Plant-based Meats

Plant-based Meats: Intellectual Property Landscape

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    April 2022

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Report Description

In 2020, close to 340 million tons of meat was estimated to be produced worldwide. Compared to the early 1960s (~70 million tons), this represents almost a 500% increase. Considering that the global population grew by 150% in the same time period, it is evident that meat consumption has increased at a rate that cannot be sustainable. Moreover, raising animals for slaughter is estimated to be responsible for close to 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, almost a third of the earth’s freshwater is used in rearing animals for meat production. Animal farming also requires large areas of land, for grazing, which is often the cause of deforestation efforts. Overall, the carbon footprint of livestock farming is substantial and a notable cause for concern, given its potential to contribute to global warming. In this context, it is worth highlighting that raising cattle for beef and lamb meat production, has a much larger environmental impact than pig meat and poultry. Vegetarian meats and plant-based products that resemble meat, in texture and, to some extent, taste, present a viable solution to the abovementioned crisis. The concept of vegetarian meats dates back to the late 19th century, when John Harvey Kellogg first described a peanut-based meat product, which he called nuttose. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the preference for alternative meats has substantially increased. In fact, this trend is anticipated to continue gaining more popularity as the people become more aware of the harmful impact of meat on both human health and the environment. 

In addition to being environmentally friendly, mock meat is also low in calories and fat content, and is a good source of protein and fiber. Medical studies have also shown that replacing animal meat has the potential to reduce the risk of hypertension and heart disease, certain types of cancer, and diabetes. Despite the numerous advantages of vegetarian meats, it is worth mentioning that such alternatives are currently more expensive compared to similar quantities of animal meat. For instance, a Beyond Meat patty may cost up to USD 5, while a regular beef patty is merely worth USD 2. The difference in price is attributed to the fact that plant-derived meats are produced at a much smaller scale and include a variety of whole foods (which are individually more expensive), making them relatively pricey. Over time, the intellectual capital in this growing segment of the food and beverages industry has evolved and increased, in terms of number of patents filed / granted. Presently, the technology is available to develop a variety of faux meat products from beans and lentils, jackfruit, different types of nuts and seeds, pea protein, potato starch, seitan (vital wheat gluten), soy and tofu, and various vegetables. Therefore, in order for stakeholders to remain competitive, it important to keep track of both areas of improvement and pockets of innovation. This report captures some of the key R&D-related trends associated with the various types of meat-like products derived from plants, and other non-animal sources.

Scope of the Report

The “Plant-based Meats: Intellectual Property Landscape” report features an extensive study of some of the key historical and contemporary intellectual property (IP) documents (featuring granted patents, patent applications and other documents) describing various meat-like products (for consumption by humans and animals) that have been synthesized from plants. The insights generated in this report have been presented across two deliverables, namely an MS Excel sheet and an MS PowerPoint deck, summarizing the ongoing activity in this domain. Key inclusions are briefly described below:

  • Overall Intellectual Property Landscape

An in-depth review of the various patents and affiliated IP documents that have been published related to the diverse products, technologies, and methods associated with vegetarian meat and affiliated products, for consumption by humans and animals. It features insights on both historical and recent trends in R&D within this niche.

  • Popular / Relevant Prior Art Search Expressions

An examination of IP literature, shortlisting key words and phrases that have been used to describe various types of faux meat products that are either already available in the market, or under development. The analysis includes information on the historical use of the aforementioned terms across different types of IP filings, key affiliated terms (which can be used to further identify similar innovations), and other related trends.

  • Patent Valuation Analysis

A competitive benchmarking and valuation analysis of the IP documents published in this field of innovation, taking into consideration important parameters, such as type of IP document, year of application, time to expiry, number of citations and jurisdiction (factoring in regional GDP).

  • Patentability and Freedom to Operate

A systematic approach to identify relevant areas of innovation by analyzing published IP documents, defining the uniqueness of patented / patent pending innovations, understanding the scope of patentability in this domain, and pinpointing jurisdictions where new and / or modified claims may be filed without infringing on existing IP. 

  • Analysis of Patent Applications

A detailed summary of the patent applications that were filed across different jurisdictions and their relative value in the IP ecosystem. The analysis segregates the intellectual capital in terms of area of innovation and intended applications, thereby, offering the means to understand key areas of research and identify innovation-specific IP filing trends.

  • Analysis of Granted Patents

An elaborate summary of the granted patents across different jurisdictions and their relative value in the IP ecosystem. The analysis also features a meaningful classification system, segregating granted patents into relevant categories to help develop a more detailed perspective on the diverse types of innovations in this domain and their intended applications, and the feasibility for innovators to enter into promising product markets. 

  • Pockets of Innovation and White Spaces

An insightful analysis of the various CPC codes used in published IP literature and their affiliated families, in order to identify historical and existing pockets of innovation (based on the functional area / industry described by the elaborate and systematic system of classifying IP); the analysis also features a discussion on prevalent white spaces (based on CPC symbols) in this arena of research.

  • Claims Analysis

One of the objectives of the report was to analyze and summarize key inferences from the independent claims mentioned in granted, active patents in the dataset. Using a systematic segregation approach, we have analyzed trends associated with [A] the preamble, [B] type of patent (technology patent or method patent), [C] type of claim (open ended claim or closed ended claim) and [D] key elements of a claim (individual aspects of an innovation that are covered in a singular claim).


