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The pre-sterilized / ready to use pharmaceutical packaging market to grow at a CAGR of 9% till 2035, claims Roots Analysis

Published: October 2023

Owing to the increasing emphasis on quality, viability, safety and integrity of pharmaceuticals, the demand for pre-sterilized / ready to use pharmaceutical packaging has grown considerably, creating lucrative opportunities for the manufacturers within this domain

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of Ready to Use Pharmaceutical Packaging Market report to its list of offerings.

Traditional primary packing is fraught with several challenges, including delayed production timelines and stringent regulations. This has prompted the industry stakeholders to shift their focus towards pre-sterilized / ready to use (RTU) primary packaging solutions. These ensure product quality, meet regulatory requirements, and streamline manufacturing processes.  

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Key Market Insights 

Around 95 pre-sterilized / ready to use containers are being manufactured by companies, globally.

Close to 45% of the pre-sterilized / ready to use containers are vials; majority (85%) of these are available in the nest and tub packaging format. Further, majority of the pre-sterilized / RTU containers are made of borosilicate glass.

More than 80 pre-sterilized / ready to use closures are being manufactured by companies across the globe. 

Around 60% of the pre-sterilized / ready to use closures are stoppers; majority (65%) of these are compatible with vials. It is worth noting that around 85% of the pre-sterilized / RTU closures are sterilized using gamma irradiation.

About 50% of the partnership agreements were inked in the last four years 

Mergers and acquisitions emerged as the most common type of partnership model adopted by the stakeholders engaged in this industry, during the period 2015-2023. Further, majority of the intercontinental and intracontinental deals have been inked by players based in Europe.

A proprietary market entry decision making framework can be utilized by different stakeholders to foster strategic decision making.

Within the report, we have proposed a comprehensive framework that empowers stakeholders to make well-informed decisions regarding entry into RTU industry. This strategic framework takes into consideration multiple parameters, such as product reach, product competitiveness, manufacturing complexity, market activity, and product differentiation.

The annual demand for RTU pharmaceutical packaging is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 8.35%, till 2035.

It is worth highlighting that the demand for pre-sterilized / ready to use sterile vials is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of ~10% during the forecast period. Further, 45% of the current demand is likely to be generated from RTU Syringes

Asia is anticipated to capture a relatively larger share of the pre-sterilized / ready to use pharmaceutical packaging market, by 2035.

In terms of type of container, the market is expected to be driven by sales of sterile vials, till 2035. In addition, in the long term, majority of the market share is anticipated to be captured by plastic containers and closures (46%), followed by glass containers and closures (39%).

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Key Questions Answered

  • What is packaging in pharmaceutical industry?
  • Why is pharmaceutical packaging important?
  • What are the different types of packaging in pharmaceutical industry?
  • What is RTU packaging?
  • How are drug vials sterilized?
  • What are sterile vials used for?
  • What are the future trends in pharmaceutical packaging?
  • What is the most common type of partnership model being adopted by stakeholders engaged in this industry?
  • How big is the ready to use pharmaceutical packaging market?
  • What is the growth rate and size of sterile vials market?

The financial opportunity within the pre-sterilized / ready to use pharmaceutical packaging market has been analysed across the following segments:

  • Type of Container
    • Sterile Cartridges
    • Sterile Syringes
    • Sterile Vials
  • Type of Closure
    • Caps
    • Plungers
    • Seals
    • Stoppers
    • Tip Caps / Needle Shields
  • Material of Fabrication
    • Aluminum
    • Glass
    • Rubber
    • Plastic
  • Key Geographical Regions 
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia 
    • Latin America
    • Middle East and North Africa
    • Rest of the World

The report features inputs from eminent industry stakeholders, according to whom, the rising demand for sterile vials and sterile syringes will provide lucrative opportunities for RTU manufacturers. The report includes detailed transcripts of the discussions held with following industry experts:

  • Business Development Specialist, China based Mid-sized Company
  • Founder and Managing Director, India based Mid-Sized Company
  • Business Development and Technology Director, Belgium based Small Company
  • Former Facilitator, UK based Mid-sized Company
  • Former Project Manager of Business Development, US based Mid-sized Company

The research also includes profiles of key players (listed below) engaged in the pre-sterilized / ready to use pharmaceutical packaging market; each profile features an overview of the company, details related to its financial information (if available), product portfolio, recent developments, and an informed future outlook.

  • APG Pharma
  • Aptar
  • Daikyo Seiko
  • Datwyler
  • DWK Life Sciences
  • Ningbo Zhengli Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Stevanato
  • West Pharmaceutical Services

For additional details, please email at sales@rootsanalysis.com 

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