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With multi-billion funding initiatives publicly disclosed by various government agencies, and private investors, various leadin... read more
The genome sequencing domain has witnessed a surge in the availability of service providers, With gene sequencing costs having come down by several ord... read more
With over 100 therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and antibody-based products in the market, the demand for developing and manufacturing of such pr... read more
The current rate of data generation, coupled to the growing concerns regarding its safety, are anticipated to propel the growth of the colocation da... read more
Increasing demand for energy efficient lighting solutions and growing number of smart city projects across the globe are amongst the key drivers behind th... read more
Rise in prevalence of chronic diseases and the corresponding need to medicate frequently, have led to an increase in demand for safe, self-administrable dosing options. Autoinjectors are conside... read more
Using DNA to develop encoded libraries of pharmacological leads has enabled medical research community to assemble and maintain large ... read more
Prefilled syringes present an attractive packaging option that doubles as an easy-to-use drug delivery device, and a product life cycle management tool. Consequently, they have become indisp... read more
The approval of KYMRIAH®, YESCARTA®, Alofisel® and Zyntelgo® has increased the interest of pharma stakeholders in cell ther... read more


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