Molecular Switches White Space Analysis

Molecular Switches: Intellectual Property Landscape (Featuring Historical and Contemporary Patent Filing Trends, Prior Art Search Expressions, Patent Valuation Analysis, Patentability, Freedom to Operate, Pockets of Innovation, Existing White Spaces, and Claim Analysis)

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Excel Deliverable

Sheet 1 features details regarding how the input data for this project was collated, including the search strings used to query a popular, public patent database (namely, and data segregation notes. 

Sheet 2 is a summary MS Excel dashboard, offering a detailed, graphical perspective of the intellectual property landscape of molecular switches. It includes pictorial representations of the [A] overall patent landscape, [B] IP documents representing patent families that describe unique innovations related to molecular switches, [C] trends related to patent applications (including insights on patentability and freedom to operate), [D] trends related to granted patents (including insights on patentability and freedom to operate), [E] key inferences from a proprietary claim analysis, [F] list of popular CPC symbols (featuring key pockets of innovation), [G] list of popular applicants (shortlisted based on number of published IP documents).
Sheet 3 is an elaborate tabular representation of the overall IP landscape, featuring information on the various types of IP documents, related to molecular switches, which have been published since 1981. 

Sheet 4 is an excerpt of the data presented in the previous sheet, featuring published IP documents, that represent unique patent families across various global jurisdictions. This dataset has been analyzed in detail, in the report. 

Sheet 5 includes a tabular representation of the key words and phrases (prior art search expressions) that are used to describe molecular switches and affiliated intellectual capital.

Sheet 6 is a subset of sheet 4, featuring all the patent applications, covering innovations related to molecular switches and affiliated methods, compositions and engineering techniques.

Sheet 7 is a subset of sheet 4, featuring all the granted patents, covering innovations related to molecular switches and affiliated methods / products. 

Sheet 8 is an insightful summary of key inferences from the independent claims of the granted, active patents in the dataset. It involves the use of a systematic segregation approach to analyze key trends associated with the preamble, type of patent (product patent or method patent), type of claim (open ended claim or closed ended claim) and key elements of a claim (individual aspects of an innovation that are covered in a singular claim).

Sheet 9 provides insights related to some of the key applicants that are active in this field of research, featuring company-specific details (such as year of establishment, and location of headquarters), and inputs on their respective IP publication trends. 
Sheet 10 features an analysis of the most popular CPC symbols and CPC families (in terms of frequency of appearance in the dataset), related to molecular switches that are either already available in the market, or under development. 

Sheet 11 is an appendix, which includes pivot tables that drive the charts and interactive elements for the complete IP landscape depicted in sheet 2 of the deliverable.

Sheet 12 is an appendix, featuring details related to the categorization done in the report, and important abbreviations used in reference to the data categories mentioned in the document. 

PowerPoint Deliverable
Chapter 1
briefly describes of the need for molecular switches interventions and the key advantages associated with the use of such molecular switches. Further, it provides an overview of the intellectual property landscape related to this niche class of synthetic biology research. 

Chapter 2 and 3 feature brief (pictorial) summaries of the approach used during data collection for this project, and the key objectives of the study.

Chapter 4 is an executive summary of the important insights and key takeaways, generated from analyzing the IP landscape of molecular switches.

Chapter 5 offers an informed perspective on the core concepts of molecular switches. It also includes brief descriptions of molecular switches that are available and under development, elaborating on the contemporary need for such therapeutic and diagnostic solutions. Further, it provides a summary of the important milestones in this field of research, highlighting some of the distinguishing features of both early generation and modern variants of such interventions. The chapter also includes a description of important application areas of molecular switches, highlighting the various advantages and existing limitations of molecular switches.

Chapter 6 includes a review of the various patents and affiliated IP documents that have been published related to molecular switches, since the year 1981. It also features an in-depth analysis of published IP documents, representing unique patent families across various global jurisdictions, and includes insightful inferences related to both historical and recent R&D trends within this niche, but rapidly evolving applications the healthcare segment.

Chapter 7 features an insightful examination of IP literature, highlighting key words and phrases that are used to describe different molecular switches, including information on historical usage in IP filings, key affiliated terms (which can be used to identify other relevant IP search terms and establish relationships between prior art search expressions), and other related trends.

Chapter 8 offers insights from a competitive benchmarking and valuation analysis of the key members of unique patent families that have been captured in the report. It takes into consideration important parameters, such as type of IP document, year of application, time to expiry, number of citations and jurisdiction (factoring in value associated with the gross domestic product (GDP) of a particular region).

