Glycated Haemoglobin Testing Market

Glycated Haemoglobin (HbA1c) Testing Market

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Glycated Haemoglobin Testing Market Overview

Diabetes is a chronic disease growing at an alarming rate across the globe. Over 382 million people are estimated to be currently suffering from the disease; the number is likely to increase to 592 million by 2035.

With a very high prevalence, especially in some regions such as China and India, an increasing proportion of diabetic patients are likely to benefit from more efficient and accurate diagnostic tests in the future. Furthermore, an efficient measurement of the condition can help lower the rate of serious complications, such as heart attack and stroke. HbA1c, adapted for clinical testing to monitor diabetes in 1990s, is one such test; it can monitor and give average glucose results over the past 120 days. The test offers significant advantages over usual blood glucose monitoring assays; these include no prior fasting requirement, high sample stability, low day-to-day variation and limited impact from external physical factors such as stress.

The adoption of HbA1c tests has gradually risen in the recent past. While the laboratory analyzers are likely to strengthen their existing position, a significant growth will also be driven by Point of Care (POC) devices. POC devices bring a change in overall diabetes management and the lifestyle of the individual. Compared to laboratory tests, they can be used at home or physician’s office with instantaneous results and accuracy. In addition, considering the lifetime costs, POC testing is comparatively cheaper than laboratory testing. Increased efforts to overcome lack of awareness, especially in emerging markets, are also expected to drive adoption levels further.

Scope of the Report

With a large number of devices already in market for HbA1c testing and more to come in the future years, HbA1c market is likely to shape up much better in the coming years. We have strong reasons to believe that the overall market outlook will stay positive in the mid-long term.

The “Glycated Haemoglobin (HbA1c) Testing Market, 2014-2024” report provides an exhaustive study of the growing market for HbA1c tests. Amongst other things, the report identifies HbA1c analyzers that are currently available for point of care and laboratory testing, and the high level trends which are likely to govern the evolution of this market in the US, EU5 and BRICS countries. The report also provides a competitive landscape wherein we have identified the most efficient POC devices in the market based on parameters such as user friendliness and other technical details.

One of the key objectives of this report is to understand the current and future state of the HbA1c diabetes monitoring market across various regions worldwide. This is done by analyzing the following:

  • Prevalence and growth of diabetes in different countries
  • Number of patients going for HbA1c tests
  • Frequency of HbA1c test per patient per year
  • Variable price points
  • Other technical details such as sample volume required, time taken for analysis, precision etc.

We have also provided a detailed view on the key drivers behind the growth of this market, likely challenges and upcoming threats under the SWOT framework. The base year for the report is 2014. The report provides mid -long term market forecasts for the period 2014 - 2024. 


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