On-body Drug Delivery Devices White Spaces Analysis

On-body Drug Delivery Devices - Intellectual Property Landscape: Focus on Popular / Relevant Prior Art Search Expressions, Patent Valuation, Pockets of Innovation / White Spaces, and Key Applicant Profiles

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    August 2021

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Example Insights

The context of on body drug delivery devices IP report, published by Roots Analysis Historical Trend of IP-related Publications in on body drug delivery devices from the research report of Roots Analysis Analysis of Simple Patent Families of on body drug delivery devices, prepared by Roots Analysis Popular / Relevant Prior Art Search Expressions of on body drug delivery devices, from Roots Analysis report
Analysis of Prior Art Search Expressions of on body drug delivery devices, from Roots Analysis report This image provides information on Patent Valuation Analysis of on body drug delivery devices This image highlights the high value documents related to on body drug delivery devices This infographic informs about pockets of innovation in on body drug delivery devices, as identified in Roots Analysis report
This image presents key CPC symbols in on body drug delivery devices, as identified in Roots Analysis report This image presents white spaces in on body drug delivery devices, as identified in Roots Analysis report This image highlights the profile of companies engaged in development of on body drug delivery devices This image highlights snapshot of interactive excel deliverable from on body drug delivery devices report prepared by Roots Analysis

Report Description

On-body Drug Delivery Devices Overview

Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and cancer, are considered among the leading causes of death, worldwide. In fact, a recent study revealed that the global failure to control the steady rise in preventable risk factors associated with the aforementioned conditions, rendered populations vulnerable to COVID-19. Although there are several national and global-level initiatives focused on educating the masses on prevention and promote healthy living, individuals living with a chronic medical condition are required to medicate on a frequent basis – which is often multiple times in a single day. Lack of adherence to prescribed medication regimens (due to various reasons) and high cost of treatment (a significant share of which stems from non-compliance to treatment), are the major contributing factors to the associated burden on patients and the healthcare system. However, modern therapy administration technology, such as wearable and implantable drug delivery solutions, allows patients to effectively deal with several of the areas of concern related to therapy adherence and treatment costs. 

With provisions to adhere to, or be implanted in the body, this advanced category of drug delivery  solutions are known to (1) enable patients to self-medicate (thereby, saving on routine hospital visit fees), (2) effectively reduce the number of needle-pricks in case of patients who are required to medicate multiple times in a day, (3) administer large volumes (more than 2 mL) of therapeutic formulations over an extended period of time, and (4) improve compliance to therapeutic regimens (some devices include provisions for monitoring / tracking dosing). The advantages of on-body drug delivery devices are numerous; consequently, the demand for such devices is also high and growing, which is projected to grow to a USD 600 million market by 2030. Within such a lucrative and rapidly evolving market it is imperative for innovators and other stakeholders (including interested investors) to regularly track the growing intellectual capital. In this context, we have analyzed the intellectual property landscape related to on-body (wearable and implantable) drug delivery solutions, and developed independent opinions on both historical and recent trends, and other key attributes of the innovation in this upcoming field of medical technology.

Scope of the Report

The “On-body Drug Delivery Devices - Intellectual Property Landscape” report features an extensive study of the historical and current collection of granted patents, patent applications and affiliated documents associated with modern wearable / implantable therapy administration solutions. The information in this report has been presented across two deliverables, namely an Excel sheet, featuring an interactive dashboard, and a PowerPoint presentation, summarizing the ongoing activity in this domain, and key insights drawn from the available data. The report features the following details:

  • Overall Intellectual Property Landscape

An in-depth analysis of the various patents and affiliated IP documents that have been published related to technologies and methods associated with wearable / implantable drug delivery devices, featuring key insights from historical and recent trends

  • Popular / Relevant Prior Art Search Expressions

An examination of IP literature, identifying key words and phrases that are used to describe innovations in portable, large volume drug dispensing solutions, including information on historical usage in IP filings, key affiliated terms (which can be used to further identify similar innovations), and other related trends

  • Patent Valuation Analysis

A competitive benchmarking and valuation analysis, taking into account important IP associated parameters, such as type of IP document, year of application, time to expiry, number of citations and jurisdiction (taking into consideration regional GDP), where the IP application was filed

  • Pockets of Innovation and White Spaces

An analysis of the CPC symbols and affiliated families, to identify historical and existing pockets of innovation, featuring an insightful discussion on the prevalent white spaces in this area of research

