Publication Analysis

We understand our clients need to stay updated and informed regarding the latest developments and scientific research within an industry / sector. We can offer a range of relevant insights, customized to meet our clients requirements, by analyzing data available in peer-reviewed, scientific research, or business-related publications. Our expertise includes preparing abstracts, characterizing important / relevant study designs, discerning the focus of publications, identifying popular molecules and offering a range of other insightful details mined from publications related to a therapy area / disease indication. In addition to abstract writing and author profiling, our publication analysis team is adept in developing a thorough understanding of relevant scientific literature, highlighting key trends, popular focus areas and offering deeper insights into research mechanics and other technicalities. Our research and proprietary analytical methodologies also enable us to make key strategic suggestions to our clients, advising them on how to comply to existing benchmarks and achieve best-in-class outputs, across different types of preclinical / clinical studies of their proprietary drug / therapy candidates.

Case Study: Antibody Drug Conjugates

Project Background


  • The client is a Texas based firm involved in designing and developing Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs). Within its portfolio, the client has four molecules in early phases of development.
  • Based on the promising research results, the client intended to file an IND application in the near future.
  • Amidst growing competition in the ADC space, one of the primary intentions of the CEO was to stay abreast of related research developments. In addition, he wanted his research team to identify benchmarks for safety / efficacy from the trial results of other ADCs in various phases of development.


  • To create a comprehensive list of studies published on ADCs in the last six months. There has been a healthy growth in the number of pipeline molecules (both clinical and preclinical), suggesting a heavy focus of industry stakeholders towards ADCs.
  • Prepare abstracts, identify study designs, focus of publications, popular molecules and other insightful details. The area is likely to retain popularity amongst researchers worldwide. This is evident from the increasing number of articles being published.
  • To provide objective insights and recommend the benchmark (or best-in-class output) to be achieved by the client for each type of study and corresponding indications.

Project Approach


Project Insights


Project Outcome


  • An Excel database of the shortlisted ADC publications with details extracted from a number of reputed references such as PubMed, ScienceDirect and Biomed Central.
  • A comprehensive report on publications along with an in-depth analysis on a variety of parameters as requested by the client.
  • A PowerPoint presentation highlighting key insights from the publications that were reviewed. The presentation also included abstracts of selected / relevant studies and author profiles.


  • The comprehensive deliverable highlighting the trend analysis and important takeaways provided significant clarity to the CEO on his competitors’ priority areas and the overall industry focus.
  • Baseline data collection made it convenient for the client to define the benchmarks for related studies, expected to begin in the near future.
  • Roots Analysis was retained by the client to provide quarterly updates on the Publication Analysis in an effort to continuously support internal decision making sourced from external data.