Antibody Discovery: The Rise of Services and Platform Providers

The rising demand for personalized medicines to provide targeted treatment options has encouraged pharmaceutical companies to shift their focus from small molecules to discovery and development of biologics, particularly antibody-based therapeutics. The ‘Antibody Discovery: Services and Platforms, 2017-2027’ report provides an extensive study on the current market landscape and future outlook of the antibody discovery service and platform providers. Some of the most interesting insights from our study are presented below.

The Landscape Of Antibody Discovery Services Providers Is Steadily Evolving
Over 60 companies are actively involved in providing antibody discovery services to pharmaceutical industry and academic institutes

Companies Are Offering A Range Of Conventional And Novel Discovery Methods
The companies are rapidly expanding their offerings in order to maintain a competitive edge in the growing discovery service market

Several Platforms Are Currently Available For Licensing
In addition to service providers, a number of players providing access / licenses to their antibody discovery platforms have entered this domain

The Competitive Environment Has Resulted In Significant Innovation
The platform providers have continuously fostered more innovation; these platforms are designed to develop unique and differentiated

Growing Number Of Partnerships Validate The Interest In This Industry
In addition, outsourcing and licensing opportunities have led to the establishment of several strategic partnerships and collaborations

We Expect Healthy Growth in the Long Term
Driven by the growing demand for novel therapeutic antibodies, the market is likely to witness continuous growth in the coming decade

Fully Human Antibodies Will Continue To Gain Most Traction
Transgenic animal-based methods are likely to gain more traction; the industry will continue to focus on fully human antibodies

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