  • Company Profiles

Detailed profiles of the key players that have the maximum number of IP publication in the period between 2001-2021, including overview of the company, financial information (if available), and its proprietary IP related trends

Deiverable Outlines

Excel Deliverable

  1. The first section of the spreadsheet features details on how the input data for this project was collated, including the search strings used to query the lens.org patent database and noise removal criteria.
  2. The second section of the deliverable is a summary MS Excel dashboard, offering a detailed graphical perspective of the intellectual property landscape of on-body drug delivery solutions, highlighting trends key patent / patent application publication trends, CPC symbol usage over time and intellectual capital-related publication trends of key applicants that are engaged in this industry 
  3. The third section of the spreadsheet is an elaborate table, which features a long list of all the intellectual capital (namely granted patents, patent applications, limited patents, amended patents, abstracts, statutory invention registration and search reports) related publications, for which the relevant details are available in the public domain. 
  4. The next section of the deliverable includes an analysis of the key CPC symbols, highlighting usage trends (since 2001) related to the top CPC symbol and CPC families, used by innovators in this field of medical technology to describe their respective products / technologies / methods of use.
  5. The final section of the deliverable includes an analysis of the key applicants that have published the various types of intellectual property documents that have been considered in this report. It also features another table, which includes information on the top 25 applicants, based on the number of intellectual capital related publications, in the period 2001-2021 

PowerPoint Deliverable

  1. The first part of this deliverable features an executive summary of the key insights generated from analyzing the intellectual property landscape associated with on-body drug delivery devices.
  2. The next part provides important details related to on-body drug delivery devices, including key product related definitions, advantages of the technology and the     methodology used (in this project) to query the public database, lens.org, for information on the published intellectual capital related to this innovation.
  3. The third section of the deliverable includes charts and figures describing the overall intellectual property landscape of on-body drug delivery devices and affiliated technologies / methods of use.
  4. The next section of the deliverable includes charts and figures describing the intellectual property landscape of on-body drug delivery devices and affiliated     technologies / methods of use, since 2001.
  5. The subsequent section features insights from a detailed analysis of the titles of patent / patent applications related to wearable and implantable drug delivery solutions.It includes multiple word clouds, which help identify the most important keywords that can be used for prior art research specific to this field.
  6. The sixth section provides our independent views on the relative valuation of the intellectual property related to on-body drug delivery devices, taking into account important associated parameters, such as type of document, year of application, time to expiry, number of citations and jurisdiction (taking into consideration regional GDP), where the IP application was filed.
  7. The next section features an analysis of the CPC symbols and affiliated families, to identify historical and existing pockets of innovation, and also includes an insightful discussion on the prevalent white spaces in this area of research.
  8. Finally, it includes profiles of the companies having the maximum number of intellectual capital related publication in the period between 2001-2021, including overview of the company, financial information (if available), and its proprietary intellectual property publication related trends.


Table Of Contents

Excel Deliverable

1. Data Collection Guide

2. Summary Dashboard
A. Overall Patent Landscape
B. Key CPC Symbols and Affiliated Trends
C. Key Applicants and Affiliated Trends

3. Consolidated Intellectual Property Landscape

4. Key CPC Symbols

5. Key Applicants

6. Appendix I: Pivot Tables

7. Appendix II: Country / Geography Codes

8. Appendix III: Pivot Tables and Reference Ranges (CPC & Applicants)
PowerPoint Deliverable 

1. Context

2. Project Approach

3. Executive Summary

4. On-body Drug Injection Devices

5. Overall Intellectual Property Landscape

6. Intellectual Property Landscape, 2001-2021

7. Analysis of Prior Art Search Expressions

8. Patent Valuation Analysis

9. Pockets of Innovation and White Spaces

10. Company Profiles

10.1. Company A, (Dublin, Ireland)
10.2. Company B, (Franklin Lakes, New Jersey)
10.3. Company C, (Copenhagen,Denmark)
10.4. Company D, (Basel, Switzerland)
10.5. Company E, (Acton, Massachusetts)
10.6. Company F, (Warwick, United Kingdom)
10.7. Company G, (Manchester, New Hampshire)
10.8. Company H, (Paris, France)
10.9. Company I, (Thousand Oaks, California)
10.10. Company J, (Milpitas, California)
10.11. Company K, (San Diego, California)

11. Appendices

List Of Companies

The following companies and organizations have been mentioned in the report.

