T-Cell Immunotherapy Market Projected to Grow at an Annualized Rate of 86%, predicts Roots Analysis

Published: May 2018

Roots Analysis has announced the release of its T-Cell Therapy Market report. Pemba Lahmo, the principal analyst, stated, “With two approved therapies and over 480 clinical/preclinical candidates, the T-cell immunotherapy pipeline has evolved significantly over the past few years. Around 40 therapies are in late-stages of development (phase II and above) and are likely to enter the market in near future.”

The report presents opinions on several key aspects, including:

  • A detailed analysis of the current market landscape, highlighting type of therapies, type of developer, phase of development, target therapeutic indications, key target antigens, source of T-cells, and route of administration.
  • Comprehensive profiles of marketed and mid-to-late stage clinical products.
  • A detailed discussion on innovative technology platforms being used for the development of T-cell therapies, featuring profiles of key technology providers.
  • An analysis of the partnerships, covering R&D collaborations, license agreements, product development/ commercialization agreements, manufacturing agreements, clinical trial collaborations and product supply/other agreements.
  • An analysis of funding activity, highlighting how companies have raised capital via various methods, such as equity investments, debt financing and grants.
  • A review of key promotional strategies that have been adopted by developers of marketed products, namely Kymriah® and Yescarta®.
  • A robust market forecast, highlighting the future potential of several therapies, taking into consideration the target patient population, adoption rates and expected pricing.

Lahmo further added, “The market is highly fragmented and characterized by the presence of over 115 start-ups, small and big pharma firms. In our study, we’ve also presented a list of over 300 KOLs. It is worth highlighting that around 150 funding instances, amounting to more than USD 8 billion worth of capital investment, have recently taken place in this field.”

The report features detailed transcripts of discussions held with following stakeholders:

  • Former Chief Executive Officer, Small Company, The Netherlands
  • Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Chairman , Mid-sized Company, China
  • Former Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Small Company, Singapore
  • Former Chief Operating Officer , Small Company, France
  • Former Vice President, Large Company, US
  • Former Vice President Immuno-Oncology, Small Company, Belgium
  • Former Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Small Company, Singapore
  • Director Business Development, Small Company, US
  • Former Director, Process Development, Large Company, US
  • Former Competitive Intelligence Manager, Small Company, France
  • Professor, Key Opinion Leader, China
  • Assistant Professor, Key Opinion Leader, US

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