Prefilled Syringes Market to grow to 12.4 billion units by 2024, predicts Roots Analysis

Published: July 2014

Roots Analysis has just released the 2nd edition of its publication Prefilled Syringes Market acomprehensive study on the product pipeline, technological progress, latest developments and upcoming opportunity areas. The 230 page report offers deep insights based on market research and discussions with leading players in the industry.

Kamaruz Zaman, the principal analyst, said, “Owing to their numerous benefits over conventional delivery systems, these syringes have become indispensable in the medical field. This is evident from our research during which we identified a large number prefilled syringes being used to administer vaccines, anticoagulants, multiple sclerosis drugs, anti-arthritic drugs, anti-anaemic drugs and drugs from other classes.”

Zaman further stated, “Some of the key highlights from the study are:

  1. The global market is likely to grow at a CAGR of 11.3% during 2013 - 2024; vaccines, diluent and flush syringes are likely to be some of the growth areas.
  2. The emergence of biologics will be a major growth driver; growth in the long-term will be fuelled by pipeline drugs and the rising adoption in developing markets.
  3. Developed markets together accounted for 80% share in 2013. With the increasing adoption in China and rest of the world, this domination is likely to decline to ~60% by 2024
  4. The market is highly consolidated and is currently dominated by key global players such as Becton Dickinson, Gerresheimer, MGlas AG, SCHOTT and Nuova Ompi. New entrants, such as West Pharma and Unilife, are likely to foster innovation.
  5. Many regional players, especially in China, Japan and other Asian economies, have also recently surfaced to exploit the opportunity offered by large home consumer markets.”

The forecast, over the next ten years, has been presented both in terms of volume (number of units) and value (USD billion). It takes into account the likely price variation which will occur as a result of mass adoption and increased competition.

The research includes detailed profiles and assesses product portfolio of the following companies:

  • Becton Dickinson
  • Gerresheimer
  • MGlas AG
  • Nuova Ompi
  • West Pharmaceutical Services
  • Unilife
  • Vetter Pharma

In addition, the study also covers many regional players including Chinese, Japanese and Indian manufacturers.

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