Alzheimer's drug market to grow at 8.0% during 2012-2017

Published: May 2013

A new report released by Roots Analysis Private Ltd. forecasts the market for Alzheimer’s drugs to grow at a CAGR of 8.0% during the period 2012-2017. According to the report titled ‘Alzheimer’s Drugs Market, 2012-2017’, the market is likely to witness sales of USD 9,886 MM in 2017, driven by launch of disease modifying drugs and development of improved diagnostic tools with the ability to diagnose patients with prodromal Alzheimer’s. The disease is gaining national attention as the countries look to promote the development of better diagnostic tools, drugs and care programs for the patients.

Most of the currently marketed Alzheimer’s drugs only help manage the symptoms associated with the disease, but none target the cause of the disease. Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors is the leading therapeutic segment, which works on the principle of breaking down the chemical acetylcholine in the brain, increased concentrations of which can worsen the symptoms. The other therapeutic segment - NMDAreceptor antagonists - works byspecifically blocking NMDA receptors. This blockage stops the prolonged calcium ion influx held responsible for neuronal endotoxicity.

The currently available drugs have all reached maturity and the patents of the leading drugs have either expired or are close to expiry in major markets. There has been little activity in the market since 2002 apart from launch of new formulations or line extensions of the currently available drugs. The pipeline contains some prominent disease modifying drugs in late stage development, the approval of which have been much awaited. However, the recent disappointing results in phase III clinical trials for two anti β-amyloid antibodies was a huge setback, diminishing the hopes for a new drug reaching the market in the near future.

The report extensively studies these pipeline drugs that are in different stages of clinical trials, which have the ability to change the market dynamics, with their new therapeutic concepts. It also features extensive study of the leading segments of the market in key geographical regions through 2017. Also presented is our market outlook by primary drug segments, leading drugs and companies that are involved in the market.


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