CRISPR Technologies: IP Landscape

CRISPR Technologies: Intellectual Property Landscape(Featuring Historical and Contemporary Patent Filing Trends, Prior Art Search Expressions, Patent Valuation Analysis, Patentability, Freedom to Operate, Pockets of Innovation, Existing White Spaces, and Claims Analysis)

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    August 2022

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CRISPR-Technologies-Intellectual-Property-Landscape-1-Key-IP-Trends-thumb CRISPR-Technologies-Intellectual-Property-Landscape-1-Patentability-thumb CRISPR-Technologies-Intellectual-Property-Landscape-1-Freedom-To-Operate-thumb CRISPR-Technologies-Intellectual-Property-Landscape-1-Patent-Valuation-Analysis-thumb CRISPR-Technologies-Intellectual-Property-Landscape-1-Claims-Analysis-thumb
CRISPR-Technologies-Intellectual-Property-Landscape-1-Pockets-of-Innovation-thumb CRISPR-Technologies-Intellectual-Property-Landscape-1-White-Spaces-thumb CRISPR-Technologies-Intellectual-Property-Landscape-1-Future-Outlook-thumb CRISPR-Technologies-Intellectual-Property-Landscape-1-Excel-Deliverable-thumb CRISPR-Technologies-Intellectual-Property-Landscape-1-IP-Dataset-thumb

Report Description

Over the last two decades, gene editing concepts and genetic engineering have evolved significantly, with the development of a variety of versatile DNA modulation technologies, including clustered, regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR), zinc finger nucleases and transcription activator-like effector-based nucleases (TALENs). These developments have enabled several medical researchers to perform an array of gene / cell line engineering experiments for a variety of R&D applications. It is worth highlighting that owing to its ease of use, fast, accurate and cost-effective approach, CRISPR / Cas technology is currently considered to be the most popular tool of all available genome manipulation technologies. CRISPRs are the hallmark of a bacterial defense system that forms the basis for CRISPR / Cas genome editing technology. These systems allow researchers to permanently modify genes in living cells and organisms, and in the future, may make it possible to correct mutations at precise locations in the human genome, in order to treat genetic causes of various disease indications. Fundamentally, the CRISPR / Cas system involves specific palindromic DNA sequences which work in tandem with a family of caspase enzymes (Cas9, Cas12), in order to excise gene fragments with high precision. Moreover, the relatively recent discovery / development of novel accompanying nucleases, namely Cas12a, Cas13, Cas14 and dCas9, has further improved the precision of CRISPR technology.

CRISPR / Cas system is a powerful tool with a wide array of applications in the field of disease treatment and diagnosis, and agriculture and biotechnology. It is worth highlighting that this versatile gene editing tool has garnered significant interest in the medical community owing to its ability to act on virtually any physiological target, which has opened up numerous possibilities for precision medicines. Despite its extensive applicability, several challenges limit the use of CRISPR, including complexities associated with delivery of CRISPR components, off-targeting, autoimmune responses and ethical concerns. To address these concerns, a number of researchers across the world are leading the development initiatives in this domain. In fact, over 3,300 patents related to CRISPR and related technologies have been filed / granted till now, highlighting the continuous pace of innovation in this field. Once existing challenges limiting its applicability are addressed, this technology is anticipated to become a mainstream gene editing solution. Currently, there is a lot happening in terms of innovation related to this promising segment of gene editing technology; therefore, it is important to identify key pockets of innovation and areas of improvement in order to truly innovate whilst maintaining a competitive edge. This report attempts to identify key trends that describe the pace and focus of innovation related to CRISPR / Cas technologies, and make key observations / inferences regarding the development of intellectual capital in this domain.

Scope of the Report

The CRISPR Technologies: Intellectual Property Landscape report features an extensive study of some of the key historical and contemporary intellectual property (IP) documents (featuring granted patents, patent applications and other documents) describing CRISPR technologies. The insights generated in this report have been presented across two deliverables, namely a MS Excel sheet and a MS PowerPoint deck, summarizing the ongoing activity in this domain. Key inclusions are briefly described below:

  • Overall Intellectual Property Landscape

An in-depth review of the various patents and affiliated IP documents that have been published related to the diverse technologies, methods and compositions associated with the use of CRISPR. It features insights on both historical and recent trends in R&D within this domain.

