Month: October 2017

Antibody Drug Conjugates Market: Riding on the Growth Wave

While there are close to 200 ADCs in various stages of development, the market field is currently going through a gradual transition, shifting from relying on conventional technologies to newer approaches for generating ADCs. The ‘Antibody Drug Conjugates Market (4th Edition), 2017-2030’ report provides a comprehensive study on the current landscape of ADCs, featuring an elaborate discussion

Biopharma Contract Manufacturing: From Promise to Reality

The development and manufacturing processes opted by biologics CMO are complex, and usually require advanced capabilities and specialized expertise. This has led many stakeholders in the industry to outsource significant parts of their business operations to biopharma contract manufacturing service providers. The ‘Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Market (2nd edition), 2017 – 2027’ report provides an extensive study of

Antibody Discovery Platform: An Opportunity Platform Providers

The rising demand for novel antibody therapy and personalized medicines to provide targeted treatment options has encouraged pharmaceutical companies to shift their focus from small molecules to discovery and development of biologics, particularly antibody-based therapeutics. The antibody discovery platform report provides an extensive study on the current market landscape and future outlook of the antibody discovery service

Modular Facilities in Pharma / Biotech: An Evolutionary Leap Forward

Modular facilities have demonstrated tremendous potential in several fields; specifically, the shorter time taken to establish such facilities has a significant impact on expediting various operational processes. The modular construction market report provides an extensive study on the current market landscape and future outlook of modular facilities manufacturers that cater to the demands of pharmaceutical