Excel Deliverable

Sheet 1 features details regarding how the input data for this project was collated, including the search strings used to query a popular patent database (, and data segregation notes. 

Sheet 2 is a summary MS Excel dashboard, offering a detailed graphical perspective of the intellectual property landscape of meat-like products derived from plants. It includes pictorial representations of the [A] overall patent landscape, [B] key prior art search expressions, [C] trends related to patent applications (including insights on patentability and freedom to operate), [D] trends related to granted patents (including insights on patentability and freedom to operate), [E] key inferences from a proprietary claims analysis, [F] list of popular CPC symbols (featuring key pockets of innovation), [G] list of popular applicants (shortlisted based on number of published IP documents).

Sheet 3 is an elaborate tabular representation of the overall IP landscape, featuring information on the various patent application- and granted patent-related documents, related to vegetarian meats / meat-like products, which have been published since 1965. 

Sheet 4 includes a tabular representation of key words and phrases that are used to describe vegetarian meats / meat-like products.

Sheet 5 is a subset of sheet 3, featuring all the patent applications, covering innovations related to vegetarian meats / meat-like products.

Sheet 6 is a subset of sheet 3, featuring all the granted patents, covering innovations related to plant-based meat alternatives. 

Sheet 7 is an insightful summary of key inferences from the independent claims mentioned in the granted, active patents in the dataset. We have used a systematic segregation approach to analyze trends associated with the preamble, type of patent (technology patent or method patent), type of claim (open ended claim or closed ended claim) and key elements of a claim (individual aspects of an innovation that are covered in a singular claim).

Sheet 8 provides insights related to some of the key applicants in this field of research, featuring company-specific details (such as year of establishment, and location of headquarters), and inputs on their respective IP publication trends. 

Sheet 9 features an analysis of the most popular CPC symbols and CPC families (in terms of frequency of appearance in the dataset), related to the diverse types of meat alternatives that are either already available in the market, or under development. 

Sheet 10 is an appendix which includes pivot tables that drive the charts and interactive elements for the complete IP landscape, in sheet 2.

Sheet 11 is an appendix, featuring details related to the categorization done in the report, and important abbreviations used in reference to the data categories mentioned in the document.

PowerPoint Deliverable
Chapter 1 briefly describes of the need for meat alternatives and the key advantages of meat-like products that are fabricated from different plants and plant-based sources. Further, it provides an overview of the intellectual property landscape related to vegetarian meats. 

Chapter 2 and 3 feature brief (pictorial) summaries of the approach used for data collection and the key objectives of the study.

Chapter 4 features an executive summary of the key insights generated from analyzing the intellectual property landscape of plant-based meats.

Chapter 5 features a brief description of gene therapies and offers an informed perspective on the contemporary need for targeted and efficacious therapeutic solutions, in the treatment of clinical conditions that are characterized by a genetic cause; this includes oncological disorders, several metabolomic and degenerative diseases, and close to 40% of rare diseases. It provides an impactful summary of the important milestones in this field of research and highlights some of the distinguishing features of both early generation and modern variants of these personalized therapies. It also includes a list of important focus areas (in terms of innovation) and key areas of application. Finally, the chapter describes the various advantages of gene therapies and highlights existing limitations.

Chapter 6 includes a review of the various patents and IP documents that have been published related to technologies and methods associated with plant-based meats and affiliated products, featuring insights related to both historical and recent trends.

Chapter 7 features an insightful examination of IP literature, highlighting key words and phrases that are used to describe different types of vegan meats for consumption by both humans and animals, including information on historical usage in IP filings, key affiliated terms (which can be used to further identify similar innovations), and other related trends.

Chapter 8 offers insights from a competitive benchmarking and valuation analysis of the IP documents published related to this field of research, taking into account important parameters, such as type of IP document, year of application, time to expiry, number of citations and jurisdiction (factoring in regional GDP).

Chapter 9 provides a detailed summary of the patent applications that were filed across different jurisdictions and their relative value in the IP ecosystem. The analysis segregates the intellectual capital in terms of area of innovation and intended applications, thereby, offering the means to understand key areas of research and identify innovation-specific IP filing trends. Based on a systematic approach, the chapter highlights relevant areas of innovation from a deeper analysis of published IP documents, defining the uniqueness of patent pending innovations, understanding the scope of patentability in this domain, and pinpointing jurisdictions where new and / or modified claims may be filed without infringing on existing IP.

Chapter 10 is an elaborate summary of the granted patents across different jurisdictions and their relative value in the IP ecosystem. The analysis uses a proprietary segregation criterion, based on type of product / solution and intended applications; this offers the means to identify unique innovations that presently have marketing exclusivity and explore future opportunities to enter into promising product markets, once their patents expire. Based on a systematic approach, the chapter highlights relevant areas of innovation from a deeper analysis of published IP documents, defining the uniqueness of patented innovations, understanding the scope of patentability in this domain, and pinpointing jurisdictions where new and / or modified claims may be filed without infringing on existing IP.

Chapter 11 features profiles of some of the most popular applicant companies, which were shortlisted based on patent filing activity. Each profiles includes, a brief overview of the company, information on annual revenues (wherever available), details of its initiatives focused on the healthcare sector, names of key management team members and recent developments. 