  • Popular / Relevant Prior Art Search Expressions

An examination of IP literature, shortlisting key words and phrases that have been used to describe CRISPR and associated technologies. The analysis includes information on the historical use of the aforementioned terms across different types of IP filings, key affiliated terms (which can be used to further identify similar innovations) and other related trends.

  • Patent Valuation Analysis

A competitive benchmarking and valuation analysis of IP documents published in this field of innovation, taking into consideration important parameters, such as type of IP document, year of application, time to expiry, number of citations and jurisdiction (factoring in regional GDP).

  • Patentability and Freedom to Operate

A systematic approach to identify relevant areas of innovation by analyzing published IP documents, defining the uniqueness of patented / patent pending innovations, understanding the scope of patentability in this domain, and pinpointing jurisdictions where new and / or modified claims may be filed without infringing on existing IP. 

  • Analysis of Patent Applications

A detailed summary of the patent applications that were filed across different jurisdictions and their relative value in the IP ecosystem. The analysis segregates the intellectual capital, in terms of area of innovation, thereby, offering the means to understand key areas of research and identify innovation-specific IP filing trends.

  • Analysis of Granted Patents

An elaborate summary of the granted patents across different jurisdictions and their relative value in the IP ecosystem. The analysis also features a meaningful classification system, segregating granted patents into relevant categories in order to develop a more detailed perspective on the diverse types of innovations in this domain and the feasibility for innovators to enter into promising product markets. 

  • Pockets of Innovation and White Spaces

An insightful analysis of the various CPC codes used in published IP literature and their affiliated families, in order to identify historical and existing pockets of innovation (based on the functional area / industry described by the elaborate and systematic system of classifying IP); the analysis also features a discussion on prevalent white spaces (based on CPC symbols) in this arena of research.

  • Claims Analysis

One of the objectives of the report was to analyze and summarize key inferences from the independent claims mentioned in granted, active patents in the dataset. Using a systematic segregation approach, we have analyzed trends associated with [A] the preamble, [B] type of patent (technology patent or method patent), [C] type of claim (open ended claim or closed ended claim) and [D] key elements of a claim (individual aspects of an innovation that are covered in a singular claim).


Excel Deliverable
Sheet 1 features details regarding how the input data for this project was collated, including the search strings used to query a popular patent database (, and data segregation notes. 

Sheet 2 is a summary MS Excel dashboard, offering a detailed graphical perspective of the intellectual property landscape of CRISPR technologies. Additionally, it includes pictorial representations of the [A] overall patent landscape, [B] key prior art search expressions, [C] trends related to patent applications (including insights on patentability and freedom to operate), [D] trends related to granted patents (including insights on patentability and freedom to operate), [E] key inferences from a proprietary claim analysis, [F] list of popular CPC symbols (featuring key pockets of innovation), [G] list of popular applicants (shortlisted based on number of published IP documents).

Sheet 3 is an elaborate tabular representation of the overall IP landscape, featuring information on the various patent application and granted patent-related documents in the domain of  CRISPR technologies which have been published since 2013. 

Sheet 4 includes a tabular representation of key words and phrases that are used to describe CRISPR technologies.

Sheet 5 is a subset of sheet 3, featuring all the patent applications covering innovations related to CRISPR technologies.

Sheet 6 is a subset of sheet 3, featuring all the granted patents covering innovations related to CRISPR technologies. 

Sheet 7 is an insightful summary of the key inferences from the independent claims mentioned in the granted, active patents in the dataset. We have used a systematic segregation approach in order to analyze trends associated with the preamble, type of patent (technology patent or method patent), type of claim (open ended claim or closed ended claim) and key elements of a claim (individual aspects of an innovation that are covered in a singular claim).

Sheet 8 provides insights related to some of the key applicants in this field of research featuring company-specific details (such as year of establishment, and location of headquarters), and inputs on their respective IP publication trends. 

Sheet 9 features an analysis of the most popular CPC symbols and CPC families (in terms of frequency of appearance in the dataset) related to the diverse applications of CRISPR technologies.     

Sheet 10 is an appendix which includes pivot tables that drive the charts and interactive elements for the complete IP landscape, in sheet 2.

Sheet 11 is an appendix, featuring details related to the categorization done in the report, and important abbreviations used in reference to the data categories mentioned in the document. 

