Biopharma Contract Manufacturing: From Promise to Reality

The development and manufacturing processes opted by biologics CMO are complex, and usually require advanced capabilities and specialized expertise. This has led many stakeholders in the industry to outsource significant parts of their business operations to biopharma contract manufacturing service providers. The ‘Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Market (2nd edition), 2017 – 2027’ report provides an extensive study of the biopharma contract manufacturing market for biologics.Some of the most interesting insights from our study are presented below.

The Landscape Of Biopharma Contract Manufacturing Is Steadily Evolving
Outsourcing activities have grown significantly within the biopharmaceuticals domain; we came across 216 companies offering contract manufacturing services.

CMOs Have Expanded Their Service Portfolios To Stay Competitive
In order to maintain a competitive edge in the growing biopharma contract manufacturing market, CMOs are rapidly expanding their capabilities / offerings

As per Roots Analysis, currently majority of biopharmaceutical contract manufacturers are manufacturing proteins and peptides.

As The Focus On Biologics Strengthens, CMOs Are Ready To Monetize The Opportunity
The growing pipelines of emerging therapeutic classes, such as cell and gene therapy, offer lucrative business opportunities to CMOs in this domain

Likewise, The Emergence Of Biosimilars Has Reinforced The Promise
The growing biosimilars market is also expected to be one of the key growth drivers for biopharmaceutical contract manufacturers

The Manufacturing Capacity Is Well-Distributed Across The Globe
The current global biopharma contract manufacturing capacity is over 3.4 million litres; this is well distributed across different regions

Majority of companies based in North America have largest biomanufacturing installed capacity- Roots Analysis

We Expect The Overall Market To Witness a Healthy Growth Rate
Driven by an increasing global demand for biologics, we expect the market to witness significant growth over the coming decade

Specific Regions, Though, Are Likely To Garner Relatively Higher Interest
Although preferences regarding expression systems are unlikely to change, the regional biologics contract manufacturing market landscape is likely to evolve in the near future

The Biomanufacturing Contract Manufacturing market is fragmented across different segmentations, By 2035, North America is expected to capture the highest share- Roots Analysis

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