Chapter 9 provides a detailed summary of the patent applications (representative of unique patent families) that were filed across different jurisdictions and their relative value in the IP ecosystem. The analysis segregates the captured intellectual capital in terms of type of innovation and the specific innovation (different product classes, enabling technologies or methods of use), thereby, offering the means to identify active arenas of research and assess innovation-specific IP filing trends. Further, it features an analysis that helps identify relevant areas of innovation by analyzing published IP documents (representative of unique patent families), defining the uniqueness of patent pending innovations, in order to assess the scope of patentability in this domain, and pinpoint jurisdictions where new and / or modified claims may be filed without infringing on existing IP.

Chapter 10 is an elaborate summary of the granted patents (representative of unique patent families) across different global jurisdictions and their relative value in the IP ecosystem. The analysis also features a meaningful classification system, segregating granted IP into relevant categories (namely type of innovation and innovation) to help develop a detailed perspective on the diversity of intellectual capital (having marketing exclusivity) related to molecular switches, and assessing the likelihood for innovators to enter into promising product markets, once active patents expire. Further, it features an analysis that helps identify relevant areas of innovation by analyzing published IP documents (representative of unique patent families), defining the uniqueness of patented innovations, in order to assess the scope of patentability in this domain, and pinpoint jurisdictions where new and / or modified claims may be filed without infringing on existing IP.

Chapter 11 features profiles of some of the most popular applicant companies, which were shortlisted based on their respective patent filing activities. Each profiles includes a brief overview of the company, information on annual revenues (wherever available), details on its molecular switch related initiatives, names of key management team members and recent developments. 

Chapter 12 includes an insightful analysis of the various CPC symbols mentioned in published IP literature (representative of unique patent families) and their affiliated families, offering the means to identify historical and existing pockets of innovation (based on the functional area / industry described by the elaborate and systematic IP classification approach, mentioned earlier); the analysis also features a discussion on prevalent white spaces (based on innovation and innovation types) in this field of research.

Chapter 13 concludes the report by summarizing publicly available insights on the anticipated developments in this domain (taking into consideration the perspectives of eminent representatives of stakeholder companies in this industry), and trends that are likely to shape the future of molecular switches. 

Chapter 14 is a set of appendices, entailing [A] an overview of the excel research report, [B] a list of IP documents featuring the identified white spaces, [C] table of contents, [D] list of figures, [E] list of tables, [F] glossary, and [G] list of all the applicant companies and organizations.

Table Of Contents

Excel Deliverable

1. Research Notes

2. Summary Dashboard
A. Overall Intellectual Property Landscape
B. Intellectual Property Landscape (Grouped by Simple Families)
C. Key Prior Art Search Expressions
D. Key Trends related to Patent Applications (featuring Patentability and Freedom-to-Operate)
E. Key Trends related to Granted Patents (featuring Patentability and Freedom-to-Operate)

F. Claim Analysis
G. Key CPC Symbols
H. Key Applicants

3. Overall Intellectual Property Landscape Dataset

4. Prior Art Search Expressions (Keyword Analysis)

5. Patent Applications Dataset

6. Granted Patents Dataset

7. Claim Analysis

8. Key Applicants Analysis

9. CPC Analysis

10. Appendix I: Pivot Tables

11. Appendix II: Country / Geography Codes

12. Appendix III: Innovation Categories

PowerPoint Deliverable

1. Context

2. Project Approach

3. Project Objectives

4. Executive Summary

5. Molecular switches
5.1. Overview
5.2. Molecules Acting as Molecular Switches
5.3. Applications of Molecular Switches in Healthcare
5.4. Key Advantages and Limitations

6. Overall Intellectual Property Landscape
6.1. Overview
6.2. Analysis of Simple Patent Families
6.3. Key Innovation Categories
6.4. Insights from Patent Applications
6.5. Insights from Granted Patents

7. Key Prior Art Search Expressions
7.1. Overview
7.2. Analysis of Prior Art Search Expressions

8. Intellectual Property Valuation Analysis
8.1. Valuation Overview
8.2. Analysis of Individual Value Ranks
8.2.1. Rank 1 IP Documents
8.2.2. Rank 2 IP Documents
8.2.3. Rank 3 IP Documents
8.2.4. Rank 4 IP Documents
8.2.5. Rank 5 IP Documents
8.3. Concluding Remarks
8.4. List of Rank 1 IP Documents

9. Analysis of Patent Applications
9.1. Overview
9.2. Relative Valuation of Patent Applications
9.3. Patentability & Freedom-to-Operate

10. Analysis of Granted Patents
10.1. Overview
10.2. Relative Valuation of Grated Patents
10.3. Patentability & Freedom-to-Operate
10.4. Analysis of Patent Claims (Granted Active Patents)

11. Key Applicants
11.1. Overview
11.2. Analysis of Key Applicants
11.2.1. Company A
11.2.2. Company B
11.2.3. Company C
11.2.4. Company D
11.2.5. Company E
11.2.6. Company F
11.2.7. Company G
11.2.8. Company H
11.2.9. Company I
11.2.10. Company J