Chapter 12 includes an insightful analysis of the various CPC symbols mentioned in the published IP literature and their affiliated families, in order to identify historical and existing pockets of innovation (based on the functional area / industry described by the elaborate and systematic system of classifying IP); the analysis also features a discussion on the prevalent white spaces (based on CPC symbols) in this area of research.

Chapter 13 concludes the report by providing insights on anticipated developments in this domain (from the perspective of eminent industry representatives of stakeholders in this domain), and trends that are likely to shape the future of meats / meat-like products derived from non-animal sources. 

Chapter 14 is a set of appendices.


Table Of Contents

Excel Deliverable
1. Research Notes

2. Summary Dashboard

A. Overall Intellectual Property Landscape
B Key Prior Art Search Expressions
C. Key Trends related to Patent Applications (featuring Patentability & Freedom-to-Operate)
D. Key Trends related to Granted Patents (featuring Patentability & Freedom-to-Operate)
E. Claims Analysis
F. Key CPC Symbols 
G. Key Applicants

3. Overall Intellectual Property Landscape Dataset

4. Prior Art Search Expressions (Keyword Analysis)

5. Patent Applications Dataset 

6. Granted Patents Dataset

7. Claims Analysis

8. Key Applicants Analysis

9. CPC Analysis

10. Appendix I: Pivot Tables

11. Appendix II: Country / Geography Codes

12. Appendix III: Innovation Categories

PowerPoint Deliverable
1. Context 

2. Project Approach

3. Project Objectives 

4. Executive Summary

5. Plant-based Meats
5.1. Overview & Key Definitions
5.2. Need for Meat Alternatives (Expert Opinion)
5.3. Key Milestones
5.4. Development & Manufacturing Considerations
5.5. Popular Brand & Key Offerings
5.6. Key Advantages and Limitations

6. Overall Intellectual Property Landscape
6.1. Overview
6.2. Analysis of Published IP Documents
6.3. Insights from Patent Applications
6.4. Insights from Granted Patents

7. Key Prior Art Search Expressions
7.1. Overview
7.2. Analysis of Prior Art Search Expressions

8. Intellectual Property Valuation Analysis 
8.1. Valuation Overview
8.2. Analysis of Individual Value Ranks
8.2.1. Rank 1 IP Documents
8.2.2. Rank 2 IP Documents
8.2.3. Rank 3 IP Documents
8.2.4. Rank 4 IP Documents
8.2.5. Rank 5 IP Documents
8.3. Concluding Remarks

9. Analysis of Patent Applications
9.1. Overview
9.2. Relative Valuation of Patent Applications
9.3. Patentability & Freedom-to-Operate

10. Analysis of Granted Patents
10.1. Overview
10.2. Relative Valuation of Grated Patents
10.3. Patentability & Freedom-to-Operate
10.4. Analysis of Patent Claims

11. Key Applicants
11.1. Overview
11.2. Analysis of Key Applicants
11.2.1. Company A
11.2.2. Company B
11.2.3. Company C
11.2.4. Company D
11.2.5. Company E
11.2.6. Company F
11.2.7. Company G
11.2.8. Company H
11.2.9. Company I
11.2.10. Company J

12. Pockets of Innovation and White Spaces
12.1. Overview
12.2. Pockets of Innovation
12.3. White Spaces
12.4. Concluding Remarks

13. Future Outlook 
13.1. Overview
13.2. Key Developments since the COVID-19 Pandemic
13.3. Future of Plant-based Meats

14. Appendices

List Of Companies

The following companies / institutes / government bodies and organizations have been mentioned in this report.