  1. 3D Medicines 
  2. 3M
  3. 89Bio
  4. AB2 Bio
  5. Abbott
  6. AbbVie
  7. AbGenomics
  8. Ablynx
  9. Acceleron Pharma
  10. Accenture
  11. Acer Therapeutics
  12. ADC Therapeutics
  13. Adisave
  14. Adrenomed
  15. Aduro BioTech
  16. Advaxis
  17. Aeglea BioTherapeutics
  18. Aetna
  19. Affibody
  20. Affimed
  21. Affinivax
  22. Agenus
  23. AgonOx
  24. Akcea Therapeutics
  25. Akero Therapeutics
  26. Akeso Tiancheng
  27. Akesobio Australia
  28. Alder BioPharmaceuticals
  29. Alector
  30. Alexion Pharmaceuticals
  31. Alkahest
  32. Alkermes
  33. Allakos
  34. Allergan
  35. Allozyne
  36. Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
  37. Alopexx Oncology
  38. AlphaCore Pharma
  39. Alphamab
  40. Altor BioScience
  41. Ambrx
  42. Amgen
  43. Amicus Therapeutics
  44. Amphivena Therapeutics
  45. Amplyx Pharmaceuticals
  46. AnaptysBio
  47. Andes Biotechnologies
  48. Angiochem
  49. Antares Pharma
  50. Antaros Medical
  51. Apellis Pharmaceuticals
  52. Aptevo Therapeutics
  53. Araclon Biotech
  54. argenx 
  55. Argos Therapeutics
  56. ArmaGen
  57. ARMO BioSciences
  58. Aronora
  59. Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals
  60. Asante Solutions
  61. Ascendis Pharma
  62. Ascensia Diabetes Care
  63. ASIT Biotech
  64. Asklepion Pharmaceuticals
  65. ASLAN Pharmaceuticals
  66. Astellas Pharma
  67. Astorg
  68. AstraZeneca
  69. Atridia
  70. Australasian Medical & Scientific
  71. Avillion
  72. Axon Neuroscience
  73. Baril 
  74. Basilea Pharmaceutica
  75. Bastian Solutions
  76. Battelle
  77. Bavarian Nordic
  78. Baxalta
  79. Baxter International
  80. Bayer
  81. Bayhill Therapeutics
  82. Becton Dickinson
  83. BeiGene
  84. Beijing Dongfang Biotech
  85. Beijing Northland Biotech
  86. Bern University
  87. Bespak
  88. Beta Bionics
  89. Bigfoot Biomedical
  90. BioArctic
  91. BIOCAD
  92. Biocon
  93. Biogen
  94. BioIntegrator
  95. Bioject Medical Technologies
  96. BioMarin Pharmaceutical
  97. Biomay
  98. BioMimetix
  99.     Bioniz Therapeutics
  100. BioNTech
  101. Bio-Path Holdings
  102. Biotest Pharmaceuticals
  103. Bio-Thera Solutions
  104. BJ Bioscience
  105. Boehringer Ingelheim
  106. Boston Pharmaceuticals
  107. Buehler Motor
  108. Calando Pharmaceuticals
  109. Calibr
  110. Calibra Medical
  111. Cam Med
  112. CANbridge Life Sciences
  113. Cancer Advances
  114. Cara Therapeutics
  115. Cardiome Pharma
  116. Care Innovations
  117. CareFusion
  118. Catalyst Biosciences
  119. Celgene
  120. Celldex Therapeutics
  121. CEL-SCI
  122. CeQur
  123. Changchun BCHT Biotechnology
  124. Chimerix
  125. CHO Pharma
  126. Chugai Pharmaceutical
  127. CiVi Biopharma
  128. Cleveland BioLabs
  129. Conjupro Biotherapeutics
  130. Consort Medical
  131. ContraFect
  132. ConvaTec
  133. Cordant Group
  134. Corvidia Therapeutics
  135. Cour Pharmaceutical Development
  136. CRISI Medical Systems
  137. CSL Behring
  138. CStone Pharmaceuticals
  139. CuraVac
  140. CureTech
  141. CytoDyn
  142. Daikyo Seiko
  143. Datwyler
  144. Debiotech
  145. DEKA
  146. Dekkun
  147. Delta-Fly Pharma
  148. Dendreon
  149. Dermira
  150. Desentum
  151. DexCom
  152. Diabeloop
  153. DiaMedica Therapeutics 
  154. Dicerna Pharmaceuticals
  155. DreaMed Diabetes
  156. Duke Clinical Research Institute 
  157. Duke University
  158. E3D Elcam Drug Delivery Devices
  159. ECHAlliance
  160. Eddingpharm
  161. Eiger BioPharmaceuticals
  162. Eisai
  163. Eitan Group
  164. Elcam group
  165. Eli Lilly
  166. Elusys Therapeutics
  167. EMD Serono
  168. Emergent BioSolutions
