Autoinjectors Market to Grow at 8% Annually, predicts Roots Analysis

Published: June 2016

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “Global Autoinjectors Market, 2016-2026” report to its portfolio. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current state of autoinjectors market and the likely future evolution. It enumerates various autoinjector devices and combination products currently being developed/marketed and the corresponding market potential across different therapeutic areas.

Rupali Verma, the principle analyst, said, “With the rising trend towards self-injection devices and rapidly growing pipeline of the biologics/biosimilars, autoinjectors have recently emerged as an important class of devices.Due to their numerous benefits including easy self-administration, improved patient compliance and reduced dosage errors, these devices have gained significant popularity”.

Pharmaceutical companies have frequently collaborated with device manufacturing companies to develop innovative delivery systems for their respective marketed/pipeline drugs. Several drugs have already been approved in combination with autoinjectors; these include SIMPONI®, AVONEX®, PLEGRIDY®, Repatha™, ORENCIA®, Trulicity®, ACTEMRA®, Otrexup™ and COPAXONE®.

Verma further stated that, “Developers are focusing on introducing next generation of autoinjectors with advanced features and designs making drug administration even more safe/convenient. For the purposes of the study, we interviewed important stakeholders to solicit their opinions on upcoming opportunities and challenges that must be considered for an inclusive growth. Overall, we are highly optimistic about the market’s evolution”.

Amongst other things, the report covers:

  • Current state of the market with respect to key players, routes of administration, primary drug containers, indications and drugs being targeted.
  • 2 X 2 matrices depicting the product competitiveness across the growing landscape of disposable and reusable autoinjectors.
  • List of likely candidates for delivery via autoinjectors based upon their route of administration, targeted indication and dosage regime.
  • Detailed profiles of the key autoinjector manufacturers and emerging players that are trying to gain a foothold in this industry.
  • Growth opportunities likely to drive the market in the long term.

The study also offers an elaborate discussion on the future potential of these devices (both in terms of volume and value) across different therapeutic classes. The firm predicts 8% annual growth over the next ten years driven by launch of these devices in emerging regions, their availability for multiple chronic & emergency indications and introduction of life cycle management projects for drugs nearing patent expiry.

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