Oncology Drug Discovery Services Market

Oncology Drug Discovery Services Market, 2017-2030

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Oncology Drug Discovery Services Market Overview

The global oncology drug discovery services market to grow at an annualized growth rate of 6.2% during the forecast period. The early stages of research related to drug discovery, including the identification of a relevant target and a viable lead compound, play a crucial role in the overall success of a drug in preclinical and / or clinical studies. The process of drug discovery is extremely demanding, both in terms of capital expenses and time. Moreover, there is always a high risk of failure associated with R&D programs and, given the increasing regulatory stringency, the approval of new drugs has become significantly complex as well. Over the years, outsourcing has emerged as a popular trend in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and has demonstrated the potential to effectively cater to the growing demands associated with drug discovery as well. Contract Research Organizations (CROs), with dedicated teams of experts and innovative solutions across the various stages of the drug discovery and development process, are now located in all major global markets. Employing the services of these CROs offers a number of benefits to drug developers, including access to better technologies, latest R&D tools, cost and time savings and the potential to minimize risks associated with the drug discovery process.

Specifically, the oncology market, with an estimated global prevalence of 32 million, imposes a heavy burden on the healthcare system. There exists a significantly high unmet need for novel therapeutic options in this domain, translating into a growing demand for drug discovery initiatives. Therefore, CROs have now emerged as important stakeholders in the oncology market. The increasing trend towards outsourcing has triggered the establishment of several strategic collaborations between drug / therapy developers and CROs. In fact, several CROs have acquired other small / mid-sized CROs or collaborated with them for upgrading their own drug discovery capabilities in an effort to provide integrated services to its clients. Opportunities arising from the growth of personalized medicines, the vast unmet need for therapies for orphan indications, and the adoption of novel technology solutions, such as deep learning solutions, cloud-based technology platforms and 3D cell culture systems, are likely to act as some of the primary drivers of growth within this sector.

Recent Developments in Oncology Drug Discovery Market:

Several recent developments have taken place in the field of oncology drug discovery. We have outlined some of these recent initiatives below. These developments, even if they took place post the release of our market report, substantiate the overall market trends that have been outlined in our analysis.

  • In May 2023, the University of Sydney entered into a collaboration with Pharos Therapeutics with an aim to leverage artificial intelligence to enhance drug discoveries for the treatment of cancer and rare diseases.

Scope of the Report

The “Oncology Drug Discovery Services Market, 2017-2030” report features an extensive study of the current market landscape and the future potential of CROs providing drug discovery services in oncology. Cancer, one of the leading causes of death worldwide, is an extremely complex disease and medical science is still struggling to figure out the various factors associated with the disease’s origin, propagation, spread (metastasis) and relapse. In fact, in 2017, a total of 1.7 million new cancer cases are estimated to be diagnosed in the US alone; during the same time period, close to 0.6 million patients are estimated to die due to cancer.

With the increasing complexity of drug discovery and development process, the overall spending on R&D in the pharmaceutical / biotechnology sector has increased over the past few years. According to one particular source, this spending has increased from USD 108 billion in 2006 to USD 145 billion in 2016. Heavy investments are being made towards the discovery of novel approaches for the treatment of various types of cancers. The industry is currently under tremendous pressure not only to meet the expectations of a growing patient population but also to identify ways to address the risks associated with novel drug discovery programs. Over the years, CROs offering drug discovery services have contributed significantly and have now grown to become an integral and indispensable part of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

This study presents an in-depth analysis of a diverse set of companies that offer services across the different steps, such as target identification, target validation, hit generation, hit-to-lead and lead optimization, of the drug discovery process. In addition to other elements, the report features:

  • A discussion on the current state of the market with respect to key players, along with information on the location of headquarters, drug discovery services provided (target identification, target validation, hit generation, hit-to-lead, lead optimization), depth of service portfolio (discovery / preclinical / clinical / commercial manufacturing) and product type (biologics / small molecules).
  • Elaborate profiles of established / emerging players. Each profile features a company overview, financial information, drug discovery service portfolio, recent developments and a view on its future outlook and strategy.
  • An overview of the most active regions in terms of drug discovery services for oncology. The report contains schematic representations of world maps that clearly indicate the location of drug discovery hubs across the world.
  • A comprehensive benchmark analysis, comparing the existing capabilities of various stakeholders within their respective peer groups, to identify ways to become more competitive in the industry. The analysis is based on key parameters such as the depth of service portfolio, the type of molecules researched and the nature of services offered by different companies.
  • An analysis of the agreements that have been established in the recent past, covering drug discovery agreements / research collaborations, license agreements, acquisitions, service alliances and joint venture agreements.
  • A competitive landscape review, featuring a multivariate bubble analysis, based on parameters such as the geographical location, founding year, number of drug discovery services offered and the level of partnering activity in recent years.
  • A discussion on the potential growth areas such as personalized medicines, orphan drugs and complex biopharmaceuticals, and innovative technologies including deep learning solutions and 3D cell culture systems, that are likely to present opportunities or act as growth drivers during the coming years.

In addition, the study features a detailed analysis of the existing market size and the future growth potential of the oncology drug discovery services market for the period 2017-2030. We have provided insights on the likely regional evolution of the market, across North America, Europe, China and the rest of the world. Additionally, we have provided informed estimates of the likely market evolution on the basis of type of product (small molecule, biologics) and key steps of drug discovery (target identification, target validation, hit generation, hit-to-lead and lead optimization). In order to account for the uncertainties associated with some of the key parameters, and to add robustness to our model, we have presented three different forecast scenarios, depicting the conservative, base and optimistic tracks of the market’s evolution.

The research, analysis and insights presented in this report are backed by a deep understanding of key insights gathered from both secondary and primary research. Actual figures have been sourced and analyzed from publicly available data. For the purpose of this study, we invited over 100 stakeholders to participate in a survey, in order to solicit their opinions on upcoming opportunities, challenges and likely future trends. The opinions and insights presented in this study were also influenced by discussions conducted with experts in this field. 


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