  169. Enable Injections
  170. Endocyte
  171. EnGeneIC 
  172. EOC Pharma
  173. EOFlow
  174. EpicentRx
  175. Equillium
  176. Eris Lifesciences
  177. Etubics
  178. EVER Pharma
  179. Ever Supreme Bio Technology
  180. Evidation Health
  181. F2G 
  182. Fabrico
  183. Ferring Pharmaceuticals
  184. FibroGen
  185. Fitbit
  186. Five Prime Therapeutics
  187. Flex Pharma
  188. Flextronics
  189. Flowonix Medical
  190. Galaxy Biotech
  191. Galena Biopharma
  192. GENCO
  193. GeneCure Biotechnologies
  194. Genentech (Roche)
  195. GENERON
  196. GeneScience Pharmaceuticals
  197. Genexine
  198. Genocea Biosciences
  199. Genor Biopharma
  200. Genzyme
  201. Georgia Institute of Technology
  202. Gerresheimer
  203. Gilead Sciences
  204. GlaxoSmithKline
  205. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
  206. Gliknik
  207. GlobeImmune
  208. Glooko
  209. GLyPharma Therapeutic
  210. Guangzhou Cellprotek Pharmaceutical
  211. HAL Allergy
  212. Halozyme Therapeutics
  213. HanAll Biopharma
  214. Hanmi Pharmaceutical
  215. Harbour BioMed
  216. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
  217. Haselmeier
  218. HealthPrize Technologies
  219. Helsinn Healthcare
  220. Hepatera 
  221. Hoffmann-La Roche
  222. Huabo Biopharm
  223. IBM Watson
  224. IDF Europe (International Diabetes Federation)
  225. ILTOO Pharma
  226. ImClone Systems
  227. Immatics Biotechnologies
  228. Immune Response BioPharma
  229. ImmunGene
  230. Immunocore
  231. ImmunoFrontier
  232. ImmunoGen
  233. Immunomedics
  234. Immunotope
  235. Immunovaccine
  236. ImmuPharma
  237. Immutep
  238. Implicit Bioscience
  239. Incuron
  240. Incyte
  241. INmune Bio
  242. Innate Pharma
  243. Innovent Biologics
  244. Inovio Pharmaceuticals
  245. Insulet
  246. iNtRON Biotechnology
  247. IO Biotech
  248. Ionis Pharmaceuticals
  249. Ipsen
  250. IQVIA Biotech
  251. ISA Pharmaceuticals
  252. iSense CGM
  253. ISU ABXIS
  254. Izana Bioscience 
  255. Janssen
  256. Jerini
  257. JHL Biotech
  258. Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine
  259. Jiangsu T-Mab Biopharma
  260. Johnson & Johnson
  261. Jounce Therapeutics
  262. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  263. KaloBios Pharmaceuticals
  264. Kangstem Biotech
  265. Kinevant Sciences
  266. Kissei Pharmaceutical
  267. Klue
  268. Kura Oncology
  269. Kyowa Hakko Kirin
  270. Kyowa Hakko Kirin
  271. Labrys Biologics
  272. LEO Pharma
  273. Levicept
  274. LIB Therapeutics
  275. Luye Pharma
  276. MabVax Therapeutics
  277. MacroGenics
  278. Maruho
  279. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  280. MedImmune
  281. Medimop Medical Projects
  282. Medipacs
  283. Medtronic
  284. Medtrum Technologies
  285. Menarini Diagnostics
  286. Merck
  287. Merck Sharp & Dohme
  288. Mercy Technology Services
  289. Mereo BioPharma
  290. Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
  291. Mersana Therapeutics
  292. Merus
  293. Merz Pharma
  294. MicroVAX
  295. Millennium Pharmaceuticals
  296. MiNA Therapeutics
  297. miRagen Therapeutics
  298. Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma
  299. Mode Automated Glucose Control
  300. Moderna Therapeutics
  301. Molecular Partners
  302. Molecular Templates
  303. MolMed
  304. Montagu Private Equity
  305. Morphogenesis
  306. MorphoSys
  307. Morphotek
  308. Movi
  309. MTD Micro Molding
  310. MYR Pharmaceuticals
  311. mySugr (Acquired by Roche)
  312. NanoPass Technologies
  313. NantBioScience
  314. National Cancer Institute
  315. Naurex
