Biotherapeutics Market

Biotherapeutics: Novel Formulation and Delivery Approaches (Focus on Antibodies and Proteins)

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Biotherapeutics Market Overview

The global biotherapeutics market is expected to grow from $4.4 billion to $11.0 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 9.6%. Biopharmaceuticals is currently one of the fastest growing segments in the biopharmaceutical industry. They have a vital use in the treatment of chronic diseases and also result in high profit margins for the drug developers. There are several therapeutic areas for which biopharmaceuticals are being investigated; these include oncology, metabolic disorders, viral infections, genetic disorders and immunological disorders. Biotherapeutics (both approved and under investigation) include monoclonal antibodies, cell therapies, clotting factors, cytokines, enzymes, hormones and vaccines. In fact, several antibody based therapies have already been approved across the globe. Humira®, by AbbVie, is a well-known example; the drug has been generating multibillion dollar sales annually for several years.

The major challenge for biologics has been the mode of administration. For most large molecule drugs, IV is an established route. Through this method, the drug directly enters systemic circulation bypassing degradation in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. However, there are other challenges; these include the requirement of healthcare experts for drug administration (in turn, increasing the cost of therapy) and associated pain during therapy administration (negatively impacting patient compliance).Companies developing biologics are continuously on the lookout for novel formulation and delivery systems in order to exploit their full therapeutic and commercial potential. Amongst the various aspects being studied, technologies for facilitating oral, subcutaneous (SC) and transdermal delivery of biologics are highly sought after and have received widespread attention from researchers and manufacturers across the globe.

Several start-ups, with innovative technologies, have surfaced in the past decade and have continuously encouraged the use of biotherapeutics by providing novel approaches to improve patient compliance. These technologies are broadly classified either as formulation technologies (approaches with primary objective of changing the formulation of drug, thereby facilitating an alternate route of administration in many cases) or delivery systems (approaches with primary objective of developing a physical system to deliver the drug via an alternate route).

The overall interest continues to rise as is evident from the number of partnerships / agreements that have taken place amongst the stakeholders. Technology licensing agreements have been very common and are likely to play an active role in industry’s development. In addition, several venture capitalists have led multiple funding rounds in these companies, acting as a key enabler behind the evolution.

Scope of the Report

The ‘Biotherapeutics Market: Novel Formulation and Delivery Approaches (Focus on Antibodies and Proteins)’ market report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current market landscape, market size, market share, market growth, market trends, market value, market forecast, market outlook, statistics and future opportunities of the biotherapeutics market. Biopharmaceuticals has become an area of heavy interest for many pharmaceutical companies; they make up about one-third of all the drugs that are currently in development. The biopharmaceutical market is growing at a healthy pace resulting in a substantial shift from conventional chemical synthesis to biotechnological processes in the way drugs are now produced.

Intravenous (IV) route has been the most popular route for administering large molecule drugs such as proteins and antibodies. However, with the rising popularity of biologics and biosimilars, several companies are now looking forward to technologies that can be used for delivering biotherapeutics via a route other than IV injection or infusion. Technologies focused on oral, SC and transdermal routes are becoming more popular and, therefore, are expected to be the major contributors to the overall drug delivery technologies market. In addition, there are other novel targeted approaches, such as bypassing blood brain barrier, which are likely to change the biopharmaceutical industry paradigm in the long run.

During the course of our research, we identified 122 such companies that are developing either formulation technologies or novel systems for delivery of large molecule drugs. The market report not only provides the list of technologies but also includes a detailed analysis on the overall market for these technologies. We have looked at the investments that have been made into these technologies and have provided detailed information of the various collaborations / licensing agreements amongst the stakeholders. This advancing trend of transition from IV to alternate delivery mechanisms highlights the crucial role of technology developers in biotherapeutics market.

The key objective of biotherapeutics market report is to provide a detailed market analysis in order to estimate the existing market size, market share, market growth, market trends, market value, market forecast, market outlook, statistics and future opportunity for biotherapeutics market during the forecast period. The research, analysis and insights presented in this market research report are backed by a deep understanding,developed from both primary and secondary research, of key drivers behind the growth.


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