Bispecific Antibodies market to be worth USD 4.4 billion by 2023, predicts Roots Analysis

Published: September 2013

Roots Analysis has announced addition of the “Bispecific Antibody Therapeutics Market, 2013-2023” report to their offering. The report provides an extensive study of this emerging field, including detailed sales forecast of molecules undergoing clinical trials.

Shivani Singh, the lead analyst, said, “Bispecific antibodies are one of the fastest growing markets in field of antibody therapeutics. With the EMA approval for Removab in 2009, a great deal of interest has been generated in this market. The pipeline is rich and diverse, with drugs being developed for both oncological and non-oncological indications.”

“The growth, in near term, will be fuelled by market approval of seven drugs which are currently in advanced clinical trials. Several other promising molecules, currently in preclinical stages, could drive the market further. Ongoing evolution of technology platforms and increased venture capital interest will act as strong enablers to support the growth of this market.”

The study provides a detailed view of the drug pipeline, which has over 50 bispecific antibodies under development.  It also profiles existing/upcoming technology platforms such as Triomab, Tribody, BiTE, DART, DuoBody, TandAb, DVD-Ig, Nanobody, CrossMab, Dock and Lock, which are used to develop these antibodies. The 166 page report contains 115 tables and charts and covers the work being done by over 80 big and small pharmaceutical companies.

Owing to the market’s niche nature, the report provides three scenarios for market forecast. The conservative, base and optimistic scenarios represent three different tracks of market evolution. Under the base case, the company predicts sales to rise to USD 4.4 billion by 2023.


Who should buy this report?

The study is targeted towards big / small pharma companies which are working in the field of antibody therapeutics. In addition, owing to the complex structure of these molecules, there are abundant opportunities for contract manufacturers. In particular, you could benefit from this report if you are looking to

  • Develop a comprehensive knowledge of the bispecific antibody drug pipeline
  • Understand the competition and opportunities shaping this industry
  • Identify the future sales potential of individual drugs in the pipeline
  • Establish the right partnerships to either grow or enter this sector
  • Expand your contract manufacturing business potential

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