  316. Navidea Biopharmaceuticals
  317. Nemera
  318. Neogenix Oncology
  319. Neon Therapeutics
  320. Neumedicines
  321. NeuroDerm
  322. New Zealand Medical & Scientific
  323. NGM Biopharmaceuticals
  324. Noble
  325. Nordic Bioscience
  326. Nordic Infucare
  327. Northern Biologics
  328. Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  329. Novimmune
  330. NOVO Engineering
  331. Novo Nordisk
  332. Nutrino Health (Acquired by Medtronic)
  333. OBI Pharma
  334. Octapharma
  335. OliX Pharmaceuticals
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  337. Oncolix
  338. Oncology Venture
  339. OncoMed Pharmaceuticals
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  341. Oncopeptides
  342. Oncternal Therapeutics
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  344. Opexa Therapeutics
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  348. OSE Immunotherapeutics
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  388. Resolve Therapeutics
  389. rEVO Biologics
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  392. ROXALL Medizin
  393. R-Pharm
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  395. RxActuator
  396. Safe Save Medical Cell Sciences & Technology
  397. Sagentia
  398. Samsung Bioepis
  399. Sandoz
  400. Sanofi
  401. Santarus
  402. Saol Therapeutics
  403. Savient Pharmaceuticals
  404. scPharmaceuticals 
  405. Seattle Genetics
  406. Selecta Biosciences
  407. Selexys Pharmaceuticals
  408. Senseonics
  409. Sensile Medical
  410. Serina Therapeutics
  411. SFC Fluidics
  412. Shanghai JMT-Bio
  413. Shenzhen Salubris Pharmaceuticals
  414. Shionogi
  415. Shire
  416. SHL Medical
  417. Singularity University
  418. Sinocelltech
  419. SK Chemicals 
  420. SMC Global
  421. Smiths Medical
  422. Sonceboz
  423. SOOIL Development
  424. Sorrel Medical
  425. SOTIO
  426. SPARK Strategic Ideas
  427. SQ Innovation
  428. SteadyMed Therapeutics
  429. Stealth BioTherapeutics
  430. Stemline Therapeutics
  431. Stevanato Group
  432. Subcuject
  433. Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma
  434. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries
  435. Sunovion Pharmaceuticals
  436. Swissfillon
  437. SymBio Pharmaceuticals
  438. Symphogen
  439. Synermore Biologics
  440. Syntimmune
  441. Syros Pharmaceuticals
  442. TaiMed Biologics
  443. Taiwan Liposome Company
  444. Takeda Pharmaceutical
  445. Tandem Diabetes Care
  446. Tanvex BioPharma
  447. Tarveda Therapeutics
  448. Teva Pharmaceutical
  449. TG Therapeutics
  450. Theras Group
  451. Theras Lifetech
  452. Tianjin SinoBiotech
  453. Tidepool
  454. Tolero Pharmaceuticals
  455. TRACON Pharmaceuticals
  456. Transgene
  457. Translational Sciences
  458. TREOS Bio
  459. Turnstone Biologics
  460. Tyndall National Institute
  461. TypeZero Technologies
  462. Uni-Bio Science Group
  463. Union Chimique Belge (UCB)
  464. United BioPharma
  465. United Therapeutics
  466. University of  Hertfordshire
  467. University of Arizona
  468. University of Bern
  469. University of California
  470. University of Colorado
  471. University of Hertfordshire
  472. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  473. University of Virginia
  474. University of Virginia Patent Foundation
  475. Vaccinex
  476. Vaccinogen
  477. Valtronic
  478. vasopharm BIOTECH
  479. VectivBio
  480. Verily Life Sciences
  481. Vetter Pharma
  482. ViaCyte
  483. ViCentra
  484. Viela Bio
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  503. Zuellig Pharma

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