PowerPoint Deliverable
Chapter 1 briefly describes the current investment in the development of CRISPR therapeutics, and the key advantages of CRISPR technologies. Further, it provides an overview of the intellectual property landscape related to CRISPR technologies. 

Chapter 2 and 3 features brief (pictorial) summaries of the approach used for data collection and the key objectives of the study.

Chapter 4 features an executive summary of the key insights generated from analyzing the intellectual property landscape of CRISPR technologies.

Chapter 5 features a brief description of CRISPR highlighting how this technology is, as compared to other gene editing tools. It provides an impactful summary of the important milestones related to research in this domain and details on mechanism of action of CRISPR. Further, it includes information on various challenges that inhibit the applicability of this tool and ways of overcoming these challenges. It also includes key areas of application of CRISPR technologies.

Chapter 6 includes a review of the various patents and IP documents that have been published related to technologies and methods associated with CRISPR technologies, featuring insights related to both historical and recent trends.

Chapter 7 features an insightful examination of IP literature, highlighting key words and phrases that are used to describe CRISPR technologies, including information on historical usage in IP filings, key affiliated terms (which can be used to further identify similar innovations), and other related trends.

Chapter 8 offers insights from a competitive benchmarking and valuation analysis of the IP documents published related to this field of research, taking into account important parameters, such as type of IP document, year of application, time to expiry, number of citations and jurisdiction (factoring in regional GDP).

Chapter 9 provides a detailed summary of the patent applications that were filed across different jurisdictions and their relative value in the IP ecosystem. The analysis segregates the intellectual capital, in terms of area of innovation, thereby, offering the means to understand key areas of research and identify innovation-specific IP filing trends. Based on a systematic approach, the chapter highlights relevant areas of innovation from a deeper analysis of published IP documents, defining the uniqueness of patent pending innovations, understanding the scope of patentability in this domain, and pinpointing jurisdictions where new and / or modified claims may be filed without infringing on existing IP.

Chapter 10 is an elaborate summary of the granted patents across different jurisdictions and their relative value in the IP ecosystem. The analysis uses a proprietary segregation criterion, based on type of product / solution; this offers the means to identify unique innovations that presently have marketing exclusivity and explore future opportunities to enter into promising product markets, once their patents expire. Based on a systematic approach, the chapter highlights relevant areas of innovation from a deeper analysis of published IP documents, defining the uniqueness of patented innovations, understanding the scope of patentability in this domain, and pinpointing jurisdictions where new and / or modified claims may be filed without infringing on existing IP.

Chapter 11 features profiles of some of the most popular applicant companies, which were shortlisted based on patent filing activity. Each profiles includes, a brief overview of the company, information on annual revenues (wherever available), details of its initiatives focused on the healthcare sector, names of key management team members and recent developments. 

Chapter 12 includes an insightful analysis of the various CPC symbols mentioned in the published IP literature and their affiliated families, in order to identify historical and existing pockets of innovation (based on the functional area / industry described by the elaborate and systematic system of classifying IP); the analysis also features a discussion on the prevalent white spaces (based on CPC symbols) in this area of research.

Chapter 13 concludes the report by providing insights on anticipated developments in this domain (from the perspective of eminent industry representatives of stakeholders in this domain), and trends that are likely to shape the future of the CRISPR market. 

Chapter 14 is a set of appendices.


Table Of Contents

Excel Deliverable
1. Research Notes

2. Summary Dashboard
A. Overall Intellectual Property Landscape
B Key Prior Art Search Expressions
C. Key Trends related to Patent Applications
D. Key Trends related to Granted Patents
E. Claims Analysis
F. Key CPC Symbols 
G. Key Applicants

3. Overall Intellectual Property Landscape Dataset

4. Prior Art Search Expressions (Keyword Analysis)

5. Patent Applications Dataset 

6. Granted Patents Dataset

7. Claims Analysis

8. Key Applicants Analysis

9. CPC Analysis

10. Appendix I: Pivot Tables

11. Appendix II: Country / Geography Codes

12. Appendix III: Innovation Categories

PowerPoint Deliverable

1. Context  

2. Project Approach

3. Project Objectives 

4. Executive Summary

5. CRISPR Technologies
5.1. Overview
5.2. Key Historical Milestones
5.3. Mechanism of Action
5.4. Challenges and Solutions
5.5. Key Areas of Applications

