The biopharmaceutical filtration market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of ~10% till 2035, claims Roots Analysis 

Published: June 2023

Driven by the rising demand for biologics and recent advancements in this field, biopharmaceutical filtration systems are being widely adopted by various stakeholders, in order to enhance the purity of the final product and reduce manufacturing cost

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of Filtration Market (Focus on Biologics Manufacturing), 2023-2035” report to its list of offerings.

The biopharmaceutical filtration systems have diverse applications, including viral clearance, cell separation, cell culture clarification, product purification and sterilization in biotechnology industries. As a result, several bioprocess equipment developers have been engaged in the development of technologically advanced filtration systems that deliver high-quality products and better throughput. 

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Key Market Insights

80+ companies offer biopharmaceutical filtration systems for a wide variety of applications
Close to 85% of the aforementioned players offer membrane filtration systems. Of these, over 90% of the firms offer systems for sterile filtration, followed by viral removal (~50%). Further, this industry is dominated by mid-sized players (51-200 employees), which represent ~40% of the developers.

Over 125 patents focused on biopharmaceutical filtration have been granted, since 2019
Owing to the increase in the research and development efforts led by several industry and non-industry players engaged in this domain, majority (30%) of the patents have been granted in 2019. It is worth noting that 73% of the patents related to biopharmaceutical filtration were granted in the US alone.

Merger and acquisition activity in this domain has increased between 2015 and 2023
The maximum number of deals related to biopharmaceutical filtration were inked in 2020 (four). It is worth highlighting that majority (91%) of the companies involved in the deals were based in the US.

Global events in this domain have grown at a CAGR of ~12%, between 2019 and 2023
Majority of the global events related to biopharmaceutical filtration include webinars (over 55%). It is worth highlighting that the main agenda of these events was to discuss the potential of single-use technology, tangential flow filtration and their application areas.

The overall market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of ~10%, during the period 2023-2035
North America and Europe are anticipated to capture close to 75% of the market share, by 2035. Further, in terms of types of filtration systems, the membrane filtration systems are expected to occupy a larger share (more than 55%) of the overall market in 2035.

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Key Questions Answered
  • What is biopharmaceutical filtration?
  • What are the different types of filtration systems used in biomanufacturing?
  • What are the limitations of conventional filter systems? 
  • How many companies offer filtration systems for biopharmaceutical purposes?
  • How many patents related to biopharmaceutical filtration have been filed / granted in the last few years?
  • What are the key trends in the biopharmaceutical filtration market?
  • Which segment, in terms of type of product, is likely to capture the largest share of the biopharmaceutical filtration market?
  • How is the biopharmaceutical filtration market likely to evolve in the coming years?

The financial opportunity within the biopharmaceutical market has been analyzed across the following segments:

  • Type of Filtration System 
    • Depth Filtration Systems
    • Tangential Flow Filtration Systems
    • Membrane Filtration Systems
    • Other Filtration Systems
  • Type of Filter (based on use)
    • Disposable / Single-use Filters
    • Reusable / Multi-use Filters 
  • Type of Assembly
    • Capsules
    • Cartridges
    • Others
  • Type of Drug Product
    • Antibodies
    • Vaccines
    • Recombinant Proteins
    • Cell Therapies
    • Gene Therapies
    • Oligonucleotides
    • Others
  • Company Size
    • Small
    • Mid-sized
    • Large
  • Key Geographical Regions
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia-Pacific
    • Rest of the World

The research also includes profiles of key players (listed below), engaged in providing services related to biopharmaceutical filtration; each profile features an overview of the company, financial information (if available), details related to its service portfolio, recent developments and an informed future outlook:

  • Asahi Kasei 
  • Cobetter Filtration
  • Corning
  • Merck 
  • Pall
  • Parker Hannifin
  • Sartorius
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific    

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