12. Pockets of Innovation and White Spaces
12.1. Overview
12.2. Pockets of Innovation
12.3. White Spaces
12.4. Concluding Remarks

13. Future Outlook
13.1. Molecular Switches: IP Filing Growth Trends
13.2. Relevance of IP for Business Development and Growth
13.3. Contemporary Sentiments and Predictions
13.4 Anticipated Future Developments and Trends

14. Appendices

List Of Companies

The following companies / institutes / government bodies and organizations have been mentioned in this report

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  2. 149 Bio
  3. 2seventy bio
  4. 3M
  5. A2 Biotherapeutics
  6. Aarhus University
  7. AB Biosciences
  8. Ab Studio
  9. Abbott Laboratories
  10. AbbVie
  11. Accutar Biotech
  12. Aclara Biosciences
  13. Activartis Biotech
  14. Advanced Microbial
  15. AdVec
  16. Advisys
  17. AdynXX
  18. Aeomica
  19. Affigen
  20. Agency for Science, Technology and Research
  21. Agensys
  22. Agilent Technologies
  23. AIIMS - All India Institute Of Medical Science
  24. Aix-Marseille University
  25. Alastin Skincare
  26. Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  27. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
  28. Alder BioPharmaceuticals
  29. Alector
  30. Alize Pharma
  31. Allergan
  32. Allinaire Therapeutics
  33. alliumvitalis
  34. Alpha Beta Holdings
  35. Ambion
  36. Amgen
  37. Amicus Therapeutics
  38. Anacor Pharmaceuticals
  39. Anhui University of Science and Technology
  40. Antengene Corporation
  41. Applera
  42. Applied Genetics Laboratories
  43. AptaBharat
  44. AptaScan
  45. Araxes Pharma
  46. Arbor Biotechnologies
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  48. Arena Pharmaceuticals
  49. ARIAD Pharmaceuticals
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  51. ArQule
  52. Array BioPharma
  53. Asahi Kasei
  54. Ascentage Pharma
  55. Asklepios BioPharmaceutical
  56. ASML
  57. Assistance Publique–Hôpitaux de Paris
  58. Asterias Biotherapeutics
  59. Aston University
  60. AstraZeneca
  61. Athenex
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  63. Augusta University Research Institute
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  88. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
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  607. Sandoz
  608. Sanford Burnham Prebys
  609. Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
  610. Sangamo Therapeutics
  611. Sanofi
  612. Santen
  613. Sapienza University of Rome
  614. Schering
  615. Schering-Plough
  616. Scripps Research Institute
  617. Seattle Children’s Research Institute
  618. Senomyx
  619. Sensei Biotherapeutics
  620. Senti Bio
  621. Seoul Electronics & Telecom
  622. Seoul National University
  623. Serono Genetics Institute
  624. Shandong Agricultural University
  625. Shanghai Cell Therapy Group
  626. Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health
  627. Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  628. Shanghai University of Electric Power
  629. Shanxi Agricultural University
  630. Shaoyang University
  631. Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, RAS
  632. Shimadzu
  633. Sibelius
  634. Sichuan Huiyu Pharmaceutical
  635. Signase
  636. Sino Biological
  637. SIRION Biotech
  639. Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
  640. Snap Bio
  641. SONY
  642. Soochow University
  643. South China Agricultural University
  644. South China Normal University
  645. South Eastern Sydney Local Health District SESLHD
  646. Southeast University
  647. Southern Illinois University
  648. Southern Methodist University
  649. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  650. St. Michael’s Hospital
  651. Staidson Beijing Biopharmaceuticals
  652. Stanford Research Institute
  653. Stanford University
  654. State University of New York
  655. STMicroelectronics
  656. STX-Aprilis
  657. Sulzer
  658. Sumitomo Pharma Oncology
  659. Summit
  660. Sungkyunkwan University
  661. SunTracker Technologies
  662. Sure Erasure
  663. Suzhou University
  664. SwanBio Therapeutics
  665. Switch Bio
  666. SWITCH Materials
  667. Symphogen
  668. Syngenta
  669. Synlogic
  670. Synpromics
  671. Syracuse University
  672. SYZ Cell Therapy
  673. Taizhou Vocational & Technical College
  674. Targeted Genetics
  675. TCR2 Therapeutics
  676. Technical University of Munich
  677. Technicon Instruments
  678. Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
  679. Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory
  680. Temple University
  681. Texas A&M University
  682. Texas Biomedical Research Institute
  683. The Institute of Cancer Research
  684. The Leibniz Institute on Aging – Fritz Lipmann Institute
  685. The Wistar Institute
  686. Theodor Kocher Institute
  687. Theras
  688. Thomas Jefferson University
  689. Translational Health Science and Technology Institute
  690. Tianjin Anbisen Biology Technology
  691. Tianjin Hengda Wenbo Science and Technology
  692. Tianma Microelectronics
  693. Tidal Therapeutics
  694. Tissuemed
  695. Tmunity Therapeutics
  696. Tolero Pharmaceuticals
  697. TOLREMO therapeutics
  698. Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier University