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  378. DR Industria e Comercio, Importacao e Exportacao de Alimentos
  379. Dr. Eyal Bressler
  380. Dragsbæk
  381. Dravo Corporation
  382. Drei Lilien PVG
  383. DSM IP Assets
  384. Duckdamgol Yolsoo Farming
  385. DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences
  386. Duynie Holding
  387. Eat Just
  388. Eatem Foods
  389. EC Labs
  390. Ecovative Design
  391. Edge2Edge Global Investments
  392. Edwin Grasmehr
  393. EFFEM
  394. eijing Xinji Weiye Food Group
  395. ElPozo Alimentación
  396. EM Delikatessen
  397. Emergy
  398. Emmi Fondue
  399. Emsland Group
  400. Emsland-Stärke
  401. enan Yisai Beef (Stock)
  402. Endori food
  403. Enshi Qingjiang Bio-Engineering
  404. Ensisheim Partners
  405. EnWave
  406. EnzyTech
  407. Eontop(Yingcheng) Healthy Salt Manufacturing
  408. ERA Biotechnology
  409. Ernst Böcker
  410. European Ketogenic Weight Loss Clinics
  411. Evans Food Group
  412. Even Sante Industrie
  413. Exerkine
  414. Express Food Group
  415. Exsymol
  416. Exter B.V.
  417. Fable Holdings
  418. Fairmont Foods
  419. Famenity
  420. Fat Baby
  421. Fazer
  422. Federalnoe Gosudarstvennoe Byudzhetnoe Obrazovatelnoe Uchrezhdenie Vysshego Obrazovaniya Saratovskij
  423. Fenchem
  424. Fengmao Agricultural Products Development
  425. Fengning Ping'an High-Tech Industrial
  426. Fengtai County Huibang Food
  427. Fengyi Biotechnology R & D Center
  428. FHG Corp
  429. Fiberstar
  430. Filgen
  431. Finnsoy Oy
  432. Firmenich
  433. Fisons
  434. FitLife Brands
  435. Fitr Foods Bvba
  436. Florida Food Products
  437. FMC Corporation
  438. Foamix Pharmaceuticals
  439. Fonterra
  440. Food Industry Research and Development Institute
  441. Foodflow
  442. ForeNutri
  443. FormTec
  444. Forskarpatent i Syd
  445. Foshan Jucheng Biochemical Technology Research and Development
  446. Foshan Jucheng Biochemistry Tech R&D
  447. Foshan Rikewei Food Technology Research Institute General Partnership
  448. Foshan Sanshui Jiahua Chemical Research Institute
  449. Foshan Water and Environmental Protection
  450. Foster D. Snell
  451. FPInnovations
  452. Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
  453. Free Radical Sciences
  454. Freezing Machines
  455. French National Centre for Scientific Research
  456. Fresenius Kabi
  457. Friesland Brands
  458. FrieslandCampina Nederland Holding
  459. Frito-Lay
  460. Frosta 
  461. Fu Jian Anjoy Foods
  462. Fu Ming Food
  463. Fubang Biotech (Inner Mongolia)
  464. Fudan University
  465. Fuisz Technologies
  466. Fuji Oil
  467. Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  468. Fujian Beiji Food
  469. Fujian Haiyi Foodstuff & Beverage
  470. Fujian Hezhefu Food
  471. Fujian Kunxing Oceanic Biologic
  472. Fujian Lubao Food Group
  473. Fujian Luoyuan Baigu Agricultural Development
  474. Fujian Rohesen Food
  475. Fujian Sunner Food
  476. Fujian Yiweilian Food
  477. Fuyang Fumeng Foods
  478. Fuyang Shangyuan Food
  479. Fuyang Yitai Biotechnology
  480. Fuzhou Baiyang Seafood
  481. Fybraworks Foods
  482. Gabio
  483. Galactogen Products
  484. Galagen
  485. Gan Shmuel Food Industries
  486. Gangneung-Wonju National University Industrial Academy Cooperation Group
  487. Gannan Research Institute of Yak Milk
  488. Gansu Hualing Bio-Technology
  489. Gansu Hualing Biotechnology Research Center
  490. Gansu Hualing Dairy
  491. Gansu Institute of Business Technology
  492. Gansu Light Industries' Science Research Institute
  493. Gansu Vocational and Technical College of Nonferrous Metallurgy
  494. Gaon
  495. Gaotang Lufaxinde Biotechnology
  496. Gaotang Luyuan Shangtong Biotechnology
  497. GE Healthcare BioProcess R&D
  498. GEA Food Solutions
  499. Gebr. Bühler
  500. Gel Dynamics
  501. Gelita
  502. Gene Bio Tech
  503. General Foods
  504. General Mills
  505. Genesis Global Limited
  506. GESI Gastro
  507. GI Innovation
  508. Gist-Brocades Beheer III
  509. Givaudan
  510. Glanbia Nutritionals
  511. Gofit Foods
  512. Gogineun
  513. Gold&Green Foods
  514. Goodman Fielder
  515. Goodmorning Enzyme
  516. Grain & Oil Crop Institute Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences
  517. Grainco
  518. Grassa 
  519. Green Rabbit
  520. Greeneco
  521. Griffith Foods
  522. Griffith Laboratories International
  523. Grounded Foods
  524. Guangdong Dongtai Dairy
  525. Guangdong H-Bio Biotech
  526. Guangdong Hengsheng Weijia Food Industry
  527. Guangdong Jinnibao Technology Development
  528. Guangdong Kangshen Medical Technology
  529. Guangdong Rikewei Selenium Rich Food
  530. Guangdong Sino Nutri-food Biological Technology
  531. Guangdong Tianyi Biotechnology
  532. Guangdong Yongren Machinery Technology
  533. Guangdong Yuewei Edible Fungi Technology
  534. Guangdong Zhengdangnian Biotechnology
  535. Guangdong Zhenmei Food Group
