Bolus Injectors: The Next Billion Dollar Opportunity

Published: October 2013

Roots Analysis latest publication on “Bolus Injectors” predicts that the market for these devices is likely to be ~USD 8.8 billion by 2024. Also known as ‘patch pumps’ and ‘large volume injectors’, the first commercial launch of one these devices is likely to take place in 2014/2015.

The report identifies the emergence of biologics as one of the key drivers behind growth of these new age injectors. These devices are specially designed to administer high-viscous, large-volume drugs and are likely to satisfy one of the biggest unmet needs in the bio-pharmaceutical industry today.

One of the primary objectives of this report is to estimate the size of this future promise offered by bolus injectors, which are currently available only for investigational use. The principal analyst who worked on the report suggests, “By 2024, we expect more than 300 million units to be sold annually. Cancer and related conditions are expected to account for over 50% of these devices when the market matures. Other prominent target disease conditions are likely to be autoimmune disorders, blood disorders and genetic disorders.”

“For the market to grow at such a rapid pace, significant amount of money has already been invested in research and development. The efforts are being jointly led by established firms such as Becton Dickinson, West Pharmaceuticals and emerging players such as Unilife, Ratio Drug Delivery and Sensile Medical, amongst others.”

In addition to the market forecasts over the next ten years, the report clearly identifies the various challenges and opportunities in the short and long term. It also includes detailed profiles of relevant companies and has identified 253 drug-disease combinations which are the likely target for delivery via bolus injectors.


Who should buy this report?

This research is targeted towards big / small pharma companies which are working in the field of drug delivery and development. As biologics continue to grab an increasing share of the drugs market, their ease of administration is likely to play a prominent role. In particular, you could benefit from this report if you are looking to

  • Develop a comprehensive knowledge of the various bolus injector devices (usage mechanism, advantages, status of development)
  • Understand the competition and opportunities shaping this industry
  • Identify various drug-disease combinations that are likely to be a target for delivery via bolus injectors
  • Ascertain the likely volume of these devices and corresponding market size over the next ten years
  • Establish the right partnerships to either grow or enter this sector

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