6. Overall Intellectual Property Landscape
6.1. Overview
6.2. Analysis of Published IP Documents
6.3. Insights from Patent Applications
6.4. Insights from Granted Patents

7. Key Prior Art Search Expressions
7.1. Overview
7.2. Analysis of Prior Art Search Expressions

8. Intellectual Property Valuation Analysis 
8.1. Valuation Overview
8.2. Analysis of Individual Value Ranks
8.2.1. Rank 1 IP Documents
8.2.2. Rank 2 IP Documents
8.2.3. Rank 3 IP Documents
8.2.4. Rank 4 IP Documents
8.2.5. Rank 5 IP Documents
8.3. Concluding Remarks

9. Analysis of Patent Applications
9.1. Overview
9.2. Relative Valuation of Patent Applications
9.3. Patentability and Freedom-to-Operate

10. Analysis of Granted Patents
10.1. Overview
10.2. Relative Valuation of Grated Patents
10.3. Patentability and Freedom-to-Operate
10.4. Analysis of Patent Claims

11. Key Applicants
11.1. Overview
11.2. Analysis of Key Applicants
11.2.1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
11.2.2. University of California
11.2.3. Harvard University
11.2.4. CRISPR Therapeutics
11.2.5. Editas Medicine
11.2.6. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
11.2.7. Inscripta 
11.2.8. Intellia Therapeutics
11.2.9. ToolGen 
11.2.10. Caribou Biosciences
11.2.11. Beam Therapeutics
11.2.12. Bayer 
11.2.13. Novartis 
11.2.14. Sigma-Aldrich
11.2.15. SNIPR Biome

12. Pockets of Innovation and White Spaces
12.1. Overview
12.2. Pockets of Innovation
12.3. White Spaces
12.4. Concluding Remarks

13. Future Outlook 
13.1. Clinical Research
13.2. Contemporary Sentiments & Expert Opinions
13.3. Anticipated Future Developments & Trends

14. Appendices

List Of Companies

The following companies / institutes / government bodies and organizations have been mentioned in this report.

