Blockchain Healthcare Startups Providing Data Security in a Regulated Market

Published: September 2023

Blockchain technology in healthcare has emerged as a transformative approach; various healthcare companies are using blockchain to pave way for safe, transparent and efficient data storage solutions.We analyzed more than 50 blockchain companies in healthcare. In this article, discover five promising blockchain healthcare startups that are benefitting from the integration of blockchain for applications ranging from drug discovery to clinical trial management.

The healthcare industry has not been spared from the data and information related challenges, including vulnerability to personal data breach, lack of interoperability, administrative inefficiencies, supply chain management concerns and fragmented medical records. In 2022, eleven healthcare data breaches (of more than 1 million records) were reported.1 Further, the lack of transparency in clinical trial data hampered the trustworthiness of research outcomes and led to the entry of counterfeit drugs into the market. Therefore, it has become important to develop and establish the necessary methods and technologies to effectively help with the processing and analysis of the aforementioned information and for making it easily accessible to practicing physicians, scientists, pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders. The blockchain technology (generally known as distributed ledger technology) emerged as a promising option having the potential to transform the healthcare sector. Roots Analysis has conducted an exhaustive study on Blockchain in Healthcare Market, featuring the current market landscape and future opportunities for blockchain companies in healthcare industry.

Blockchain technology enhances the trackability and traceability of drugs and other pharmaceutical products, thereby reducing the prevalence of counterfeit drugs and medicine. Further, the platform enhances clinical practice in terms of maintaining patient healthcare data and enrolling patients for trials. It also increases the storage and transparency of medical information, and enhances data security. In addition, the ledger can be used to contain all the updated information along with an encrypted patient identity to secure patient data. In the last few years, recent activities in this field, such as the establishment of strategic partnerships indicate that the approach of using blockchain for healthcare data storage and management is gaining attention in the healthcare industry. 

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Below, we have listed (in alphabetical order), five promising blockchain healthcare startups.

Company Year of Establishment Employee Count
MELLODDY 2019 51-200
ClinTex 2018 2-10
Coral Health 2018 2-10
Hypertrust 2018 11-50
Triall 2018 11-50


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Discover Below the Details on 5 Blockchain Startups in Healthcare Industry

This article highlights the five blockchain companies that are supporting the healthcare industry. These companies were established post-2017 and have been selected based on their capabilities (including type of blockchain, application and end user). It is essential to note that the selection of top players can differ substantially according to the defined criteria(s).

Owing to its time and cost saving potential, MELLODDY’s privacy-protecting federated machine learning platform allows exploration of fewer drugs (of high quality) 

MELLODDY - Blockchain Healthcare

Machine Learning Ledger Orchestration For Drug Discovery (MELLODDY) is a public-private partnership that focuses on harnessing the knowledge of the consortium for drug discovery. Although not a single company, the consortium explored the application of artificial intelligence for drug discovery at industrial scale. Their platform uses machine learning algorithms and privacy management system, to explore efficacious therapeutics and accelerate the development process. Further, the multi-task machine learning practices enhance predictive performance, without any personal data breaches. The project used Hyperledger Fabric, a private blockchain based for distribution of data amongst all the participating pharmaceutical companies. The use of blockchain allowed the pharmaceutical companies to collaborate with each other for drug discovery, while ensuring that their data remains secure and private. 

Details on MELLODDY includes:

  • Type of Blockchain -  Consortium Blockchain
  • Blockchain Applications (in Drug Development) - Drug Discovery, Intellectual Property Management
  • End User - Pharmaceutical Companies

The consortium comprises of 17 partners:

  • 10 Pharmaceutical Companies / Organizations: Amgen, Astellas, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Janssen Pharmaceutica, Merck KGaA, Novartis and Institut de Recherches Servier
  • 4 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs): Iktos, Kubermatic, Owkin and Substra Foundation
  • 2 Academic Universities: Budapest University of Technology and Economics and KU Leuven
  • 1 AI Computing Company: NVIDIA

Recent Developments: In July 2022, MELLODDY demonstrated that collaborating on artificial intelligence (AI) for discovery of new therapeutics is possible at industrial scale. Further information related to the company’s blockchain platform is available in the full report.