  536. Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  537. Guangxi Gaoyuan Starch
  538. Guangxi Honggui Huikang Food
  539. Guangxi Nanning Lvze Environmental Protection Technology
  540. Guangxi Shanshuiniu Animal Husbandry
  541. Guangxi Yulin Hexing Agricultural Technology
  542. Guangxi Zhengwu Marine Industries
  543. Guangxi-ASEAN Food Inspection and Testing Center
  544. Guangzhou Aikang Yipin Industry
  545. Guangzhou Anbanjia-Medical Technology
  546. Guangzhou Chixin Intelligent Technology
  547. Guangzhou CNFONU Health Tech
  548. Guangzhou Enternutr Biotechnology
  549. Guangzhou Funuo Nutrition Technology
  550. Guangzhou Haibawang Food
  551. Guangzhou Hanfang Pharmaceutical
  552. Guangzhou Hangke Biotechnology
  553. Guangzhou Huanongda Nutrition Technology
  554. Guangzhou Huite Medical Technology
  555. Guangzhou Jing Teng Medical Technology
  556. Guangzhou Juzhu Patent Research and Development
  557. Guangzhou Kouyuan Health Technology
  558. Guangzhou Laikefu Biotechnology
  559. Guangzhou Likefood Biotech
  560. Guangzhou Ri-Ri-Xiang Food Products
  561. Guangzhou Ruoyao Special Medical Food Technology
  562. Guangzhou Tianqi Biological Technology
  563. Guangzhou Weimei Food Factory
  564. GuangZhou Weixin Lab Equipment
  565. Guangzhou Welbon Biological Technology
  566. Guangzhou Wisdom Bio-Technology
  567. Guangzhou Yabo Bio-Tech
  568. Guangzhou Yuesheng Electronic Technology
  569. Guangzhou Zhengguang Biotechnology
  570. Guangzhou Zhenwei Yiyuan Food
  571. Guangzhou Zhongshi Kekang Health Food
  572. Guanjing Food
  573. Guantao People's Hospital
  574. Guizhou Baike Yiren Biotechnology
  575. Guizhou Bauhinia Biotechnology
  576. Guizhou Beizhen Food Industry
  577. Guizhou Bezon Food Industry
  578. Guizhou Liujiang Livestock
  579. Guizhou Sanjinshengguo Green Food
  580. Guizhou Siji Shuoguo Agriculture Development
  581. Guizhou Weimei Food Industry
  582. Gum Products International
  583. Guo Tai Bio Tech
  584. H.-J. Fabry's Food & Snack
  585. Hachinohe Kanzume KK
  586. Haian Kehao Textile
  587. Haibawang (Shantou) Food Limited
  588. Hainan North Latitude 18 Food Processing
  589. Haixin Foods
  590. Haldane Foods
  591. Halewood Laboratories
  592. Hama Holding
  593. Hamlet Protein
  594. Hampton Creek
  595. Han Baik Food
  596. HAN-BAEK FOOD Agricultural
  597. Hangzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  598. Hangzhou Baiwei Biological Technology
  599. Hangzhou beicongmei mother and baby products
  600. Hangzhou Harmony Chemical
  601. Hangzhou Information Technology
  602. Hangzhou Minsheng Pharma
  603. Hangzhou Nature Biotechnology
  604. Hangzhou Neptunus Bioengineering
  605. Hangzhou Saineng Pharmaceutical Technology
  606. Hangzhou Summit Blueberry Planting
  607. Hangzhou Wahaha Group
  608. Hangzhou Xinwei Low-carbon Technology
  609. Hangzhou Yanqing technology
  610. Hangzhou Yuanben Agricultural Development
  611. Hangzhou Zhexin Information Technology
  612. HANQI Environmental-Beijing Hanqi Environmental Technology
  613. Hanshan Beiqin Biotechnology
  614. Hanshan County Changtong Food Manufacturing
  615. Hansung Enterprise
  616. Happy Family
  617. Harbin Fuyao Food
  618. Harbin Institute of Technology
  619. Harbin Mingren Food
  620. Harbin Moyi Biotechnology
  621. Harbin Zhenbao Pharmaceutical
  622. Hardee's Food Systems
  623. Hauni
  624. Haute école des sciences agronomiques, forestières et alimentaires HAFL
  625. Health (Beijing) Medical Technology
  626. Health Science & Technology Chengdu
  627. Healthy Food Solutions
  628. Hebei Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences
  629. Hebei Dongfeng Pharmaceutical
  630. Hebei Kangtai Pharmaceutical
  631. Hebei Lanchen E - Commerce
  632. Hebei Luanping Huadu Foodstuff
  633. Hebei XiaoJin Machinery Manufacturing
  634. Hebei Yangyuan ZhiHui Beverage
  635. Hedaxin Tech
  636. Hefei Bensheng Biotechnology
  637. Hefei Fenlai Biological Technology
  638. Hefei Laiyu Food
  639. Hefei Ruilian Biotechnology
  640. Hefei Shoubao Agricultural and Sideline Products
  641. Hefei weichong Biotechnology
  642. Hefei Xianzhi Commerce and Trade
  643. Hefei Yuejie Ecological Agriculture Technology
  644. Heilongjiang Academy of Science
  645. Heilongjiang Bangxing Food Technology
  646. Heilongjiang Beidahuang Fengwei Food
  647. Heilongjiang Bingquan Duoduo Health Care Foodstuff
  648. Heilongjiang Feihe Dairy
  649. Heilongjiang Green Food Science Research Institute
  650. Heilongjiang Heike Qili Machining
  651. Heilongjiang Wondersun Dairy
  652. HeiLongJiang ZBD
  653. Heilongjiang Zhenai Biological Technology
  654. Heineken Technical Services
  655. Heliae
  656. Helvetia Insurance
  657. Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  658. Henan Academy Of Sciences ISOTOPE Institute
  659. Henan Baichuan Foods
  660. Henan Dengken Biological Technology
