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The approval of KYMRIAH®, YESCARTA®, Alofisel® and Zyntelgo® has increased the interest of pharma stakeholders in cell ther... read more
The growing global urgency to reduce carbon footprint, coupled to the long life and low maintenance requirements of lithium ion batteries,... read more
Over time, biopharmaceutical companies have realized the importance of integrating advanced software into the cell and advanced therapies supply chai... read more
Over the years, extensive R&D efforts have established the basis for a wide range of microbiome-based therapeutic and diagnostic product... read more
Given the invasive and cost-intensive nature of tissue biopsies, there is a significant unmet need for safer and more patient-friendly cancer diagnostics ... read more
Over the years, there has been a rise in preference for self-administration of drugs / therapies, resulting in an increasing deman... read more
The recent surge in interest in genetically-modified therapies has resulted in a steep rise in demand for different vectors for fundamental and pharmacological resear... read more
Driven by a robust and growing pipeline of stem cell therapies, the demand for development and manufacturing services for such advanced product candidates is antici... read more
The growing popularity and therapeutic potential of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) is evident in the rapid growth in intellectual capital, financing... read more


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