Modular Facilities in Pharma / Biotech: An Evolutionary Leap Forward

Modular facilities have demonstrated tremendous potential in several fields; specifically, the shorter time taken to establish such facilities has a significant impact on expediting various operational processes. The ‘Modular Facilities in the Pharma / Biotechnology Industry, 2017-2030’ report provides an extensive study on the current market landscape and future outlook of modular facility manufacturers that cater to the demands of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. Some of the most interesting insights from our study are presented below.

A Number of Modular Facilities in Pharma / Biotech Industry Have Surfaced Recently
Owing to the various benefits offered by modular solutions, several pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are gradually adopting this alternative approach

The Landscape of Modular Solution Providers is Spread Across the Globe
Over 180 companies offer complete modular facilities / cleanrooms to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies; many of these are headquartered in the US

High Level of Activity can be Witnessed From a Number of Recent Collaborations
The growing interest has led to the establishment of several collaborations and alliances in this domain over the past few years

Benefits of Modular Manufacturing Facilities Overshadow Conventional Approaches
In addition to faster construction timelines, reduction of financial risks and high internal rate of return are the key advantages offered by modular facilities

A Plethora of Opportunities Indicate a Promising Future
A number of lucrative opportunity areas are anticipated to contribute to the rising adoption in the foreseen future

Emerging Regions, in the Long Term, are Likely to Play a Pivotal Role in the Market’s Growth
North America and Europe currently dominate the market; however, the growth is likely to be relatively faster in emerging regions

This Growth will be Seen Across Different Types of Facilities
Majority of the market is likely to be driven by facilities being used for manufacturing purposes; expansion of existing facilities will provide additional impetus

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