Cancer biomarkers market for TMB, MSI / MMR and TILs is projected to be worth over USD 860 Million by 2030, growing at an annualized rate of 18.3%, claims Roots Analysis

Published: July 2019

Advances in biotechnology and genome analysis have enabled the identification of several novel cancer biomarkers, which are presently being used for a variety of purposes, including diagnosis, drug development, and to facilitate therapy related decisions

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of Cancer Biomarker Market report to its list of offerings. 

Over time. pharmaceutical players have demonstrated significant interest in this domain and have launched clinical research initiatives to investigate the relevance and applications of these novel biomarkers. Several companies have already developed / are developing analytical tests for novel cancer biomarkers (TMB, MSI / MMR and TILs), intended to assist physicians in making personalized treatment decisions.

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Key Market Insights 

Close to 90 tests are available for the assessment of TMB / MSI / MMR and TILs
More than 50% of the aforementioned tests use next generation sequencing (NGS) technology, followed by tests based on polymerase chain reaction (22%) for the assessment of biomarker expression levels in cancer tissue samples. Examples of NGS based tests include (in alphabetical order, no specific selection criteria) FoundationOne® CDx™ (Foundation Medicine), Guardant360 (Guardant Health), NeoTYPE® Discovery Profile (NeoGenomics Laboratories).

More than 180 novel biomarker related research articles have been published since 2016 
Majority (~37%) of published scientific articles are focused on the potential use of these biomarkers in evaluating how patients are likely to respond to various types of immunotherapies, such as immune checkpoint inhibitors; in this context, it is worth highlighting that several such tests are available to assess the likely response to anti PD-1 / PD-L1 therapies. Further, close to 25% of such publications discuss the potential of novel biomarker testing in colorectal cancer, followed by lung cancer (nearly 20%). 

Over 170 clinical trials have been initiated over the last 5 years
In fact, leading industry players, such as (in alphabetical order, no specific selection criteria) Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Merck KgaA, Novartis, Pfizer and Roche / Genentech have been involved in most of the novel biomarker related clinical research initiatives. 

North America (primarily the US) is expected to capture the majority share (~43%) of the forecasted opportunity in 2030
This growth is anticipated to be driven by the approval of more biomarker-based tests for guiding cancer treatment related decisions in the near future. Further, the market for tests designed for lung cancer and colon / colorectal cancer, is expected to capture the majority share in the coming decade.

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Key Questions Answered

  • What are key cancer indications for which novel cancer biomarker-based tests are available / under development?
  • Who are the leading service providers in this emerging market? How do such tests compare to each other (in terms of key specifications and strengths of developer entities)?
  • What are the prevalent R&D trends related to novel cancer biomarkers (in terms of clinical development activity, and number of publications)?
  • What are the major applications of biomarker-based analytical tests?
  • What are the different initiatives undertaken by big pharmaceutical companies to advance their cancer biomarker tests (in terms of clinical research activity)?
  • What are the upcoming opportunities for biomarker testing service providers that are likely to impact the evolution of the market over the coming years?
  • How is the current and future market opportunity likely to be distributed across key market segments, including different cancer indications (breast cancer, blood cancer, colon / colorectal cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, and prostate cancer)? 

The USD 860 million (by 2030) financial opportunity within the cancer biomarkers market has been analyzed across the following segments:

  • Type of test
    • Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs)
    • Companion Diagnostic Tests (CDx)
  • Type of disease indication
    • Breast cancer
    • Blood cancer
    • Colon / Colorectal cancer
    • Lung Cancer
    • Melanoma
    • Prostate Cancer
  • Type of cancer biomarker 
    • TMB
    • MSI / MMR
    • TILs
  • Type of analytical technique
    • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
    • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
    • Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • Others
    • Key geographical regions 
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Japan
    • China
    • Australia

The research includes detailed profiles, featuring an overview of the company, its financial information (if available), and a description of the service(s) offered. Each company profile includes recent developments related to cancer biomarkers and an informed opinion on the likely strategies that may be adopted by these players to fuel growth in the foreseen future. 

  • Dr Lal PathLabs
  • Foundation Medicine
  • NeoGenomics Laboratories
  • Novogene
  • Q2 Solutions
  • Personal Genome Diagnostics
  • Shenzhen Yuce Biotechnology

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