Ronit Sharma
Ronit Sharma
Senior Associate

Ronit Sharma is an accomplished business research and competitive intelligence professional with about seven years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. As a team leader at Roots Analysis, he has authored numerous multidisciplinary market research reports, and led the efforts on several bespoken consulting assignments, providing valuable insights into the latest innovations in healthcare and the digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry. Ronit's exceptional analytical skills and strategic thinking in the field is driving force behind firm's intellectual capital, empowering clients to make informed decisions in the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape. With a passion for staying at the forefront of industry advancements, Ronit specializes in identifying emerging opportunities for various stakeholders, leveraging his deep understanding of market trends and technological developments. He is committed to fostering an environment of excellence, creativity, and innovation within his team, encouraging collaboration and empowering team members to bring their best ideas to the table.Ronit holds a B. Tech degree in Biotechnology from Lovely Professional University and his research and thought leadership can be found in his professional blog and social media profiles, where he shares the latest insights and engages in meaningful discussions with industry peers. To ensure the highest ethical standards, Ronit openly declares no conflicts of interest in his work, ensuring unbiased and trustworthy contributions. Ronit's exceptional analytical and strategic thinking skills, coupled with his commitment to excellence, make him a valuable asset to any organization in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

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