Pipeline Tracking

We help clients in developing a comprehensive perspective of drug / therapy development programs, providing information on contemporary competitive landscape and important focus areas within the market of interest. In addition to providing an in-depth analysis of clinical and pre-clinical / discovery stage programs (based on class / type of molecule, developmental phase and other relevant parameters), we use a variety of robust frameworks (such as Bull's Eye, and Pipeline Funnel Analysis) to distil relevant information in order to generate an accurate assessment of the market landscape and establish immediate and long-term research objectives based on our clients business related goals. We also help identify the closest competitors of our clients, offering a customized and informed threat map that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of competing stakeholders within an industry / sector.

Case Study: Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Project Background


  • The client is a California based biotech start-up and has developed a highly innovative proprietary approach for the development of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors.
  • It is funded by three Venture Capital firms. In addition, it has previously received grants from government authorities for research and development.
  • The CEO of the company required an in-depth analysis of the pipeline and insights on its top three competitors covering their product focus, research plans and future strategic intent


  • To build a robust and comprehensive pipeline of clinical and pre-clinical / discovery stage Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor molecules.
  • To gather information on the mechanism of action of each molecule and identify most popular treatment targets; to analyze the information using different frameworks (such as Bull’s Eye, Pipeline Funnel analysis) and generate an accurate assessment of the market landscape.
  • To identify the closest competitors for the client and present a ‘threat’ map highlighting relevant strengths and weaknesses.


Project Approach


Project Insights


Project Outcome


  • A comprehensive report on current status of the Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors market covering market landscape, drug profiles, current trends and future outlook of the growing pipeline of ICIs.
  • An Excel database of ICIs under investigational studies (both clinical / preclinical) across multiple targets and disease indications.
  • A PowerPoint presentation offering detailed pipeline analysis to highlight the competitive landscape and areas of strategic importance


  • Absolute clarity in the leadership team on immediate and long-term priorities; pipeline analysis demonstrated considerable threat from other companies.
  • Baseline data collection made it easier for the team to define goal-oriented targets mapped against internal and competitor programs.
  • The complete planning exercise developed a common understanding in the leadership and management teams about potential partners to bring their concept to market – a must for a collaborative effort as the firm prepared for a rapid growth phase