Nutrigenomics Market

Nutrigenomics Market: Industry Trends and Global Forecasts, till 2035 – Distribution by Type of Sample (Saliva and Other Samples), Type of Sample Collection Method (At-home Sample Collection and Lab Sample Collection) and Key Geographies (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, and Rest of the World)

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Nutrigenomics Market Size and Share

The global nutrigenomics market size was valued at USD 0.64 billion in 2022 to USD 3.07 billion by 2035, growing at a CAGR of 13% during the forecast period 2022-2035.

The new research study consists of industry trends, detailed market analysis, key market insights, market impact analysis, market forecast, and opportunity analysis. The growth in the opportunity for drug developers over the next decade is likely to be the result of the estimated increase in the demand for personalized therapeutics to treat patients.

Nutrigenomics typically refers to the study of the relationship between nutrition, human genomes, and health. The detailed analysis of the human genome and its interaction with nutrients helps researchers to develop tailor therapies for treating patients. Given the rising trend of personalized therapies for treating disease, there has been an increase in advanced next generation sequencing methods to analyze the human genome and its interaction with nutrients. It is estimated that there are around 20,000 genes present in the human body, all of which interact with the nutrients in the food, either directly or indirectly. The advances in DNA sequencing technologies enable researchers to conduct in-depth genomic analysis at the molecular level for the development of precision medicines. Additionally, the successful outcomes of the human genome project that mapped the entire human DNA has also introduced the concept of nutritional genomics. It is worth highlighting here that extensive studies are currently being conducted to determine the role of nutrition and dietary regime over gene expression as well as human health. Though the nutritional genomics field is presently in a nascent stage, the increasing shift toward target-specific therapies has paved the path for personalized nutrition offerings.

Driven by the rising awareness about food nutrition and its impact on human health, the nutrigenomics field is continually evolving to develop therapies that reduce the risk of numerous diet-associated diseases such as chronic respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and oncological diseases. Presently, more than 100 companies are actively offering various types of nutrigenomics tests / services, including those emphasizing food intolerance / sensitivity, nutritional deficiency, nutrient metabolism, diet customization, disease risk assessment, and weight management globally. Notably, there are various companies engaged in this market to provide nutrigenomics test offerings to the customers, through online at home sample collection facilities and genetic test kits. It is worth noting here that more than 135 nutrigenetics-centric research articles have already been published, showcasing the initiatives of researchers to demonstrate the effects of nutrients in the regulation of genome expression.  Despite increasing demand, the market witnesses several ethical and regulatory challenges and the risk of misusing personal data. As the researchers continue to focus on nutritional genomics to enhance therapeutic outcomes, the nutrigenomics market is anticipated to witness steady growth during the forecast period.

Nutrigenomics Market Context Nutrigenomics Market, Focused Companies Nutrigenomics Market Landscape

Nutrigenomics Market Segmentation Insights

The market research report presents an in-depth analysis of various companies that are involved in the global nutrigenomics industry across different segments, as defined in the table below:

Nutrigenomics Market: Report Attributes / Market Segmentation

Key Report Attribute Details
Historical Trend 2019-2022
Base Year 2023
Forecast Period 2024-2035
Market Size 2035 USD 3.07 Billion
Type of Sample
  • Saliva
  • Other Samples
Type of Sample Collection Methods
  • At-Home Sample Collection
  • Lab Sample Collection
Key Geographical Regions
  • North America 
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific 
  • Latin America 
  • Middle East and North Africa 
  • Rest of the World
Key Companies Nutrigenomics Market Profiled
  • 3X4 Genetics
  • Advanced Nutrigenomics
  • DNAlysis Biotechnology
  • DNA Health and Wellness
  • Geno Palate
  • Mapmygenome
  • Nutrigenetics
  • Vieroots
  • Vitagenum
(A full list of key companies captured is available in the report)
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  • Market Landscape Analysis
  • Product Competitiveness Analysis
  • Benchmark Analysis
  • Publication Analysis
  • Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
  • Market Forecast and Future Opportunity Analysis

The key objective of the market report is to provide a detailed market analysis in order to estimate the existing market size, market value, statistics, and future opportunities for the nutrigenomics companies during the forecast period. We have provided informed estimates of the likely evolution of the market in the short to mid-term and long-term for the forecast period till 2035. Our year-wise projections of the current and future opportunity within the market have further been segmented based on relevant parameters, such as [A] type of sample (saliva and other samples), [B] type of sample collection method (at-home sample collection and lab sample collection) and [C] key geographical regions (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, MENA, Latin America and Rest of the world). To account for future market uncertainties and add robustness to our model, we have provided three nutrigenomics market forecast scenarios, portraying the conservative, base, and optimistic tracks of the market's evolution.

The opinions and insights presented in the market report were also influenced by discussions held with senior stakeholders in the industry. The market research report features detailed transcripts of interviews held with the following individuals:

  • Co-Founder, Small Company, United Kingdom
  • Co-founder, Small Company, India
  • Founder, Small Company, United Kingdom
  • Chief Executive Officer, Small Company, US

Further, all actual figures have been sourced and analyzed from publicly available information forums and primary research discussions. Financial figures mentioned in this market report are in USD, unless otherwise specified.

