Rare Diseases: The Pharmaceutical Landscape and Opportunity Areas

Published: February 2015

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of Rare Diseases Market report to its portfolio. The report provides a comprehensive study of the pipeline drugs being developed for rare diseases by several top pharmaceutical firms. The study includes an elaborate analysis of the market’s potential outlining key patient demographics and underscoring potential areas anticipated to emerge as major revenue generators for the pharmaceutical companies.

Apurva Bhardwaj, the principal Analyst stated, “With over 7000 rare diseases reported in the world, lack of awareness, dispersed target population and inefficient reporting of these diseases limits the pace of development in this industry. However, stakeholders have realized the necessity and importance of urgently addressing the widening concerns and the need for discovering treatment options for several rare diseases. The enactment of the Orphan Drugs Act in the US and EU emerged as ground breaking and provided the necessary support to guide research focused on rare diseases worldwide.”

Bhardwaj further stated that, “Roche, BMS, Sanofi, GSK, Celgene, Novartis and Pfizer are some of the key players active in the market. However, the market remains opportunistic for newer players to step in and benefit from the vast potential in different therapeutic areas. Some of the other key highlights from our study include:

  1. With a share of more than 50%, oncology remains the key focus area of pharmaceutical firms. Inflammatory disorders and neural disorders are some other well-known areas being targeted.
  2. On an average, 13-14 drugs are being developed by each pharmaceutical company covered in our analysis.”

Amongst other things, the 540 paged document focuses on several large pharmaceutical companies which invest a proportion of their R&D spend on drugs for rare diseases. These pharmaceutical companies were profiled to get an in-depth view of the work being done by them in this domain with an aim to uncover several initiatives currently underway to harness the potential presented in different therapeutic areas.

Collaborations and partnerships have assisted in building the market momentum by bridging the disparity between resources held by big and small pharma players. The report concludes that such joint efforts are likely to be sustained in the future boding well for the broader medical community, especially for the patients suffering from rare disorders worldwide.

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