Bispecific Antibodies: Clinical Trial Tracker

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    March 2016

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Report Description

Bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) are artificial antibodies created by joining together two monoclonal antibodies (or parts) that target different epitopes.The resulting antibody has binding affinities for two or three different epitopes concurrently.

Various technology platforms have been used for bsAbs production over the years. These platforms are based on the concepts of chemical crosslinking, hybrid hybridomas, with the latest being recombinant techniques. Different binding sites can be exploited to produce bispecific systems with different mechanisms, such as the T cell engager system. As of now, only two bsAbs, Removab and Blincyto, have been approved and are available in the market. The focus of the pipeline drugs is on oncology as well as on non-oncological indications such as rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.



Scope of the Report

The primary objective of this report is to capture details on the various clinical and preclinical trials which are currently underway in the field of bsAb therapeutics.We have identified a number of such trials which are taking place for a variety of indications across multiple geographies.For each specific trial, we have provided the following information:

  1. Trial Objective

  2. Manufacturer /Licensee

  3. Technology

  4. Target Antigen

  5. Indication

  6. Sponsor / Collaborator

  7. Trial Phase

  8. Trial Status

  9. Start Date

  10. End Date

  11. Enrolment

  12. AgeGroup

  13. Inclusion Criteria

  14. Exclusion Criteria

  15. StudyDesign

  16. PrimaryEndpoint

  17. SecondaryEndpoint

  18. Treatment Arms

  19. Route ofAdministration

  20. Location(s)

  21. Trial Results (if known)

The above information has also been presented in the form a dashboard to provide a high level quick overview of the ongoing activity in this space.

In addition to the clinical trial details, the report also provides the following:

  • Sales forecasts of the bispecific antibody market over the course of next ten years. Owing to the niche nature of this market, we have presented three scenarios to add robustness to our market forecast. The conservative, base and optimistic scenarios represent three different tracks of industry evolution.

  • Industry SWOT analysis summarising the challenges as well as opportunities in the market for different stakeholders.


Introduction and Pipeline Details
1.Market Overview
2.Dashboard: Pipeline Analysis
3.Molecules in Clinical Development: Trial Details
4.Molecules in Preclinical Development: Trial Details
5.Inclusion / Exclusion Criteria

Market Forecast, 2014 - 2024
6.Market Forecast: Comparative Scenarios

Industry Analysis 

7.Industry SWOT Analysis

List of Figures

Pipeline Details
Figure 1 Bispecific Antibodies in Clinical Development: Distribution by Companies
Figure 2 Bispecific Antibodies in Clinical Development: Distribution by Highest Phase of Development
Figure 3 Bispecific Antibodies in Clinical Development: Distribution by Type of Bispecific System
Figure 4 Bispecific Antibodies in Clinical Development: Distribution by Indication
Figure 5 Bispecific Antibodies Clinical Trials: Distribution by Trial Phase and Status (Matrix View)
Figure 6 Bispecific Antibodies Clinical Trials: Distribution by Trial Status
Figure 7 Bispecific Antibodies Clinical Trials: Distribution by Trial Phase
Figure 8 Bispecific Antibodies Clinical Trials: Distribution by Indication
Figure 9 Bispecific Antibodies Clinical Trials: Distribution by Sponsor Type
Figure 10 Bispecific Antibodies Clinical Trials: Distribution by Region
Figure 11 Bispecific Antibodies Clinical Trials: Distribution by Molecules and Countries (Matrix View)
Figure 12 Bispecific Antibodies Clinical Trials: Distribution by G7 Countries
Figure 13 Bispecific Antibodies Clinical Trials: Distribution by EU5 Countries
Figure 14 Bispecific Antibodies in Preclinical Development: Distribution by Indication
Market Forecast Analysis
Figure A Bispecific Antibody Therapeutics Market Forecast, Scenario Comparison (USD MM)

List of Tables

Pipeline Details
Table 1  Molecules in Clinical Development: Pipeline Details 
Table 2  Molecules in Preclinical Development: Pipeline Details
Industry Analysis
Table 3  SWOT Analysis

Listed Companies

  1. AbbVie
  2. Ablynx
  3. Adimab
  4. Aduro Biotech
  5. Affimed
  6. Agenus
  7. Alligator Bioscience
  8. Allozyne
  9. Ambrx
  10. Amgen
  11. Amphivena Therapeutics
  12. AnaptysBio
  13. Atlante Biotech SAS
  14. Baliopharm
  15. Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute
  16. Baxalta
  17. Bayer
  18. Biogen Idec
  19. Bioline
  20. Biomunex Pharmaceuticals
  21. BioNTech
  22. Biotecnol
  23. Boehringer Ingelheim
  24. Celgene
  25. Chiome Bioscience
  26. Chugai Pharmaceuticals
  27. Cilag GmbH
  28. Cormorant Pharmaceuticals
  29. CytomX Therapeutics
  30. Delenex Therapeutics
  31. Eddingpharm
  32. Eli Lilly
  33. Emergent BioSolutions
  34. EngMab
  35. Fabion Pharmaceuticals
  36. F-Star
  37. Ganymed Pharmaceuticals
  38. Genentech
  39. Genmab
  40. Gilead Sciences
  41. Glenmark Pharma
  42. GSK
  43. Humabs BioMed
  44. Immune Pharmaceuticals
  45. Immunomedics
  46. Imunexus
  47. Innate Pharma
  48. Innovent Biologics
  49. International Joint Cancer Institute, the Second Military Medical University
  50. Janssen
  51. Krankenhaus Nordwest
  52. Kyowa Hakko Kirin
  53. Leland Stanford Junior University
  54. Lindis Biotech
  55. MABSolys
  56. MacroGenics
  57. Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota
  58. MediaPharma S.R.L
  59. MedImmune
  60. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  61. Merck
  62. Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
  63. Merus
  64. Mitsubishi Tanabe
  65. MorphoSys
  66. Nantes University Hospital
  67. National Cancer Institute (NCI)
  68. National Engineering Research Center for Antibody Medicine
  69. Neovii Biotech
  70. Novartis
  71. Novimmune
  72. Novo Nordisk
  73. Numab
  74. OncoMed
  75. Pfizer
  76. PharmAbcine
  77. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
  78. Roche
  79. Roger Williams Medical Center 
  80. Sanofi
  81. Sea Lane Biotechnologies
  82. Servier
  83. Sorrento Therapeutics
  84. State Key Laboratory of Antibody Medicine and Targeted Therapy
  85. Sutro Biopharma
  86. Synergys Biotherapeutics
  87. Synimmune GmbH
  88. Taisho Pharmaceuticals
  89. Takeda
  90. TESARO
  91. The First Affiliated Hospital with Nanjing Medical University
  92. Trion Pharma
  93. University Hospital Tuebingen
  94. Xencor
  95. Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Company
  96. Zymeworks
  97. Zyngenia


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