Claiming to be the first ever collaboration platform for clinical trial efficiency, ClinTeX protects underlying intellectual property while sharing data with researchers

ClinTex - Blockchain Healthcare

ClinTex is a UK-based firm focusing on providing innovative, economical and scalable clinical data analytics services. The company uses a distributed ledger technology platform, Clinical Trials Intelligence (CTI) that identifies and reduces the bottlenecks in clinical trials, and enhances their quality and operational efficiency. Further, it promotes interoperability of data across the pharmaceutical industry (addressing any kind of privacy and security concerns). The Site Investigators (CTi-SIM) application of the company (in combination with Patient Recruitment and Retention (CTi-PRR) / Clinical Data Visualisations (CTi-CDV) applications) investigates the achievement of milestones and automatically provides payments to the investigators, eliminating the need of any manual intervention.

Details on ClinTex includes:

  • Type of Blockchain -  Public Blockchain
  • Blockchain Applications (in Drug Development) - Intellectual Property Management, Clinical Trial Management
  • Applications within Clinical Trial Management - Operational Excellence, Patient Data Management, Data Visualization, Patient Recruitment and Retention, Predictive Analytics, Risk Based Monitoring, Site Investigation and Vendor Management
  • End User - Government Organizations, Healthcare Industry and Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Additional Applications - Finance and Billing, and Cost Saving

Recent Developments: In August 2021, ClinTex launched a blockchain clinical trial application, namely Operational Excellence Module to overcome the clinical trials inefficiencies and high expenditure.2 Further information related to the company’s blockchain platform is available in the full report. 

Coral Health, aiming to stay on the forefront with innovative blockchain and AI technology 

Coral - Health Blockchain Healthcare

Coral Health, based in Massachusetts, US is a fully integrated blockchain development and advisory firm. Owing to its scientific knowledge and advanced systems, the company develops customized protocols and decentralized applications. As per the company website, its clients include start-ups, enterprises and government institutions (including state and federal).

The portfolio of Coral Health includes:

  • Type of Blockchain - Private Blockchain and Public Blockchain
  • Blockchain Applications (in Drug Development) - Drug Discovery, Electronic Health Record Management
  • End-user - Healthcare Industry and Pharmaceutical Companies

Coral Heath claims to have an innovative portfolio of blockchain infrastructure components, thereby enabling streamlines integration. Further information related to the company’s blockchain platform is available in the full report. 

Coupling its technical expertise and innovative ideas, Hypertrust Patient Data Care contributes to the Advanced and Personalized Therapies Domain 

Hypertrust Patient Data Care - Blockchain Healthcare

Hypertrust Patient Data Care, a spin-off of CAMELOT Consulting Group claims to offer the first supply chain management solution, namely Hypertrust X-Chain, for innovative personalized therapies. The platform is scalable to support the needs of businesses from preclinical stage to post-commercialization stage.

The portfolio of Hypertrust Patient Data Care includes:

  • Blockchain Applications (in Drug Development) - Drug Discovery, Electronic Health Record Management, Clinical Trial Management and Drug Supply Chain 
  • Applications within Clinical Trial Management - Patient Data Management
  • End-User - Healthcare Industry and Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Additional Applications - Real-time Data Access

Recent Developments: In July 2020, the company, along with BRIEF-Transgene announced a blockchain solution for clinical trials of personalized medicine.3 Further information related to the company’s blockchain platform is available in the full report. 

Leveraging the latest emerging technologies, Triall aims to advance research in the clinical domain

Triall - Blockchain Healthcare

Triall focuses on generating an immutable audit trail of the clinical trial-related documents, through its “Blockchain Proof” platform; the platform prevents corruption / manipulation of the information and secures its integrity. Further, its Clinical Insights Exchange (CIX) platform allows secure exchange of trial insights and analytics, with the biopharmaceutical professionals, clinicians and data scientists. In September 2021, the company entered into a partnership with local blockchain companies, namely LTO Network and Sphereon, to support the virtual clinical trials conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The portfolio of Triall includes:

  • Type of Blockchain -  Public Blockchain
  • Blockchain Applications (in Drug Development)  - Clinical Trial Management
  • Applications within Clinical Trial Management - Operational Excellence and Patient Data Management
  • Additional Applications - Finance and Billing, and Cost Saving

Recent Developments: In September 2022, Triall entered into a partnership with Mayo Clinic to integrate the former’s blockchain technology, eClinical in their clinical trial (being conducted for pulmonary arterial hypertension); the platform will support in performing trial related functions, such as data capturing, document management, study monitoring and eConsent.4 Further information related to the company’s blockchain platform is available in the full report. 

What About the Other Blockchain Healthcare Startups?

The above presentation features five promising blockchain healthcare startups selected from a pool of over 50 firms that we have compiled. If you're interested, you can download the Sample Report on this topic by Roots Analysis. For personalized assistance in identifying the most relevant solutions based on your specific criteria, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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