Nutrigenomics Market Share Insights

Market Share by Type of Samples

The global nutrigenomics industry is segmented into saliva and other samples based on the type of biological sample. According to our projection, saliva samples are poised to capture 75% of the overall revenue share by 2035. The saliva sample shows lucrative growth during the forecast period; this can be attributed to the ease of sample collection. Saliva sample segment is likely to grow at a CAGR of 14.5% from 2024 to 2035.

Market Share by Type of Sample Collection Methods

The market is segmented based on the type of sample collection method into at-home sample collection and lab sample collection. According to our research, at-home sample collection is anticipated to capture 90% of the overall nutrigenomics market share by 2035. This can be attributed to the growing trends towards home healthcare, including diagnostic services which has improved to overall accessibility of diagnostic services. Further, at-home sample collection and lab sample collection are likely to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.13% during the forecast period.

Market Share by Key Geographical Regions

This segment highlights the distribution of the market across various geographical regions, including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, and the Rest of the World. According to our projection, North America will dominate the nutrigenomics industry and is anticipated to capture a share of 42% by 2035. Further, the nutrigenomics market in North America is expected to grow at a higher CAGR of 12.97% during the forecast period (2024-2035). Currently, several researchers across geographical regions have published literature reviews on nutrition and their impact on the human genome. Notably, 50% of the researchers who have published scientific literature on the effect of nutrition on the regulation of gene expression and its potential to cater to the requirement of personalized nutrition are established in Italy and the United States.

Nutrigenomics Market Key Insights

The ‘Nutrigenomics Market: Distribution by Type of Sample (Saliva and Other Samples), Type of Sample Collection Method (At-home Sample Collection and Lab Sample Collection) and Key Geographies (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa and Rest of the World): Industry Trends and Global Forecasts, 2024-2035’ market report features an extensive study of the current market landscape, market size, market share, market forecast, market outlook and future opportunities for the nutrigenomics focused companies. The market research report features an in-depth analysis, highlighting the capabilities of nutrigenomics-focused companies.

Competitive Landscape of Nutrigenomics Market

Currently, the market landscape features over 100 players globally who claim to offer nutrigenomics tests / services on the basis of genetic assessment. It is interesting to note here that 80% of the firms engaged in the market operate via the business-to-customer (B2C) business model. Overall, the nutrigenomics industry seems well-fragmented, featuring small companies / start-ups established recently across different geographic regions. Additionally, more than 85% of the industrial players engaged in this market provide nutrigenomics tests to identify nutritional deficiencies, through at-home sample collection. Cardiovascular and metabolic disorders are considered to be widely targeted areas that have been evaluated under the nutrigenomics market.

Market Drivers: Growing Demand for Personalized Medicine for Treating Chronic Diseases

Several growth drivers propelled the nutrigenomics market during the forecast period. Some drivers include growing preferences for personalized therapies to treat chronic diseases and increasing awareness about the importance of a nutrient-rich diet in maintaining good health. Further, the growing risk of lifestyle-associated diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity has catered to the interest of key players in preventive healthcare strategies that require genomic analysis. In this context, nutrigenomics offers detailed information about human genomics and their interaction with nutritional elements. The information collected using nutrigenomics plays a pivotal role in developing personalized therapies.

Nutrigenomics Market Trends: Increasing Collaborations and Partnerships Between Key Players

It is interesting to note that several collaborations and partnerships have been inked between industrial leaders to consolidate their presence in the industry. The primary aim of alliances is to facilitate the development of innovative therapeutic solutions based on nutritional information combined with genetic insights. The strategic acquisitions aim to expedite personalized therapies based on nutrition information. In June 2023, SomaLogic entered into a partnership with Citogen with an aim to expand the authorized site program in Europe by utilizing SomaLogic’s 7,000-plex SomaScan® Platform for clinical research, population health studies and nutrigenomics.

Market Dynamics: Integration of Nutrigenomics with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has witnessed an upward trajectory in the pharmaceutical industry to facilitate drug discovery and development processes with real-time data analysis. The integration of nutrigenomics with artificial intelligence holds enormous opportunities to drive growth in this field. With the implication of artificial intelligence in nutrigenomics, researchers will be able to analyze large amounts of data and interpret research results in real-time. Moreover, the incorporation of machine learning algorithms enable researchers to process huge amounts of datasets with seamless accuracy, thereby improving precision of personalized nutrition recommendations and offer enormous opportunities to expand research on nutrigenomics. Furthermore, the implementation of data analytics software and technology facilitate the exploration of untapped demographics and tailoring nutrigenomics solutions to expand geographic reach.

Nutrigenomics Market Size and Analysis

The global nutrigenomics market is estimated to be worth USD 3.07 billion by 2035. Factors such as increasing demand for personalized therapies, focus on evaluating nutrition and their impact on human genomes is likely to drive the market during the forecast period. The market is anticipated to grow at a  CAGR of 13% during the forecast period. In terms of targeted therapeutic areas, 49% of the market share is captured by cardiovascular disorders during the forecast period 2024-2035.

