The exosomes development and manufacturing services market is anticipated to grow a sustained rate till 2035, claims Roots Analysis

Published: April 2022

Driven by the development of novel platforms and advanced technologies, and the application of these molecules in research activities related to therapeutics and diagnostics, the demand for exosomes is expected to rise in the coming years


Roots Analysis has announced the addition of Exosomes Development and Manufacturing Services report to its list of offerings. 

Despite the growing interest in exosomes-based therapeutics and diagnostics, the development of exosomes has been restricted owing to the multiple challenges in their manufacturing, such as heterogeneity of exosomes, optimization of exosome isolation, purification and characterization methods, and lack of specific biomarkers. In order to deal with the abovementioned challenges, developers have begun opting for outsourcing of exosome development and manufacturing operations. 

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Key Market Insights 

Around 50 companies / organizations are presently offering exosomes related services
It is worth noting that, majority (52%) of the players offering exosome related services are based in North America, particularly the US. Examples of such companies include (arranged alphabetically, no selection criteria) AlphaNanoTech, Creative Bioarray, Marin Biologic and Norgen Biotek. Further, around 40% of the firms engaged in providing exosomes services were established post 2012.

Partnership activity within this field has grown significantly between 2018 and 2020 
Maximum number of partnerships were established in 2020 indicating a recent rise in the interest of players engaged in the field of exosomes. It is worth highlighting that majority of the deals were R&D agreements, representing over 28% of the total number of partnerships signed. This is followed by agreements signed for distribution and supply (21%).

Close to 6,000 articles focused on exosomes, have been published in reputed scientific journals, since 2017
More than 50% of these publications were focused on isolation of exosomes using different methods. This is indicative of the extensive research activity being carried out in this domain.

Close to 50 global events related to exosomes were organized in the past couple of years
Majority of the events related to exosomes were organized in North America (57%). It is worth highlighting that the main agenda of these events was to discuss the development and challenges associated with the exosome-based therapeutics.

More than 45 companies claim to offer exosome related technologies
Presently, the exosome technology market is dominated by very small companies (having less than 10 employees) and small companies (having 11-50 employees). Examples of very- small players, include (in alphabetical order, no specific selection criteria) Aegle Therapeutics, BioXpedia, Clara Biotech, EV Therapeutics, Florica Therapeutics and NeuroDex.

More than 9,000 patents have been filed / granted related to exosomes, since 2011
Of these, around 2,030 patents were filed / granted in 2021 (till November). Non-industry players that have filed maximum number of patents related to exosomes include (in decreasing order of number of patents filed) Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Broad Institute, University of California, and Harvard University. 

Over 180 clinical trials related to exosomes have been registered, till date 
Clinical research activity has witnessed continuous increase since 2010. Of the total number of trials, nearly 45% are currently recruiting patients, while 26% of such studies have been completed. It is worth highlighting that North America is leading the clinical research efforts in the field of exosomes.

North America and Europe are anticipated to capture larger share of the market by 2035
Growth in this domain is anticipated to be primarily driven by encouraging clinical trial results and the growing demand for various therapeutic modalities. The exosome development and manufacturing services market in Asia-Pacific and rest of the world is anticipated to grow with CAGR of 18%, followed by the market in Europe. 

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Key Questions Answered 

  • Who are the leading players offering exosome related services?
  • Which are the various technology platforms available in the market for the development of exosomes?
  • What is the relative competitiveness of different exosome service providers?
  • What kind of partnership models are commonly adopted by industry and non-industry stakeholders?
  • What is the focus area of the research activities in the field of exosomes?
  • How has the intellectual property landscape of exosomes evolved over the years?
  • What are the key agenda items being discussed in various global events / conferences related to exosomes?
  • Which companies are actively involved in conducting clinical trials for exosomes?
  • How is the current and future market opportunity likely to be distributed across key market segments?

The research also includes detailed profiles of key players (listed below), each profile features an overview of the company, its financial information (if available), details on product portfolio, recent developments, and an informed future outlook. 

  • Amsbio
  • Cambridge Bioscience
  • Creative Bioarray
  • Creative Biolabs
  • Creative Biostructure
  • Exopharm
  • Lonza
  • Sumika Chemical Analysis Service
  • Qiagen

The report features inputs from eminent industry stakeholder(s), who were very optimistic concerning the need of outsourcing of exosome related services in the coming decade. The report includes detailed transcripts of the discussions held with the following industry experts:

  • Chief Compliance Officer and Co-founder, Very Small Company, France
  • Product Manager and Technical Lead, Very Small Company, US
  • Strategic Marketing Manager, Small Company, US

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