Cell Therapy Manufacturing Market Projected to Grow at an Annualized Rate of 15%, predicts Roots Analysis

Published: August 2018

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of Cell Therapy Manufacturing Market report to its list of offerings.

Natasha Thakur, the principal analyst, stated, “The growing number of cell therapy candidates continues to create an increasing demand for facilities that offer manufacturing services for these complex therapies. Presently, over 145 organizations are actively involved in manufacturing cell-based therapies.”

The report presents opinions on several key aspects of the market. Among other elements, it includes:

  • A detailed assessment of the current market landscape of cell therapy manufacturers, providing information on their headquarters, manufacturing facilities, type of cells handled, purpose of production, scale of operation, source of cells and type of cell cultures.
  • An estimate of the installed cell therapy manufacturing capacity, in terms of number of cleanrooms and dedicated area, distributed by type and size of manufacturers, geographical location and scale of operation.
  • An elaborate discussion on the role of automation technologies in optimizing current manufacturing practices.
  • An analysis of the various factors that are likely to influence the pricing of cell-based therapies, featuring different models/approaches that may be adopted by manufacturers to decide the prices of these therapies.
  • An analysis of over 150 collaborations focused on the manufacturing of cell-based therapies.
  • A robust market forecast analysis, highlighting the current value and future potential of the cell therapy manufacturing market, based on various parameters, such as type of cell therapy, source of cells, scale of operation, regional distribution and purpose of manufacturing.

Thakur further added, “Interestingly, both industry players and several academic organizations are currently offering contract manufacturing services in this domain. Moreover, the installed global manufacturing capacity is estimated to be over 1 billion sq ft, with the maximum capacity available in North America.”

The research also includes detailed profiles of the following players:

  • BioNTech Innovative Manufacturing Services
  • Brammer Bio
  • Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
  • Cell Therapies
  • Cognate BioServices
  • Cryosite
  • FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics
  • Japan Tissue Engineering
  • KBI Biopharma
  • Lonza
  • MaSTherCell
  • Nikon CeLL innovation
  • PCT, a Hitachi Group Company
  • Roslin Cell Therapies
  • Waisman Biomanufacturing
  • WuXi Advanced Therapies

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