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  2. 22nd Century Group
  3. 64x Bio
  4. 9636137 Canada
  5. Aadigen
  6. Aarhus University
  7. ABclonal
  8. Abeona Therapeutics
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  12. Aelian Biotechnology
  13. Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University
  14. Agency for Science, Technology and Research
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  23. Alexion Pharmaceuticals
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  43. Arizona State University
  44. Army Medical University
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  46. Artisan Development Labs
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  49. Asclepius Technology
  50. Asklepios BioPharmaceutical
  51. Aspen Neuroscience
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  436. Intima Bioscience
  437. Intrexon
  438. InVivo BioTech
  439. IO Biosciences
  440. Ionis Pharmaceuticals
  441. IONTAS
  442. Iovance Biotherapeutics
  443. Istituto Nazionale Genetica Molecolare
  444. Italian Institute of Technology
  445. Jackson Laboratory
  446. Japan Science and Technology Agency
  447. Jenthera Therapeutics
  448. Jerome Canady Research Institute for Advanced Biological And Technology Sciences
  449. JH Biotech
  450. Jianghan University
  451. Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  452. Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine
  453. Jiangsu Heze Biotechnology
  454. Jiangsu Kang Huai Biotechnology
  455. Jiangsu Littoral Agriculture Science Research Institute
  456. Jiangsu Pracgen Biopharm Technology
  457. Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital
  458. Jiangsu Puzhu Biomedical Technology 
  459. Jiangsu Target Pharma Laboratories
  460. Jiangsu University
  461. Jiangxi Agricultural University
  462. Jiaxing University
  463. Jichi Medical University
  464. Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  465. Jilin COFCO Bio-chemical
  466. Jilin University
  467. Jinan Guoke Yigong Technology Development 
  468. Jinan University
  469. Jingchu University of Technology
  470. Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz
  471. Johns Hopkins University
  472. Joslin Diabetes Center
  473. Jumpcode Genomics
  474. Juno Therapeutics
  475. Kangstem Biotech
  476. Kansas State University
  477. Kao
  478. Kewpie
  479. KeyGene
  480. KingAgroot
  481. Kite Pharma
  482. Klinikum Der University of Muenchen Anstalt Des Oeffentlichen Rechts
  483. Klogenix
  484. Kobe University
  485. Konkuk University
  486. Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
  487. Korea Food Research Institute
  488. Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences
  489. Korea Institute of Science and Technology
  490. Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology
  491. Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology
  492. Korea University
  493. Kraig Biocraft Laboratories
  494. KSQ Therapeutics
  495. KT&G
  496. KU Leuven
  497. Kunming University of Science and Technology
  498. KWS Saat
  499. Kyoto University
  500. Kyungpook National University, Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation (KNU Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation)
  501. Kyushu University
  502. Labcyte
  503. LanSheng Biotech
  504. LanzaTech
  505. Larix Bioscience
  506. Lausanne University Hospital
  507. Laval University
  508. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  509. Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine
  510. Lek Pharmaceuticals
  511. Leland Stanford Junior University
  512. Lempo Therapeutics
  513. LG Chem
  514. Life Edit Therapeutics
  515. Life Technologies
  516. Ligandal
  517. Liuzhou Municipal Liutie Central Hospital
  518. Liver Biotechnology (Shenzhen)
  519. Locanabio
  520. Locus Biosciences
  521. Loma Linda University
  522. Lonza
  523. Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
  524. Luoyang Zhengmu Biotechnology
  525. M2X2 Therapeutics
  526. Macquarie University
  527. Mammoth Biosciences
  528. Massachusetts General Hospital
  529. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  530. Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine
  531. Max Planck Society
  532. MaxCyte
  533. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
  534. McGill University
  535. Mediphage Bioceuticals
  536. Meiogenix
  537. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  538. Meso Scale Discovery
  539. Mesoblast
  540. Metagenomi
  541. Methodist Hospitals
  542. Mgen Plus
  543. MGI
  544. Miami University
  545. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
  546. Mirimus
  547. Mississippi State University
  548. Modalis Therapeutics
  549. Moderna
  550. Mogam Institue for Biomedical Research
  551. Molecular Transfer
  552. Momentum Fund 
  553. Monash University
  554. Monsanto
  555. Montana State University
  556. Moogene Medi
  557. Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory
  558. MultiVir
  559. MyoGene Bio
  560. Nanjing Genefriend Biotech
  561. Nanjing IASO Biotherapeutics
  562. Nanjing Kgene Genetic Engineering
  563. Nanjing Medical University
  564. Nanjing Qizhen Gene Eng
  565. Nanjing University
  566. Nanjing Xianlin International Hospital
  567. Nankai University
  568. Nantes University Hospital