Leading Companies in Nutrigenomics Market

Examples of key nutrigenomics companies engaged in the market (which have also been profiled in this market report; the complete list of companies is available in the full report) include 3X4 Genetics, Advanced Nutrigenomics, DNAlysis Biotechnology, DNA Health and Wellness, Geno Palate, Mapymygenome, Nutrigenetics, Nutrigenomix, Vieroots, and Vitagenum. This market report includes an easily searchable excel database of all the companies working in the nutrigenomics industry, worldwide.

Nutrigenomics Market, Year of Establishment Nutrigenomics Market, Existing Portfolios Nutrigenomics Market, Publication Analysis

Nutrigenomics Market Report Coverage

The market research report features an in-depth analysis, highlighting the capabilities of various stakeholders engaged in providing nutrigenomics services / tests.

Amongst other elements, the market report features:

  • A detailed overview of the overall landscape of the companies offering nutrigenomics services/tests, along with information on several relevant parameters, such as their year of establishment, company size (in terms of employee count), location of headquarters (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East and North Africa) and type of business model (business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2C)). The chapter also covers details related to the type of genetic test offered (nutritional deficiency, food intolerance / sensitivity, nutrient metabolism, disease risk assessment, and others), associated services offered (diet customization, lifestyle management, weight management, and others, type of sample analyzed (buccal swab, saliva, blood, and others), type of sample collection method (at-home sample collection and lab sample collection) and target therapeutic area (cardiovascular disorders, metabolic disorders, neurological disorders, immunological disorders, dermatological disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, oncological disorders, ophthalmic disorders, respiratory disorders, infectious diseases, hematological disorders, and others).
  • An insightful benchmark analysis of the various nutrigenomics-focused companies segregated into three peer groups based on the location of their headquarters (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and North Africa), highlighting the top nutrigenomics companies, based on their respective capabilities.
  • Elaborate profiles of prominent players (shortlisted based on a proprietary criterion) engaged in the nutrigenomics market across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, and North Africa. Each profile provides an overview of the company, featuring information on the year of establishment, number of employees, location of their headquarters, key executives, nutrigenomics-focused service portfolio, recent developments, and an informed future outlook.
  • A detailed review of over 135 peer-reviewed scientific articles related to research on nutrigenomics on the basis of several relevant parameters, such as year of publication, type of publication, emerging focus areas, most active publishers, most active affiliated institutes, and geography. The chapter also highlights the top journals in terms of the number of articles published and the impact factor.
  • A qualitative analysis, highlighting the five competitive forces prevalent in the nutrigenomics market, including threats for new entrants, bargaining power of nutrigenomics companies, bargaining power of customers, threats of substitute products and rivalry among existing competitors.
  • SWOT analysis of the nutrigenomics industry.
Nutrigenomics Market, Forces Analysis Nutrigenomics Market, Key Regions

Recent Developments in Nutrigenomics Market

Several recent developments have taken place in the field of the nutrigenomics. We have outlined some of these recent initiatives below. These developments, even if they took place post the release of our market report, substantiate the overall nutrigenomics market trends that have been outlined in our analysis.

  • In May 2023, Xcode Life entered into Nutrigenomics domain with the launch of India’s most comprehensive Gene Nutrition test covering nearly 50 aspects of nutrition, including vitamin, and mineral deficiency risk, macro (carbs, protein, and fats) breakup according to genotype, eating behaviors, weight management with nutrition, taste preferences, diet responses, and food sensitivities.
  • In April 2023, LifeNome, a US-based precision health company, announced the launch of nutrigenomics assessment technology to nutritionists to allow for hyper-personalized nutrition counseling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is nutrigenomics?

Answer: Nutrigenomics entails the study of the effect of nutrients or dietary components on various gene expression systems.

Question 2: How much is the nutrigenomics market worth?

Answer: The nutrigenomics market size is estimated to be worth $3.07 billion by 2035.

Question 3: What is the projected market growth of the nutrigenomics market?

Answer: The nutrigenomics market is expected to grow at compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13% during the forecast period 2024 - 2035.

Question 4: Who are the leading companies in the nutrigenomics market?

Answer: 3X4 Genetics, Advanced Nutrigenomics, DNAlysis Biotechnology, DNA Health and Wellness, Geno Palate, Mapymygenome, Nutrigenetix, Nutrigenomix, Vieroots and Vitagenum.

Question 5: How many research articles have been published related to nutrigenomics?

Answer: Since 2019, over 135 nutrigenomics-focused research articles have been published, highlighting the active initiatives of researchers to illustrate the effect of nutrition on the regulation of gene expression.

Question 6: Which business model is most preferred by nutrigenomics-focused companies?

Answer: Currently, 80% of the nutrigenomics companies operate using a business-to-consumer (B2C) business model.

Question 7: What type of genetic test is mostly offered by the players engaged in the nutrigenomics industry?

Answer: Presently, over 85% of the players offer tests to identify nutritional deficiencies.


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