  661. Henan Feitian Agricultural Development
  662. Henan Gaolaozhuang Food
  663. Henan GHT Agricultural science
  664. Henan Ground Biological Science & Technology
  665. Henan Hengrui Starch Technology
  666. Henan Honghe Tiandi Food
  667. Henan Institute of Science and Technology
  668. Henan Jiahekang Biological Food Technology
  669. Henan Nanjiecun Group
  670. Henan Pinzheng Food
  671. Henan Sanjia Food
  672. Henan Shuguang Biotechnology
  673. Henan Shuzhengyuan Food
  674. Henan University of Technology
  675. Henan Yongle Grain and Oil Machinery
  676. Hengfeng Fresh Produce
  677. Hengyang Jingchuang Fukang Industry
  678. Hercules 
  679. Hezhou Jiacheng Technology Transfer Service
  680. Highland Equipment
  681. Hill's Pet Nutrition
  682. Hilmar Cheese Company
  683. Hindustan Unilever
  684. Hinoman
  685. Hoboomlife Bio-Technology (Shenzhen)
  686. Hoechst
  687. Hofseth BioCare
  688. HOMAG Group
  689. Home Market Foods
  690. Honsea Enterprise
  691. Hoow Foods
  692. Hope Tree International GmbH
  693. Horizon International Foods
  694. Hormel Foods
  695. House Foods
  696. HTop Solutions
  697. Huadong Medical Company
  698. Huaibei Huixiang Yuyuan Breakfast Engineering
  699. Huaibei Jinhua Flour
  700. Huaiyuan Dayu Food Technology
  701. Hualong Rushan Food Industry
  702. Huaren Pharmaceutical
  703. Hubei Baodi Agricultural Technology
  704. Hubei Changxiangsi Food
  705. Hubei Dali Food
  706. Hubei Genjudi Agricultural Development
  707. Hubei Guicuiyuan Agriculture and Forestry
  708. Hubei Mingde Medical Technology
  709. Hubei Peifeng Biotechnology
  710. Hubei Reborn Biotech
  711. Hubei Shendan Healthy Food
  712. Hubei Shuangzhu Ecology Food Development
  713. Hubei Sihui Biological Science & Technology
  714. Hubei Tulaohan Ecological Agriculture Technology
  715. Hubei Xianzhiling Food
  716. Hubei Zhouheiya Food
  717. Hudson Foods Company
  718. Hugecore Information Technology (Guangzhou)
  719. Huizhou Ouye Trading
  720. Human Nature
  721. Hunan Agricultural University
  722. Hunan Chuangqi Food
  723. Hunan Dajie Food
  724. Hunan Diandao Biotechnology
  725. Hunan Grain Group, Hongnan Grain and Oil Food Science Research Institute
  726. Hunan Huacheng Biotech
  727. Hunan Huisheng Biotechnology
  728. Hunan Huize Biological Pharmaceutical Technology
  729. Hunan Jinjian Frozen Food
  730. Hunan Linong Gallnut Industry Development
  731. Hunan Tangrenshen Meat Product
  732. Hunan Wanxiang Technology
  733. Hunan Weiping Technology and Development
  734. Hunan Yandi Biological Engineering
  735. Hunan Yuxiang Food
  736. I Cook Catering Service
  737. Iams
  739. Ideality Technology Group
  740. Igelösa Life Science
  741. Iljin Group
  742. ILYANG
  743. Imi Tami Institute for Research and Development
  744. Immunopath Profile
  745. Impossible Foods
  746. Ina Food Industry
  747. Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)
  748. Indiana Soybean
  749. Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, Jeonnam State University
  750. Infinitus China Company
  751. Ingredia
  752. Inner Mongolia Dairy Technology Research Institute
  753. Inner Mongolia Mengqing Agricultural Technology Development
  754. Inner Mongolia Red Sun Food
  755. Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group
  756. INNOBIO
  757. Innophos
  758. Innova
  759. Innovation Alliance
  760. Innovative Proteins
  761. InnovoPro
  762. Innventia
  763. InPharma
  764. Inst Nat De La Rech Agronomique
  765. Institut für Agrar- und Stadtökologische Projekte
  766. Institut national de la recherche agronomique
  767. Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM)
  768. Institute for Agricultural Applications of Atomic. Energy (IAAE), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS).
  769. Institute for Food Science and Technology
  770. Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, CAAS
  771. Institute of Agro-Food Science and Technology, CAAS
  772. Institute of Agro-Food Science and Technology, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  773. Institute of Agro-Food Science and Technology.
  774. Institute of Biological Resources, Jiangxi Academy of Sciences
  775. Institute of Food Science and Technology, CAAS
  776. INTAKE foods
  777. Internacional De Comercio Y Servicios Sl
  778. International Dehydrated Foods
  779. International Flavors & Fragrances
  780. International Food Products Corporation
  781. International IP Holdings
  782. International Nutrition Research Center
  783. Iowa State University Research Foundation
  784. Iycus
  785. Izun Pharmaceuticals Corporation
  786. J Oil Mills
  787. JAC Creative Foods
  788. Jac Pac Foods
  789. Jason Pharmaceuticals
  790. JCR Pharmaceuticals
  791. Jeju National University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation
  792. Jeju Pork Center, Meat & Poultry
