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Cell Therapy Manufacturing Market Well Set to Meet Exponential Demand

Published: March 2017

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of Cell Therapy Manufacturing Market report to its list of offerings. The report provides an extensive study on the current landscape of the rapidly growing market of cell therapy manufacturing and focuses both on contract manufacturers and cell therapy developers with in-house manufacturing facilities. The scope of this report primarily includes manufacturing of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) that involve the use of immune cells such as T-cells, Tregs, dendritic cells and NK cells, and stem cells such as adult stem cells, human embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).

Simriti Gupta, the principal analyst, said, “Cell-based therapies have shown their potential to be promising therapeutic candidates in several clinical studies. This has led many pharmaceutical companies and investors to put in a significant amount of capital towards the development, manufacturing and commercialization of these therapies. The growing number of cell therapy candidates, coupled with their rapid progression through the various phases of clinical development, continues to create an increasing demand for facilities that offer manufacturing services for these therapies.”

The report presents an elaborate compilation of research, analysis and opinions on several key aspects of the market. Among other things, it offers information on the following:

  • The current status of the market with respect to key players along with information on the location of their manufacturing facilities, scale of production, type of cells manufactured, purposeof production (fulfilling in-house requirements / as a contract service provider) and the type of organization (industry / non-industry).
  • Most active regions in terms of cell therapy manufacturing with schematic representations of world maps that clearly highlight the global cell therapy manufacturing hubs.
  • Roadmaps published by different agencies across the globe to provide strategies to advance cell therapy manufacturing.
  • Elaborate profiles of key players that offer contract manufacturing services (industry and non-industry) or manufacture cell therapies in-house.
  • A discussion on the key enablers of the market and challenges associated with the cell therapy manufacturing process.
  • An estimate of the size of the market in the short to mid-term and long term for the period 2017 to 2027. The study identifies the potential future growth segmented by the type of cell therapy, source of cells (autologous and allogeneic) and purpose of manufacturing (in-house and contract services)

Gupta further stated that “Both industry / non-industry stakeholders have received significant support from governments worldwide, in terms of funding and establishment of consortiums to advance the development and manufacturing of these cell therapies and accelerate their transition from laboratories to clinics.”

The opinions and insights discussed in this report were influenced by discussions conducted with industry experts. The report specifically highlights the efforts made by the following players that are involved in the development of this domain:

  • apceth Biopharma
  • Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
  • Center for Cell and Gene Therapy, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Centre for Cell Manufacturing Ireland, National University of Ireland
  • Cognate BioServices
  • Guy’s and St Thomas’ Facility, Guy’s Hospital
  • Lonza
  • MaSTherCell
  • Newcastle Cellular Therapies Facility, Newcastle University
  • PCT, a Caladrius Company
  • PharmaCell
  • Rayne Cell Therapy Suite, King’s College London
  • WuXi AppTec
  • Waisman Biomanufacturing

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