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Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing and Newborn Screening: Efficient Diagnostic Tools in Fetal and Neonatal Care

Published: June 2017

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of Prenatal Testing and Newborn Screening Market eport to its list of offerings. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current landscape and future outlook of the growing market of prenatal testing and newborn screening.

Annee Garg, the principal analyst stated, “NIPT and newborn screening tests are designed for the detection of different types of genetic abnormalities in fetuses and newborns. Both prenatal testing and newborn screening offer several benefits in terms of disease management in neonatal care, and have gathered interest from a wide range of companies worldwide.”

One of the key objectives of this report was to understand the current activity and the future potential of the NIPT and newborn screening markets. Amongst other elements, the report covers the following:


  • The overall landscape of NIPT tests with respect to the stage of development, sample type, technology platforms, type of indications, stage of pregnancy and result turnaround time.
  • Comprehensive profiles of leading players in the field of NIPT and their products, highlighting details about the company, its  financials and funding related information, product portfolio and a comprehensive future outlook. Likewise, individual product profiles feature information on its development history, affiliated technology platforms, the test procedure, product specifications, advantages and clinical information.
  • An elaborate geographical coverage analysis of the NIPT tests available / under development across the globe.
  • A comparative heat map analysis of NIPTs (on the basis of sensitivity, specificity, result turnaround time and stage of pregnancy when the test can be performed).
  • A harvey ball analysis highlighting the panel strength of each test based on the number of indications being screened, and the geographical distribution of the companies involved in the development of NIPTs.

Newborn Screening:

  • The overall landscape of newborn screening tests with respect to the stage of development, screening type, technology platform, type of indication, period of sample collection after birth and result turnaround time.
  • Detailed profiles of players involved in the field of newborn screening and their products highlighting details about the company, its financials and funding related information, product portfolio and a comprehensive future outlook. Likewise, individual product profiles feature information on product specifications and test methodology. In addition, the report includes a comprehensive list of the core and secondary disorders / deficiencies  recommended for newborn screening.
  • An illustrative grid representation of the newborn screening tests based on screening type (basic newborn screening, expanded newborn screening, comprehensive newborn screening and advanced newborn screening) and technology platform, and an overview of the landscape of industry developers (start-ups, mid-sized and large-sized players).

Garg further added, “Nearly 75 NIPTs are either commercially available or are under development across different geographies. The increasing number of partnerships and investment activity in this domain indicate that the market is poised to grow significantly in the foreseen future. In fact, we believe that the overall NIPT market is likely to grow at a healthy annual rate of 15% between 2017 and 2027.”

The report highlights the contributions of several players in the field, including the following:

  • Ariosa Diagnostics (acquired by Roche)
  • Berry Genomics
  • BGI
  • CombiMatrix
  • GeneTech
  • Genos
  • iGene Diagnostics
  • LifeCodexx (a GATC subsidiary)
  • Mapmygenome™
  • Natera®
  • Natus® Medical
  • PerkinElmer® Genetics
  • Premaitha Health
  • Progenity
  • SequenomTM (acquired by Laboratory Corporation of America® Holding)
  • Verinata Health (acquired by Illumina)

The opinions and insights discussed in this report were influenced by discussions conducted with experts in this field. The report features detailed transcripts of interviews held with Jim Patterson (Vice President, Sales and Marketing North America, EvolveGene®), Osama Fikry (Metabolic and Diagnostic Head, NewBridge Pharmaceuticals) and Silke Arndt (Medical Scientist and NGS Manager, Inqaba Biotec).

For additional details, please email at sales@rootsanalysis.com


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