  793. Jeonbuk Institute For Food-Bioindustry
  794. Jiang Su Suyan Jingshen
  795. Jiangnan University
  796. Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  797. Jiangsu Chinagreen Biological Technology
  798. Jiangsu Conco Food
  799. Jiangsu Food and Pharmaceutical Science College
  800. Jiangsu Gdk Biotechnology
  801. Jiangsu Huabo Industry Group
  802. Jiangsu huazhichen Biotechnology
  803. Jiangsu Jiangnan Shangyidao Technology
  804. Jiangsu Junyao Life Technology Development
  805. Jiangsu Longlife Group
  806. Jiangsu Maoxing Food
  807. Jiangsu Meizhong Medical Technology
  808. Jiangsu Qingyuankang Biology Technology
  809. Jiangsu Quanying Biological Technology
  810. Jiangsu Round Green Bundle of Hoof
  811. Jiangsu Salt Industry Group
  812. Jiangsu Shenhua Pharmaceutical
  813. Jiangsu Timage Nature Biological Engineering
  814. Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Commerce
  815. Jiangsu Wecare Biotechnology
  816. Jiangsu Xiuji Wenyuan Biotechnology
  817. Jiangsu Yiming Biological
  818. Jiangsu Yurun Food Industry Group
  819. Jiangxi Bvane Food
  820. Jiangxi Changtong Industry
  821. Jiangxi Dajia Food
  822. Jiangxi Detai Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  823. Jiangxi Donghai Food
  824. Jiangxi Fuda Salt And Chemical
  825. Jiangxi Gaomei Gao Health Food
  826. Jiangxi Golden Agriculture Biotech
  827. Jiangxi Gongqing Jiangzhong Diet Therapy Technology
  828. JiangXi HengDing Food
  829. Jiangxi King-N Rice Industry Group
  830. Jiangxi Muentang Biotechnology
  831. Jiangxi Ruibeicong Industrial
  832. Jiangxi Zhengbang Technology
  833. Jiangxi Zhiqiang Technology
  834. Jiangxi Zhongao Food & Organisms
  835. Jiaozuo Ronlida Food
  836. Jiaxing Hengjie Biopharmaceutical
  837. Jilin friend food
  838. Jilin Maifu Nutrition Technology
  839. Jinan Jiage Biological Technology
  840. Jinan Sinopuff Machinery
  841. Jinan Zhongpeng Machinery
  842. Jishian Jiajia Bean Products
  843. Johnson & Johnson Consumer
  844. Jujo Paper
  845. Kaijiang Baoyuan White Goose Development
  846. Kanegafuchi Chemical Industry
  847. Kaneka Corporation
  848. Kao Corporation
  849. Kate Farms
  850. Kazusa DNA Research Institute
  851. Kedong Yuwang Soybean Protein Food
  852. Keimyung Foodex
  853. Kellogg's
  854. Kerry Group
  855. Keystone Foods
  856. Kikkoman
  857. Kongju National University
  858. Konkuk University
  859. Korea Food Research Institute
  860. Korean Beef Farming Association
  861. Kraft Foods
  862. Kroger
  863. Kunming Institute of Zoology
  864. Kunshan Danfengjin Food
  865. Kunshan President Enterprises Food
  866. Kuraray
  867. Kyoto University
  868. Labatt John
  869. Land O'Lakes
  870. Leprino Foods
  871. Liangpin Puzi
  872. Lichtmess Consultants
  873. Lifetree Biotech
  874. Linde
  875. Linyi Jinluo Wenrui Food
  876. Linyi Shansong Biological Products
  877. Linyi Yuwang Vegetable Protein
  878. Lipidyne
  879. L-Nutra
  880. Lomax Technical Services
  881. LOTTE Global Restaurant Service'
  882. Maabarot Products
  883. Maanshan Yurun Beretta Food
  884. MaiFu Nutrition
  885. Manildra Milling Corporation
  886. Marel Further Processing B.V.
  887. Marlow Foods
  888. Mars
  889. Mashi Manor Nanjing Food
  890. Mayer & Company
  891. Mead Johnson
  892. MEGGLE Pharma
  893. Megmilk Snow Brand
  894. Meiji Dairies
  895. Mercer
  896. Metagenics
  897. Metzgerei Andreas Sommerkorn
  898. MGP Ingredients
  899. MGPI Processing
  900. Miki Trading
  901. Milei Gesellschaft Mit BeschrÄNkter Haftung
  902. Miles Laboratories
  903. Milupa GmbH
  904. Mingyou (Fujian) Food
  905. Mitsubishi Corporation
  906. Mondelez International
  907. Monsanto Technology
  908. Morinaga Milk Industry
  909. Myande Group
  910. MycoTechnology
  911. Nabisco
  912. Nadreph
  913. Nandi Proteins
  914. NARO (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization)
  915. Nat Can
  916. National Wolfberry Engineering Research Center, Ningxia Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences
  917. Natural Polymer International Corporation
  918. Natures One
  919. Nestec SA
  920. Nestlé
  921. New Hope Liuhe
  922. NewTree
  923. Next Gen Foods
  924. NEXT Proteins
  925. Ningbo Sulian Food
  926. Ningbo Yufangtang Biology Technology
  927. Nippon Suisan Kaisha
  928. Nisshin Flour Milling
  929. Nisshin Foods
  930. Noblegen
  931. Novo Nordisk
  932. Novozymes
  933. Numico
  934. NutraSweet
  935. Nutri Pharma
  936. Nutriati
  937. Nutripharm
  938. Nutrisearch
  939. Oatly
  940. Onyx Developpement SAS
  941. Opta Food Ingredients
  942. OptiSense
  943. oshan Jucheng Biochemical Technology Research and Development
  944. Otsuka Foods
  945. Otsuka Holdings
  946. Our Home
  947. Pacific Health Laboratories
  948. Panasonic Intellectual Property Management
  949. PepsiCo
  950. Perfect China
  951. Perfect Day
  952. Pfi Foods