  699. Transimmune
  700. Translate Bio
  701. Translational Genomics Research Institute
  702. TransTech Pharma
  703. Trinity College Dublin
  704. Trishula Therapeutics
  705. TRON Translational Oncology
  706. TRT Pharma
  707. Tsinghua University
  708. Tufts University
  709. Tularik
  710. U. S. Genomics
  711. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  712. UBE
  713. UCB Biopharma
  714. UCL Business
  715. UCLA
  716. UEA Enterprises
  717. United Arab Emirates University
  718. United States Department of Agriculture
  719. United States Department of Veterans Affairs
  720. Universal Sequencing Technology
  721. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  722. University Clinic Freiburg
  723. University College Cork
  724. University Health Network
  725. University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein
  726. University of Aberdeen
  727. University of Alberta
  728. University of Angers
  729. University of Arizona
  730. University of Arkansas
  731. University of Basel
  732. University of Bonn
  733. University of Bordeaux
  734. University of Bradford
  735. University of British Columbia
  736. University of Brussels
  737. University of California
  738. University of Cambridge
  739. University of Central Florida
  740. University of Chicago
  741. University of Cologne
  742. University of Colorado
  743. University of Copenhagen
  744. University of Delaware
  745. University of Duisburg-Essen
  746. University of Erlangen–Nuremberg
  747. University of Florida
  748. University of Freiburg
  749. University of Geneva
  750. University of Georgia
  751. University of Heidelberg
  752. University of Helsinki
  753. University of Hong Kong
  754. University of Houston
  755. University of Illinois
  756. University of Iowa Research Foundation
  757. University of Jena
  758. University of Kentucky
  759. University of Konstanz
  760. University of Louisville
  761. University of Magdeburg
  762. University of Manchester
  763. University of Manitoba
  764. University of Maryland
  765. University of Massachusetts
  766. University of Miami
  767. University of Michigan
  768. University of Milano-Bicocca
  769. University of Minnesota
  770. University of Missouri
  771. University of Montpellier
  772. University of Montreal
  773. University of Münster
  774. University of Nantes
  775. University of Naples Federico II
  776. University of New York
  777. University of North Carolina
  778. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  779. University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  780. University of Notre Dame
  781. University of Oslo
  782. University of Ottawa
  783. University of Oxford
  784. University of Pennsylvania
  785. University of Pittsburgh
  786. University of Poitiers
  787. University of Portsmouth
  788. University of Puerto Rico
  789. University of Queensland
  790. University of Regensburg
  791. University of Rennes 1
  792. University of Rochester
  793. University of Rome Tor Vergata
  794. University of Saskatchewan
  795. University of Sheffield
  796. University of South Carolina
  797. University of South Dakota
  798. University of South Florida
  799. University of Southern California
  800. University of Southwest
  801. University of Stanford
  802. University of Stuttgart
  803. University of Sussex
  804. University of Texas
  805. University of the Witwatersrand
  806. University of Tokyo
  807. University of Toyama
  808. University of Tübingen
  809. University of Utah
  810. University of Vermont
  811. University of Verona
  812. University of Virginia
  813. University of Washington
  814. University of Wyoming
  815. University of York
  816. University of Zurich
  817. University Research Corp
  818. University of Toledo
  819. UNM Rainforest Innovations
  820. Upjohn
  821. Utah State University
  822. Valentis
  823. Valio
  824. Vanderbilt University
  825. VastCon
  826. Vegenics
  827. Ventana Medical Systems
  828. Verastem
  829. Verily Life Sciences
  830. Vernalis
  832. Vestion
  833. Vgx Pharmaceuticals
  834. Vidya Herbs
  835. Virginia Tech
  836. Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties
  837. ViroMed
  838. Vlaams Institute of Biotechnology
  839. Voronoi
  840. Voyager Therapeutics
  841. Wake Forest University
  842. Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
  843. Warner–Lambert
  844. Wayne State University
  845. Whitehead Institute
  846. WindMIL Therapeutics
  847. Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
  848. WisTa Laboratories
  849. Wistar Institute
  850. WiSys
  851. Wuhan HealthCare Biotechnology
  852. WuXi Biologics
  853. Wyeth
  854. Xenogen
  855. Xiamen University
  856. Xi'an University of Science and Technology
  857. Xilinx
  858. Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University
  859. Yale University
  860. YEDA
  861. Yeditepe University
  862. Yissum
  863. Zeneca
  864. Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  865. Zhejiang University
  866. ZymoGenetics
  867. ZyngeniaSalix Pharmaceuticals


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