Computer-Aided Drug Discovery Services Market Likely to Witness 12.4% Annualized Growth, predicts Roots Analysis

Published: July 2018

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “Computer-Aided Drug Discovery Services Market, 2018-2030” report to its list of offerings.

Akash Mishra, the principal analyst, stated, “In order to address concerns related to high cost and time investments in conventional drug discovery process, various companies have come up with computational solutions in the form of software and services. Over 120 companies are currently providing software, services and consulting services in this domain.”

The report presents opinions on several key aspects of the market. Among other elements, it includes:

  • A detailed assessment of the current market landscape of CADD, providing information on various CROs, their location, the drug discovery steps for which services are offered, type of molecules, end users, CADD approaches adopted and various CADD services offered.
  • Comprehensive profiles of established and emerging players within different regions.
  • An analysis of the investments made to promote and support the innovation / developmental efforts in this domain, such as seed financing, venture capital financing, debt financing, grants, capital raised from IPOs and subsequent offerings.
  • An informative analysis of the responses received in a comprehensive market survey, and insights solicited from different stakeholders engaged in this market.
  • An analysis of the likely cost savings related to utilizing CADD approaches.
  • An across-the-board description of the prevalent and emerging trends related to this domain.
  • A robust forecast analysis, highlighting the upcoming market trends in different regions within various stages of discovery, for different molecules and covering various therapeutic areas.

Mishra further added, “The future holds significant promise for companies working to develop and deliver more of such technologies and software to aid the drug discovery process. In fact, in the past ten years, the market has witnessed the emergence of several companies with novel computational tools and technologies, claiming to accelerate the discovery process with lesser investment of time and resources.”

The research covers detailed profiles and assesses service portfolios of the following companies:

  • AMRI
  • BioDuro
  • Charles River Laboratories
  • Schrödinger
  • BioNTech
  • Concept Life Sciences
  • Evotec
  • Sai Life Sciences
  • Selvita
  • Sygnature Discovery
  • GVK Biosciences
  • Pharmaron
  • Viva Biotech


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