  953. Pingdingshan TianJing Plant Albumen
  954. Poet Research
  955. Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra
  956. Postman
  957. Prairie Aquatech
  958. Procter & Gamble
  959. ProForm Foods
  960. Proteifood SA
  961. Proteintech Group
  962. Proteus Industries
  963. Protial
  964. Purac biochem BV
  965. PURIS Foods
  966. Qingdao Changshou Foods
  967. Qingdao Huaren Medical Product
  968. Qingdao Huarentang Health Sci-tech
  969. Qingdao Jiarui Biotechnology
  970. Qingdao Regeneration Zhiyuan Biological Technology
  971. Qingdao Shengtong Nutrition Food
  972. Qingdao Single-cell Biotechnology
  973. Quaker Oats Company
  974. Quantum Hi-Tech (China) Biological
  975. QUIRIS Healthcare GmbH
  976. Quzhou College of Technology
  977. R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
  978. Ralston Purina
  979. Rank Hovis McDougall
  980. Redefine Meat
  981. Rhodia
  982. Ripple Foods
  983. Ronghai Biotechnology
  984. Roquette Frères
  985. Rose Acre Farms
  986. Runke Bioengineering
  987. SafeFresh Technologies
  988. Sahmyook University
  989. San-Ei Gen F.F.I.
  990. Sapporo Holdings
  991. Savencia Fromage & Dairy
  993. School of Agriculture University of Lisbon (ISA)
  994. School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (JLUSPS)
  995. SDIC Bioenergy Tieling
  996. Seoul National University R&DB Research Foundation
  997. Sericulture & Agri-food Research Institute GAAS
  998. Shaanxi Eyoung Technology
  999. Shaklee Corporation
  1000. Shandong Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  1001. Shandong Chemsta Machinery Manufacturing
  1002. Shandong Haohong Biotechnology
  1003. Shandong Heli Agricultural Development
  1004. Shandong Huachang Food Technology
  1005. Shandong Huamei Biotechnology
  1006. Shandong Huifa Food
  1007. Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology
  1008. Shandong Jia Shibo Chang Food
  1009. Shandong Sanwei Soybean Protein
  1010. Shandong Shenghai Health Care Products
  1011. Shandong Sinoglory Health Food
  1012. Shandong Tekang Pharmaceutical
  1013. Shandong Tianbo Food Ingredients
  1014. Shandong Yusheng Biological Technology
  1015. Shandong Yuwang Ecological Food Industry
  1016. Shandong Yuxin Biotechnology
  1017. Shandong Yuya Soya Bean Machinery Manufacturing
  1018. Shanghai Aoyi Biomedical Tech
  1019. Shanghai Aoyu Biological Technology
  1020. Shanghai Boohee Information Technology
  1021. Shanghai Fengye Biological Technology
  1022. Shanghai Fudan Aoyi Medicine Tech
  1023. Shanghai Haofu Food Tech
  1024. Shanghai Institute of Technology
  1025. Shangyi Information Technology
  1026. Shanxi Zhendong Wuhe Health Technology
  1027. Sheng Tai Biological Technology
  1028. Shenyang Zhonggong Food
  1029. Shenzhen Aiwosen Technology
  1030. Shenzhen Mys Environmental Protection & Technology
  1031. Shenzhen Whole Perfect Foods
  1032. Shikoku Kakoki
  1033. Sichuan Baijia Food
  1034. Sichuan Huiji Food
  1035. Sichuan Meishan Qingxin Lotus Agriculture
  1036. Sichuan Nanxi Huiji Foodstuff
  1037. Sichuan Piaoxiang Yuanda Food
  1038. Sichuan University
  1039. Sigma Alimentos
  1040. Smithfield Foods
  1041. Solae
  1042. South China University of Technology
  1043. Spiber
  1044. SPX FLOW
  1045. Standard Oil
  1046. Starfield Food & Science Technology
  1047. Stauffer Chemical
  1048. Stokely Van Camp
  1049. TerraVia
  1050. Teweinong Biological Technology Development
  1051. The Brecks Company
  1052. The Coca-Cola Company
  1053. The Hershey Company
  1054. The Institute for Quality & Safety and Standards of Agricultural Products (IQSSAP)
  1055. The Kraft Heinz Company
  1056. The Nisshin Oillio Group
  1057. The Spanish National Research Council
  1058. Thomas J. Lipton Company
  1059. Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology Chinese Academy of Sciences
  1060. Tianjin Xingyu Space Biotechnology
  1061. Triton
  1062. Typhoo
  1063. Unilever Bestfoods Deutschland
  1064. Université Montpellier
  1065. University of Guelph
  1066. Van den Bergh Foods
  1067. Verenium Corporation
  1068. VESTA
  1069. Vitex Foods
  1070. W. R. Grace and Company
  1071. Wegschaider - Fleisch Wurst Imbiss
  1072. Weixin Group Deqing Weixin Food
  1073. Wilmar ( Shanghai ) Biotechnology Research & Development
  1074. Wilmar (Shanghai) Biotechnology Research & Development Center
  1075. Women and Children's Health Research Institute
  1076. Wuxi Gloria Industrial Tech
  1077. Wuxi Huashun Minsheng Foodstuff
  1078. Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences Agricultural Mechanization Institute
  1079. Yancheng Zhenglin Foodstuff
  1080. Yanjin Puzi Food Technology
  1081. Yicheng Food Anhui
  1082. Yuanlong Foods
  1083. Yunhong Group
  1084. Zeno
  1085. Zhongyu Henan Energy Holdings
  1086. ZY Yavne Food Industries


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