  569. NantKwest
  570. Nantong University
  571. Nanyang Technological University
  572. NAPIGEN
  573. National Center for Nanoscience and Technology
  574. National Cheng Kung University 
  575. National Chiao Tung University
  576. National Fisheries Research and Development Institute
  577. National Health and Family Planning Commission
  578. National Institute for Health and Medical Research
  579. National Institute of Chemistry
  580. National Institute of Forest Science
  581. National Institutes for Food and Drug Control
  582. National Research Institute of Brewing
  583. National Scientific and Technical Research Council
  584. National Tsing Hua University
  585. National University of Singapore
  586. National Yang-Ming University
  587. Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  588. NEBION
  589. Neemo
  590. Neogene Therapeutics
  591. Netherlands Cancer Institute
  592. Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research
  593. New England Biolabs
  594. New York Blood Center
  595. New York Genome Center
  596. New York Stem Cell Foundation
  597. New York University
  598. NewSouth Innovations
  599. Nextbiotics
  600. Ningbo Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  601. Ningxia Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences
  602. Ningxia Medical University
  603. Nippon Chemical Industrial
  604. Nkarta
  605. Noble Research Institute
  606. Nomad Bioscience
  607. North Carolina State University
  608. Northeast Agricultural University
  609. Northeast Forestry University
  610. Northwest A&F University
  611. Northwestern University
  612. Novartis
  613. Novozymes
  614. OBiO Technology
  615. Obschestvo S Ogranichennoi Otvetstvennostju Proryvnye Innovatsionnye Tekh
  616. Ocean University of China
  617. Ohio State Innovation Foundation
  618. Omega Therapeutics
  619. Orchard Therapeutics
  620. Organofab Technologies
  621. OriCiro Genomics
  622. Oriengene Biotechnology
  623. Orig3N
  624. Ortho Bio
  625. Osaka University
  626. Oxford Genetics
  627. Oxford Nanopore Technologies
  628. Oxford University Innovation
  629. PACT Pharma
  630. Pairwise
  631. Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center
  632. Pebble Labs
  633. Peking Third Hospital University
  634. Peking University
  635. Penn State Research Foundation
  636. Pennsylvania University
  637. People's Liberation Army
  638. Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute
  639. Philip Morris International
  640. Pig Improvement
  641. Pioneer
  642. Pioneer Hi Bred International
  643. Pioneer Overseas
  644. Pirbright Institute
  645. Pohang University of Science and Technology
  646. POiRT Systems
  647. Pompeu Fabra University
  648. Poseida Therapeutics
  649. Precision BioSciences
  650. Promega
  651. Protalix BioTherapeutics
  652. Proteineasy Biological Products Research Institute Henan
  653. Protiva Biotherapeutics
  654. Provincial Health Services Authority
  655. Purdue Research Foundation
  656. QIAGEN Sciences
  657. Qingdao Agricultural University
  658. Qingdao Huasaiboman Medical Cell Biology
  659. Qingdao Vland Biotech
  660. Recognition Analytix
  661. Recombinetics
  662. Reflection Biotechnologies
  663. Reforgene Medicine
  664. Refuge Biotechnologies
  665. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
  666. Regents of the University of California
  667. Regents of the University of Michigan
  668. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  669. Research Foundation for the State University of New York
  670. Research Organization of Information and Systems
  671. Rice University
  672. Riken
  673. Rochester University
  674. Rockefeller University
  675. Rocket Pharmaceuticals
  676. Rodos Biotarget
  677. Rohm and Haas
  678. Rongcheng City People's Hospital
  679. Rowan University
  680. RPRD Diagnostics
  681. Rubber Research Institute
  682. Rutgers University
  683. Saliogen Therapeutics
  684. Salk Institute for Biological Studies
  685. San Raffaele Hospital
  686. Sana Biotechnology
  687. Sandia National Laboratories
  688. Sangamo Therapeutics
  689. Sanofi
  690. Schepens Eye Research Institute
  691. Scribe Therapeutics
  692. Scripps Research Institute
  693. Seagate Technology
  694. Seattle Children's
  695. Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University
  696. Sejong University
  697. Selecta Biosciences
  698. Selexis
  699. Senti Biosciences
  700. Seoul National University Hospital
  701. Shaanxi Huikang Biotechnology
  702. Shaanxi Normal University
  703. Shaanxi Provincial People's Hospital
  704. Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  705. Shandong Landsee Genetics
  706. Shandong Lvdu Bio Sicience & Technology 
  707. Shandong Provincial Hospital Affiliated to Shandong First Medical University
  708. Shandong Shunfeng Biotechnology
  709. Shandong University
  710. Shanghai Academy of Agriculture Sciences
  711. Shanghai Agrobiological Gene Center
  712. Shanghai Cancer Institute
  713. Shanghai Changhai Hospital
  714. Shanghai Children's Hospital
  715. Shanghai Fan Jing Biological Science & Technology
  716. Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital
  717. Shanghai General Hospital
  718. Shanghai Hengrui Pharmaceutical
  719. Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry
  720. Shanghai Institute of Quality Inspection and Technical Research
  721. Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  722. Shanghai Longyao Biotechnology
  723. Shanghai Model Organisms Center
  724. Shanghai Ocean University
  725. Shanghai Shunho New Materials Technology
  726. Shanghai Susheng Biotechnology
  727. Shanghai Technology Center of Animal, Plant and Food Inspection and Quarantine
  728. Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital
  729. Shanghai Tongji Hospital
  730. Shanghai University
  731. Shanghai Yixin Biological Technology
  732. ShanghaiTech University
  733. Shantou University
  734. Shanxi University
  735. Shattuck Labs
  736. Shenzhen Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  737. Shenzhen People's Hospital
  738. Shenzhen Rhegen Biotechnology
  739. Shenzhen Second People's Hospital
  740. Shenzhen University
  741. Sherlock Biosciences
  742. Shoreline Biome
  743. Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital
  744. Sichuan University
  745. Siemens Healthineers
  746. Sigma-Aldrich
  747. Silence Therapeutics
  748. Sinai Health 
  749. SinoBio Biotech
  750. Sinobioway Group
  751. Sinopec
  752. Sinopec Shanghai Engineering
  753. SiPhox
  754. Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital
  755. SiVEC Biotechnologies
  756. Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
  757. SNIPR Biome
  758. Solid Biosciences
  759. Soochow University
  760. Sorbonne University
  761. Sorrento Therapeutics
  762. Sound Agriculture
  763. South China University of Technology
  764. Southeast University
  765. Southern Illinois University
  766. Southern Medical University
  767. Southern University of Science and Technology
  768. Southwest Minzu University
  769. Southwest University
  770. Spark Therapeutics
  771. Specific Biologics
  772. Sphere Fluidics
  773. Spiber
  774. Spotlight Therapeutics
  775. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  776. Stanford University
  777. STCube
  778. Stellate Therapeutics
  779. Stemgenics
  780. Stichting Wageningen Research
  781. Stitch Bio
  782. Summation Bio
  783. Sun Yat-sen University
  784. SunyBiotech
  785. Superior Council of Scientific Investigations
  786. Suzhou Aike Ruisi Biotechnology
  787. Suzhou DiYinAn Biotechnology
  788. SweTree Technologies
  789. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne
  790. Syngenta
  791. Synthego
  792. Synthekine
  793. Synthetic Genomics
  794. Systasy Bioscience
  795. System Biosciences
  796. Taipei Veterans General Hospital
  797. Takara Bio
  798. Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  799. TargetGene Biotechnologies
  800. Tarveda Therapeutics
  801. Tata Consultancy Services
  802. TCR2 Therapeutics
  803. Technical University of Denmark
  804. Tel Aviv University 
  805. Temple University
  806. The Administrators of The Tulane Educational Fund
  807. The Catholic University of Korea
  808. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  809. The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  810. The City University of New York
  811. The First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University
  812. The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University
  813. The First Hospital Of Hebei Medical University
  814. The First Hospital of Jiaxing
  815. The French National Centre for Scientific Research
  816. The Hospital for Sick Children
  817. The Industry-University-Research Cooperation Foundation
  818. The Institute of Cancer Research
  819. The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
  820. The Pirbright Institute
  821. The Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University
  822. The Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University Stomatology
  823. The University of Alabama
  824. The University of Hong Kong
  825. The University of North Texas Health Science Center
  826. The University of Western Australia
  827. THEMBA
  828. Thermo Fisher Scientific
  829. Thoraxklinik-Heidelberg
  830. Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  831. Tianjin Genovo Biotechnology
  832. Tianjin Medical University General Hospital
  833. Tianjin University
  834. Tokai National Higher Education and Research System
  835. Tokai University
  836. Tokushima University
  837. Tokyo Medical and Dental University
  838. Tolo Biotech
  839. Tongji Hospital
  840. ToolGen
  841. Torrey Pines Law Group
  842. Toshiba
  843. Translational Genomics Research Institute
  844. Tropic Biosciences
  845. Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School
  846. Tsinghua University
  847. Tufts University
  848. TwinStrand Biosciences
  849. Twist Bioscience
  850. U.S Department of Commerce
  851. UAB Research Foundation
  852. UCL Business 
  853. UK Research and Innovation
  854. Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
  855. Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical
  856. Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  857. United States Department of Veterans Affairs
  858. United States Secretary of Health and Human Services
  859. United States Secretary of the Navy
  860. UNITY Biotechnology
  861. Université de Rennes
  862. University Health Network
  863. University Hospital of Siena
  864. University Medical Center Groningen
