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Top 5 Modular Cleanroom Manufacturers

Published: March 2024

The future success of the modular construction market is driven by strategic initiaives by modular cleanroom manufactuters. We analyzed over 50 companies that are engaged in the development of modular cleanrooms. In this article, discover top 5 modular building companies and their service portfolio related to modular cleanrooms.

Modular facilities are prefabricated buildings that are built using multiple sections, often known as modules. Primarily, the key difference between these and conventional buildings is the fact that modular constructs or modular cleanrooms are designed, engineered and manufactured off-site, and later delivered to the intended site of use for final installation. It is worth noting that, in order to ensure that all critical systems are precisely configured, compliant to existing guidelines and fully operational, the modules are tested before shipping. In recent years, the focus of the pharmaceutical industry has shifted from mass production of blockbuster drugs for large patient populations to small batch production of personalized drugs targeting specific subpopulations of patients. The rising demand for personalized therapies has led to the increase in opportunities for modular cleanroom manufacturers. Driven by the availability of innovative technologies, lucrative funding opportunities and substantial partnerships, the modular cleanroom manufacturers market is poised to grow in the long-run.

Roots Analysis has conducted an exhaustive study on Modular Construction Market featuring the current market landscape and future opportunity for the companies offering modular construction services, over a span of 12 years.

Table of Contents

Below, we have listed (in alphabetical order), the top 5 modular building companies.

  1. Cytiva
  2. G-CON Manufacturing
  3. Germfree
  4. NNE
  5. Pharmadule

Top 5 Modular Building Companies

Interested in exploring all 50+ modular cleanroom manufacturers and their recent initiatives?

Discover Below the Details on Top 5 Modular Cleanroom Manufacturers

Let us deep dive to understand the activity of the top 5 modular cleanroom manufacturers (shortlisted on the basis of service portfolio). It is essential to note that the selection of top players can differ substantially according to the defined criteria.

Cytiva, Pioneering Single-Use Technology in Bioprocess Manufacturing with FlexFactory and KUBio Modular Solutions

1. Cytiva

Cytiva (formerly GE Healthcare) is a US-based biotechnology company that provides KUBio platform, a cGMP-compliant modular solution, including both the facility and the required equipment for bioprocess manufacturing. Further, the bioprocess platform used within the facility is FlexFactory. The aforementioned platform is primarily built with single-use technology. It consists of multiple unit operations connected by single-use tubing sets and can be automated in a number of ways. It is worth mentioning that the firm’s operations span across 40 countries. Moreover, it has established 11 customer centered innovation facilities, globally.

Cytiva: Company Details

Particulars Specifications
Company Logo Cytiva - Logo
Year of Establisment   1892
Number of Employees  10,000
Headquarter Cytiva, Headquarter
Key Executives 
  • Emmanuel Ligner (Chief Executive Officer and President)
  • Catarina Flyborg (Vice President, Cell and Gene Therapy)
  • Marivi Mendizabal (Vice President, Quality and Regulatory)

Cytiva: Modular Construction Services

Particulars Specifications
  • Single use Manufacturing Platform
  • Swift Deployment
  • Multi-product Processing
  • Production Capacity of 150-800 doses per year
KUBio Box  
  • Compatible with small scale projects
  • Supports 200-L scale of manufacturing
  • Equipped with biosafety level 2 (BSL-2) modular bioprocessing platform
  • Contains FlexFactory Platform

Cytiva: Modular Construction Projects

S.No. Client  Type of Modular Facility              Location   Purpose of Facility    Project Completion Year
1 Taiyo Pharma Tech Manufacturing Facility Osaka, Japan  Gene Therapy Medicines 2023
2 Lonza Manufacturing Facility Guangzhou, China Antibody Development 2021
3 BeiGene Manufacturing Facility Guangzhou, China Monoclonal Antibodies 2019
4 Pfizer Manufacturing Facility Hangzhou, China Biosimilars 2018

Recent Development: In December 2021, Cytiva entered into a supply agreement with Taiyo Pharma Tech to deliver FlexFactory solution for the development of gene therapy medicines based on AAV vector (adeno-associated viruses). Earlier, in January 2021, the company had entered into a supply agreement with Lonza to deliver a 17,000 sq. m modular biomanufacturing facility for the development and manufacturing of biologic.

Further details on recent initiatives taken by Cytiva as well as other modular cleanroom manufacturers have been provided in detail in the report.

