Month: May 2024

Autoinjector: Empowering The Healthcare Industry

In the dynamic landscape of the healthcare sector, the evolution of drug delivery systems plays a significant role in transforming the management of chronic diseases. Among the various innovations, self-injection devices (specifically autoinjector) have emerged as a promising solution. Autoinjector are self-injection devices that automatically insert the needle and deliver a particular amount of therapeutic

Decoding Health – Unravelling the Power of Digital Biomarkers

The evolution of the healthcare industry is being driven by advancements in technology and rising adoption of telemedicine & digital biomarker. With increasing digitization across the globe, the need for real-time data access, management and analysis of health data has gained remarkable importance. The growing use of wearable devices and mobile applications to monitor health

Protein Precision: “Harnessing Targeted Protein Degradation”

Proteins are the chains of amino acids linked together in different combinations and perform a wide variety of functions. These are the vital structural component of cells, which help in cell functioning and regulation of building body tissues. However, continuous regulation of the cellular proteome is essential for maintaining the right balance of different proteins