Charles River enters into a collaboration with Genetic Cures for kids with an aim to perform plasmid DNA manufacturing to support early phase trials for SPG56 Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

Published: December 2023

On 28 November 2023, Charles River Laboratories and Genetic Cures for Kids Inc (GC4K) unveiled a collaborative effort in the realm of plasmid DNA contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO). This collaboration involves GC4K harnessing the capabilities of Charles River’s established plasmid platform, eXpDNA™, and their specialized proficiency in plasmid DNA production, notably the High Quality (HQ) plasmid. The HQ plasmid is designed to amalgamate essential attributes of good manufacturing practice (GMP) production while ensuring an expedited turnaround, thus accelerating the timeline to clinical trials.

Recognizing the critical role of plasmid DNA in initiating the development of cell and gene therapies, Charles River inaugurated a cutting-edge HQ Plasmid Manufacturing Center of Excellence in 2022. This facility is dedicated to alleviating global supply shortages and bolstering support for the escalating requirements of customers. Charles River has significantly expanded its portfolio in cell and gene therapy in recent years, aiming to streamline intricate supply chains and cater to the surging demand for plasmid DNA, viral vectors, and cell therapy services. With the integration of their longstanding testing capabilities, Charles River presents a comprehensive suite of advanced therapy solutions spanning from initial concept to the final cure.

According to Roots Analysis, Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Market size is estimated to reach USD 539 million by 2035, growing at a CAGR of 15% during the forecasted period.

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