G-Con Manufacturing: Leading the Way in Prefabricated Cleanrooms for Flexible and Scalable Pharma Manufacturing

2. G-Con Manufacturing

G-Con Manufacturing is a privately held, US based company that claims to be engaged in the construction and installation of prefabricated containment cleanrooms, called PODs. As per the firm’s website, its autonomous cleanroom PODs can be deployed to provide sufficient flexibility, mobility and scalability in order to cater to the manufacturing requirements for cell therapies, viral vectors and personalized medicines.

G-Con Manufacturing: Company Details

Particulars Specifications
Company Logo G-Con Manufacturing - Logo
Year of Establisment   2009
Number of Employees  51-200
Headquarter G-Con Manufacturing, Headquarter
Key Executives 
  • Maik Jornitz (Chief Executive Officer and President)
  • Philippe Calland (Vice President Innovations)
  • Blake Williams (Vice President of Operations)
  • Sid Backstrom (Vice President of Business / Management)
  • Dennis Powers (Vice President of Business Development & Design)

G-Con Manufacturing: Modular Construction Services

Modular Services  Type  Description

Standard POD






POD Cluster



Mobile POD

  • Standard PODs are recommended for aseptic filling, cell therapy and laboratory purposes.
  • Available in three sizes
  • Equipped with bidirectional and unidirectional flow options

  • megaPODs are recommended for oral solid dosage forms, large scale single use bioreactors and large volume solution preparation and aseptic filling isolator / RAB systems
  • Availability of ballroom configurations
  • Different utilities can be executed

  • Recommended for any medicinal drug / device application (formulation, filling, upstream and downstream processing, packaging, gene therapies, viral vector therapies)
  • Suits larger scale area and infrastructure
  • Unit operation and ballroom structure design

  • Recommended for compounding, filling and lab applications
  • Suitable for urgent care needs at remote locations
  • Fully furnished
  • Adaptable to different tests

Microcell POD



Pall Viral Vector POD




  • Developed in collaboration with Vanrx
  • Comprises of Vanrx microcell vial filler
  • Suitable for aseptic filling of advanced therapies

  • Developed in collaboration with Pall Corporation
  • Integrated with Pall’s end-to-end viral vector platform
  • Can be equipped with more than 500 bioreactors
  • Ideal for both clinical and commercial manufacturing
  • Suitable for small scale processes when integrated with nano bioreactors

  • Developed in collaboration with Integrated Project Services (IPS)
  • Rapidly deployable
  • Highly flexible for scaling up, scaling down and scaling out
  • Can readily equip four 2,000L process streams

G-Con Manufacturing: Modular Construction Projects

S.No. Client Type of Modular
Location Type of Product PCY
1 CytoImmune
Manufacturing Cleanroom Facility California, US Cell Therapy 2022
2 TrueBinding Manufacturing Cleanroom Facility California, US Biotherapeutics 2022
3 Codiak BioSciences Manufacturing Cleanroom Facility Massachusetts, US Exosome 2020
4 Rubius Therapeutics Manufacturing Cleanroom Facility Rhode Island, US Cell Therapy 2020
5 GenCure Manufacturing Cleanroom Facility Texas, US Cell Therapy 2019

Recent Development: In May 2022, G-Con Manufacturing entered into a supply agreement with CytoImmune Therapeutics to deliver a cleanroom infrastructure for the development and manufacturing of NK cells. Earlier, in April 2022, the company announced the acquisition of Plasteurop to expand its product portfolio / capabilities related to the production of cleanroom components.

Further details on recent initiatives taken by G-Con Manufacturing as well as other modular cleanroom manufacturers have been provided in detail in the report.

Germfree: Innovating Modular Cleanrooms for cGMP Compliance and Pharmaceutical Excellence

3. Germfree

Germfree is a US-based company that claims to deliver solutions for laboratory equipment, cleanrooms, biosafety labs and cGMP facilities to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. As per the company’s website, its bioGO modular cleanrooms are designed to meet the cGMP guidelines established for drug development and production. Additionally, these facilities are available in multiple configurations to meet the client’s requirements. The company provides single-source original equipment manufacturer (OEM) solutions enabling faster delivery of modular facilities that are ready for operation. It is worth mentioning that the firm claims to have deployed more than 200 facilities, across the globe.

