor mass. The frequent failure in trying to treat advanced cancers using the current standard of care therapies has been attributed to the presence of CSCs as these cells actively resist all methods of treatment, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The objective of the ongoing R&D is to develop novel CSC directed treatments that can combat complications, such as off target toxicities and disease relapse, associated with the current standard of care treatments. In fact, between January 2008 and December 2016, the number of publications in this domain grew at an annualized rate of 10.4%; overall, there are over 9000 publications available on PubMed, indicating the extensive research activity unfolding in this domain.

Recent Developments in Cancer Stem Cell Therapies Market:

Several recent developments have taken place in the field of cancer stem cell therapies. We have outlined some of these recent initiatives below. These developments, even if they took place post the release of our market report, substantiate the overall market trends that have been outlined in our analysis.

  • In September 2023, BioLineRx announced the FDA approval of Motixafortide Plus  Filgrastim for stem cell mobilization in patients suffering from multiplr myeloma.  
  • In August 2023, BlueRock Therapeutics entered into a research collaboration with in order to identify transcription factor (TF) combinations for reprogramming induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) into Tregs.

Scope of the Report

The ‘Cancer Stem Cell Therapies Market, 2017-2030’ report examines the current landscape and the future outlook of the growing pipeline of products targeting CSCs. We identified over 150 molecules that are currently being investigated as therapeutic interventions for the elimination of CSCs. Over the past few years, this burgeoning field of research has captured the interest of several players in the pharmaceutical industry. Amongst other elements, the report features:

  • An elaborate discussion on the origin, properties and methods for identification of CSCs. It covers the key therapeutic strategies that are being investigated for eliminating CSCs; these include targeting signaling pathways, targeting cancer stemness factors and related surface markers, inhibiting ATP-binding cassette transporters, targeting the tumor microenvironment, and the induction of apoptosis in CSCs.
  • A review of the overall landscape of the CSC therapy market with respect to the phase of development, key therapeutic targets, oncological indications, mode of administration, type of molecule (small molecule, monoclonal antibody, peptides, bispecific antibody, gene therapy, fusion proteins and other biologics), geographical distribution of R&D efforts and the key players in this domain.
  • A detailed publication analysis on more than 340 articles that have been published between September 2016 and October 2017, highlighting the key focus areas of the ongoing research activity in this field.
  • Comprehensive profiles of phase III and marketed drugs featuring a brief company overview and financial details, product description, mechanism of action, current status of development, active clinical trials, key clinical trial results, manufacturing information, dosage and sales information, collaborations established related to the product, and a comprehensive future outlook of the developer. Additionally, the report also includes profiles of drugs that are in phase II of clinical development.
  • Insightful representations of the distribution of CSC targeting molecules across various parameters, such as target molecular pathway, therapeutic area, type of molecule and highest phase of development. The report features a bull’s eye analysis to specifically highlight the most popular targets from a clinical standpoint. In addition, we have provided a comprehensive overview (in the form of a 2 X 2 matrix) of the competitive landscape of developers, highlighting each developer’s product portfolio, company size and location of headquarters.
  • An analysis depicting the prevalent and emerging trends related to CSC therapies as observed on the social media platform, Twitter. In addition to the yearly trend, the analysis highlights the most talked about therapeutic targets for CSC therapies and the popular cancer indications.

One of the key objectives of the report was to estimate the future size of the CSC therapy market, specifically in the US and EU. We adopted a bottom-up approach to evaluate the likely success and growth of marketed drugs and those that are in phase II and phase III of clinical development, over the next 10-15 years. The insights generated on the future opportunity are segmented on the basis of key indications, important target strategies and key products. In order to account for the uncertainties associated with some of the key parameters and to add robustness to our model, we have provided three market forecast scenarios for the period 2017-2030, namely the conservative, base and optimistic scenarios, which represent three different tracks of the industry’s evolution.

The research, analysis and insights presented in this report are backed by a deep understanding of key insights gathered from both secondary and primary research. The report presents details of conversations with (in alphabetical order of company name) Stephen Franklin (CEO, Evgen Pharma), Steven Swanson (Senior Vice President, ImmunoCellular Therapeutics) and Jaffer Ajani (Researcher at MD Anderson Cancer Center).


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