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Driven by a growing pipeline of genetically-modified therapies, the vector manufacturing market is anticipated to grow at an annualized rate of over 20%, predicts Roots Analysis

Published: May 2018

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of Gene Therapy, Non Viral Vector and Viral Vector Manufacturing Market report to its list of offerings.

Neha Agarwal, the principal analyst, stated, “The growing demand for vectors has spurred the establishment of many start-ups. During our research, we identified over 160 manufacturers that are actively involved in the production of viral vectors and plasmid DNA.”

The report presents opinions on several aspects of the market, including:

  • A detailed review of the current landscape of manufacturers, providing information on establishment year, location of facilities, scale of production and type of vectors manufactured.
  • An estimate of the installed vector manufacturing capacity highlighting the distribution by vector type (viral vector and plasmid DNA), regions (North America, EU, Asia Pacific and RoW) and scale of operation (clinical and commercial).
  • An analysis of various factors that are likely to influence pricing, featuring different models/approaches that may be adopted by manufacturers to decide prices of proprietary vectors.
  • An analysis of over 80 recent collaborations, focused on manufacturing of vectors, based on the type of deal, type of vector, and scale of operation.
  • A robust opportunity analysis, highlighting the current value and future potential of the vector manufacturing market, based on various parameters, such as the number of clinical studies, existing commercial products / future product launches, target patient population and vector prices.

Agarwal further added, “The installed global capacity is currently estimated to be over 50,000L and steadily growing.It is worth mentioning that the major share (70%) of the capacity belongs to companies that are manufacturing vectors at both clinical and commercial scales.”

The report features detailed transcripts of discussions held with following stakeholders:

  • Joost van denBerg (Director,AmBTU)
  • Semyon Rubinchik (Scientific Director,ACGT)
  • Nicole Faust (CSO, CEVEC Pharmaceuticals)
  • Olivier Boisteau, (President, Clean Cells)
  • Colin Lee Novick (MD, CJPartners)
  • Cedric Szpirer (ED,Delphi Genetics)
  • Nicolas Grandchamp (R&D,GEG Tech)
  • Bakhos Tannous (Director, Massachusetts General-Hospital)
  • Astrid Brammer (BD, Richter-Helm)
  • Tatjana Buchholz (Marketing Manager, Plasmid Factory)
  • Jeffrey Hung (CCO,Vigene Biosciences)
  • Brain Dattilo (BDM,Waisman Biomanufacturing)

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