Germfree: Company Details

Particulars Specifications
Company Logo Germfree - Logo
Year of Establisment   1962
Number of Employees  51-200
Headquarter Germfree, Headquarter
Key Executives 
  • Kevin Kyle (President)
  • Carol Houts (Vice President, Regulatory and Business Strategy)
  • Michael Henley (Vice President)

Germfree: Modular Construction Services

Modular Service Products
Biopharma Modules 
  • bioGO Clinical Trial Compounding Trailers
  • bioGO Mobile Adaptive BioProduction Suites
  • bioGO Multipurpose Cleanroom Trailer
  • bioGO Biocontainment Cleanrooms
  • Flexible Modular Cleanrooms
Biocontainment Modular
  • Mobile Trailer BSL Laboratories
  • Modular and Podular BSL Laboratories
Modular Compounding
  • Mobile Trailer Compounding Pharmacies
  • Modular and Podular Compounding Pharmacies

Recent Development: In October 2023, Germfree announced the launch of decentralized mobile manufacturing platform, seamlessly integrated with an advanced manufacturing operating system, in collaboration with Title21, for cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

Further details on recent initiatives taken by Germfree as well as other modular cleanroom manufacturers have been provided in detail in the report.

NNE: Empowering Pharma Innovation with Expertise in Future-Proof Engineering Solutions

4. NNE

NNE is a privately held biotechnology company that has expertise in pharma engineering and delivers flexible and future-proof solutions to the pharmaceutical players, in order to bring products to the market.  Additionally, it is engaged in providing facility design services for cleanrooms, cGMP facilities and biocontainment plants. It is worth highlighting that, earlier, the firm was owned by Novo Nordisk and was known as NNE Pharmaplan. However, in 1991, it became an independent company. Subsequently, in February 2017, it changed its name to NNE.

NNE: Company Details

Particulars Specifications
Company Logo NNE - Logo
Year of Establisment   1991
Number of Employees  1,001-5000
Headquarter NNE, Headquarter
Key Executives 
  • Jesper Kløve (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Sofie Mørck Jarl (Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Vice President)
  • Julie Aunbirk (Vice President, Process and Facility Design)

NNE: Modular Construction Services

NNE Modular Construction Services

NNE: Modular Construction Projects

S.No. Client  Type of Modular Facility              Location of Facility  Service Provided Project Completion Year
1 Shanghai Junshi Biosciences Manufacturing Facility Shanghai, China  Conceptual and Basic Design  2019
2 Emergent Biosolution Manufacturing Facility Baltimore, US Conceptual Design 2017

Recent Development: In May 2023, NNE announced the opening of new office in Bangalore, India. Earlier in December 2021, NNE entered into a supply agreement with Novo Nordisk to expand their existing infrastructure in Kalundborg to produce current and future oral and injectable products.

Further details on recent initiatives taken by NNE as well as other modular cleanroom manufacturers have been provided in detail in the report.

Pharmadule, Revolutionizing Pharma Production with Global Modular Solutions and Industry-Leading Expertise

5. Pharmadule

In June 2011, Morimatsu Industry Group acquired Pharmadule, an engineering company that designs, constructs and delivers modular production facilities for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and life science industries, across the globe. Following the acquisition, the company currently operates as Pharmadule Morimatsu. It claims to have delivered more than 70 production facilities based on the modular concept, to its clients across the globe. It is also worth mentioning that the modular concept has so far been used by leading pharmaceutical companies, such as AstraZeneca, Baxter International, Eli Lilly, Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Pharmacia.

Pharmadule: Company Details

Particulars Specifications
Company Logo Pharmadule - Logo
Year of Establisment   2011
Number of Employees  51-200
Headquarter Pharmadule, Headquarter
Key Executives 
  • Ulf Danielsson (Vice President)
  • Hans Wallebring (Vice President, Front End Design and Engineering)
  • Leo Fällgren (Director, Business Development)

Pharmadule: Modular Construction Services

Modular Facility Services

Pharmadule: Modular Construction Projects

S.No. Name of Client Type of Modular
Location Type of Project PCY
1 Undisclosed African Partner  Manufacturing Facility Africa Pharmaceutical 2022
2 WALVAX Manufacturing Facility Asia-Pacific  Pharmaceutical 2021
3 Lonza Manufacturing Facility Asia-Pacific Biopharmaceutical  2019
4 Undisclosed Global
Pharmaceutical Company
Fill and Finish Facility MEA Region  Pharmaceutical 2018

Recent Development: In May 2023, Pharmadule announced the completion of delivery of its EIPICO3 (first monoclonal antibody and small molecule protein hybrid production plant and filling plant in Egypt) modular pharmaceutical plant project based in Cairo for Egyptian International Pharmaceutical Industries Company.

Further details on recent initiatives taken by Pharmadule as well as other modular cleanroom manufacturers have been provided in detail in the report.

What About the Other Modular Cleanroom Manufacturers Around the World?

The above presentation features top five modular cleanroom manufacturers selected from a pool of more than 50 modular construction companies that we have compiled. If you're interested, you can download the Sample Report on this topic by Roots Analysis. For personalized assistance in identifying the most relevant solutions based on your specific criteria, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at sales@rootsanalysis.com.

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