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Companion Diagnostics Market to grow at 22.9% over the next decade, predicts Roots Analysis

Published: June 2014

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of Companion Diagnostics Market report to their offering. The study offers an extensive analysis of this growing market, including market forecasts for the period 2014-2024.

Shefali Asija, the principal analyst said, “One of the key objectives of this report is to understand future evolution of the companion diagnostics market. Our proprietary ‘Companion Diagnostics Market Forecasting Model’ allows us to predict the growth of companion diagnostic tests across various parameters. The model, built over a ten year horizon, offers valuable insights on the global market evolution, regional variation, likely adoption of marketed/pipeline tests for specific biomarkers (e.g. EGFR, KRAS) and indications (e.g. metastatic non-small cell lung cancer, breast cancer).”

The report examines insights gathered from interviews of important stakeholders such as Qiagen and ResearchDx. Asija further stated, “Majority of our work is supported by detailed research. For the purposes of this report, we studied close to 100 deals / collaborations which have taken place since January 2011. The pipeline is rich; most products are being developed with the collaborative effort of pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies. We have discussed, in detail, the key drivers behind the regional and global growth. Apart from the US and Europe, the regional evaluation extends to other markets such as Japan, China and Australia. This provides a greater clarity on the differing approaches various regions have towards personalized medicine and companion diagnostics.”

Key topics covered in the report are:

  • Future market evolution (both in terms of number of tests and associated sales), split by biomarkers and specific indications
  • Regulatory landscape across regions
  • Recent deals and partnerships
  • Details on marketed and pipeline companion diagnostics
  • Case studies on leading companion drugs
  • Profiles of leading companies active in the market
  • Future growth opportunities for pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies

Who will benefit from this report?

The research is targeted towards healthcare professionals working in the field of diagnostics. In particular, you could benefit if you are an:

  • Investor
  • CXO Level Decision Maker
  • R&D Manager
  • Business Intelligence / Scientific Analyst
  • Business Development Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Strategy Head

You Can Download Free Sample PDF Copy of This Report At:

For additional details, please email at sales@rootsanalysis.com

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