  865. University of Alabama
  866. University of Alberta
  867. University of Angers
  868. University of Arkansas
  869. University of Basel
  870. University of Bern
  871. University of Bordeaux
  872. University of Bristol
  873. University of California
  874. University of Colorado
  875. University of Connecticut
  876. University of Copenhagen
  877. University of Edinburgh
  878. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
  879. University of Essex
  880. University of Évry Val d'Essonne
  881. University of Florence
  882. University of Florida
  883. University of Giessen
  884. University of Göttingen
  885. University of Groningen
  886. University of Helsinki
  887. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  888. University of Iowa Research Foundation
  889. University of Kentucky Research Foundation
  890. University of Lausanne
  891. University of Liège
  892. University of Maryland
  893. University of Massachusetts
  894. University of Melbourne
  895. University of Memphis
  896. University of Minnesota
  897. University of Missouri
  898. University of Montpellier
  899. University of Nantes
  900. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
  901. University of Nebraska
  902. University of Nevada
  903. University of New Mexico
  904. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  905. University of North Texas
  906. University of Nottingham
  907. University of Oklahoma
  908. University of Oregon
  909. University of Oslo
  910. University of Ottawa
  911. University of Paris
  912. University of Pisa
  913. University of Pittsburgh
  914. University of Plymouth
  915. University of Regensburg
  916. University of Siena
  917. University of South Florida
  918. University of Southern California
  919. University of Tasmania
  920. University of Texas
  921. University of Tokyo
  922. University of Toronto
  923. University of Trento
  924. University of Tübingen
  925. University of Ulsan
  926. University of Utah
  927. University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
  928. University of Vienna
  929. University of Würzburg
  930. UPSIDE Foods
  931. Us Health
  932. UT–Battelle
  933. Vanderbilt University
  934. Versiti Blood Research Institute
  935. Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  936. Verve Therapeutics
  937. Vilmorin & Cie
  938. Vilnius University
  939. Vland Biotech
  940. Vnv Newco
  941. Vor Biopharma
  942. Voyager Therapeutics
  943. Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  944. Wageningen University
  945. Wake Forest University Health Sciences
  946. Wanlei Life Sciences Shenyang
  947. Washington University
  948. Wave Life Sciences
  949. Wayne State University
  950. Weike Biotechnology
  951. Wenzhou Medical University
  952. West China Hospital Sichuan University
  953. Western Ontario University
  954. Western University
  955. Western University of Health Sciences
  956. Westlake University
  957. Whitehead Institute of Biomedical Research
  958. Williwaw Biosciences
  959. Wimi Biotechnology Jiangsu
  960. Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
  961. WiSys Technology Foundation
  962. Wright State University
  963. Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  964. Wuhan Edgene Biotech
  965. Wuhan Engineering Science & Technology Institute
  966. Wuhan Kaideweisi Bio Technology 
  967. Wuhan Keqian Biology
  968. Wuhan University
  969. Wuhan Yikang Gene Technology 
  970. WuXi Biologics
  971. Wuxi Shenco Biotechnology
  972. Wuyi University
  973. Wuzhong City Hongsibao District Tianyuan Agriculture And Animal Husbandry Technology Development 
  974. Wyoming University
  975. Xenotherapeutics
  976. Xi An Jiaotong University
  977. Xiamen Institute of Rare Earth Materials
  978. Xian Medical University
  979. Xian Sunnycell Biomedicine
  980. Xinjiang Academy Agricultural & Reclamation Sciences
  981. Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  982. Xinxiang Medical University
  983. Xuzhou Medical University
  984. Yale University
  985. Yangzhou University
  986. Yantai Baibo Biological Technology 
  987. Yeasen Biotechnology Shanghai
  988. Yeda Research & Development
  989. Yield10 Bioscience
  990. Yijishan Hospital Wannan Medical College
  991. Yissum Research Development Of Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  992. Yonsei University
  993. Youhealth Biotech
  994. Yuan Longping High Technology Agriculture 
  995. Yuan Longping High-tech Agriculture
  996. Yunnan Cancer Hospital
  997. Yunnan University
  998. Zhangjiagang Institute of Industrial Technologies.
  999. Zhaoqing Casgene Biotech
  1000. Zhaoqing South China Normal University of Optoelectronics
  1001. Zhaoqing University
  1002. Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  1003. Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences
  1004. Zhejiang Institute of Fresh Water Fisheries
  1005. Zhejiang Saiweisi Biotechnology
  1006. Zhejiang Shance Heqishi Biotechnology
  1007. Zhejiang University
  1008. Zhengzhou University
  1009. Zhongji Zhiyao Nanjing Biotechnology
  1010. Zhuhai Leviregen Medical Technology 
  1011. Zhuhai Shutong Medical Technology 
  1012. Zoetis
  1013. ZS Genetics
  1014. Zumutor Biologics
  1015. Zymergen


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