Month: April 2022

Women’s Digital Health: A New Era of Female Healthcare

Women’s digital health involves the initiatives taken by industry stakeholders and researchers, which include technological remedies, such as mobile apps, software, wearable devices and diagnostic tools that exclusively aid in improving female health and wellness. Since it is primarily focused on women’s healthcare, it is termed as Female Technology or FemTech. The term “FemTech” was

Sustainable Packaging: A Paradigm Shift in Healthcare Packaging

What is Sustainability and Why is Sustainable Packaging Important? The term sustainability is derived from the Latin word sustinere, which means to hold or support. Sustainable packaging is defined as packaging that is safe for individuals, as well as the environment, while meeting all requirements for performance, cost and ease of fabrication. Further, the product should be

Single Use Sensors: A Step Towards Future Transformation

Over the past decade, the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing market has witnessed several advancements in terms of bioprocessing. Bioprocess technology is one of the integral parts of biotechnology that deals with different biological processes involving living or competent cells to get value added products at the end of the process. Recently, an increasing demand for various