Nanoparticle Formulation Market Revenue to Cross US$ 15.1 billion by 2035 | Roots Analysis

Published: August 2023

According to a recently published report by Roots Analysis, the growing need to enhance bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drugs and achieve their targeted delivery is driving the nanoparticle formulation market growth

Nanoparticle Formulation Industry Overview

The global nanoparticle formulation market size was estimated at USD 5.1 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach over USD 15.1 billion by 2035, growing at a CAGR of 9.4% in the forecast period 2023-2035.

The advancements in nanotechnology have paved the way for adoption of nanoparticles as a novel mode of drug delivery for therapeutics and vaccines. Moreover, nanoparticles have emerged as a versatile tool for biomedical imaging. However, the formulation of these complex structures is associated with various challenges, such as requirement of extensive technical expertise, high capital investment and stringent regulatory policies for their development. As a result, outsourcing has become a preferred business model in this domain, allowing drug developers and researchers to leverage a broader range of advanced nanoparticle formulation technologies and cost-effective solutions.

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Market Drivers

The growing interest in using nanoparticles for therapeutic purposes is attributed to their ability to enhance drug bioavailability, protect from physiological barriers and encapsulate multiple drugs in order to target more than one disease indication. In addition to this, presence of nanoparticles in vaccines also contributes to their overall immunomodulatory properties, making them a suitable candidate in the formulation of vaccines. Thus, nanoparticles have emerged as a promising and advanced tool that can be used as a contrasting agent in medical imaging, a vehicle to cross the blood-brain barrier and a carrier for targeted delivery of genes / drugs, proteins, vaccines and antibiotics. The ongoing advancements in nanoparticle technology have paved way for the reliability on the stakeholders working in nanoparticle formulation domain.

Market Restraints

Despite the several advantages of nanoparticles in drug delivery, the complex interplay between nanoparticle properties and biological systems requires careful consideration to ensure safety and efficacy of these nanoscale materials. Moreover, the consistency of the constructs and reproducibility post scale-up are another set of challenges associated with the fabrication of nanoparticles. Moreover, the development and formulation of nanoparticles require significant expertise and resources for different techniques, such as supercritical fluid-based method, microfluidization and precipitation method. The potential toxicity of nanoparticles to human health and the environment is another concern during development, which require comprehensive  safety assessment. Furthermore, the stringent regulatory policies associated with the development of nanoparticle-based therapeutics pose a challenge for researchers and companies to ascertain its safe and effective use.

Growth Factors

The increasing popularity of nanoparticle-based drugs has led to an increased collaboration activity of drug developers, in order to outsource the development and formulation operations to an experienced partner. This allows companies to leverage a broader range of specialized expertise, cutting-edge equipment and facilities, and cost-effective solutions. Further, outsourcing to players having expertise allows the companies to establish good manufacturing process (GMP) conditions for nanoparticle development. By leveraging the multifaceted expertise in the field, contract service providers can help streamline the nanoparticle development process, reduce costs and accelerate the translation of promising nanoparticles from lab scale to clinical scale. This will eventually aid the drug developers to address the challenges in effective delivery of various therapeutics and improve the clinical outcome through the incorporation of nanoparticle-based drugs.

Nanoparticle Formulation Market Segments

Based on the type of nanoparticle formulated, the market is segmented into Organic Nanoparticles, Inorganic Nanoparticles and Carbon-based Nanoparticles

  • The organic nanoparticles segment led the nanoparticle formulation market (services), capturing the largest revenue share of close to 60.0% in 2023.
  • Moreover, the organic nanoparticles segment is anticipated to show highest market growth potential at a CAGR of close to 10% during the forecast period.

Based on the type of organic nanoparticles formulated, the market is segmented into Polymeric Nanoparticles, Lipid Nanoparticles, Viral Nanoparticles, Protein-based Nanoparticles and Other Organic Nanoparticles

  • The lipid nanoparticles segment led the nanoparticle formulation market (services), capturing the largest revenue share of close to 40.0% in 2023.
  • In fact, the protein-based nanoparticles segment is anticipated to show highest market growth potential at a CAGR of over 11.5% during the forecast period.

Based on the scale of operation, the market is segmented into Preclinical, Clinical and Commercial

  • The commercial segment led the nanoparticle formulation market (services), capturing the largest revenue share of 90.0% in 2023.
  • In fact, the clinical segment is anticipated to show highest market growth potential at a CAGR of over 10% during the forecast period.

Based on the Regional Insights, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, and Latin America 

  • North America dominated the nanoparticle formulation market (services) and accounted for the largest revenue share of over 45.0% in 2023.
  • In Asia-Pacific, the nanoparticle formulation market (services) is anticipated to demonstrate lucrative growth during the forecast period.

Key Companies Profiled

The nanoparticle formulation market report also includes detailed profiles of key players (listed below) that offer technologies and services pertaining to nanoparticle formulation:

  • Ascension Therapeutics
  • DIANT Pharma
  • ExonanoRNA
  • Nanoform
  • NanoVation Therapeutics
  • NanoVelos
  • NTT Biopharma
  • Organoid-X BioTech
  • Vaxinano

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