Antibody Discovery: The Rise of Services and Platform Providers

Owing to several beneficial features, such as high specificity, and a favorable safety profile, antibody (Ab) discovery based pharmacological interventions, with 79 molecules approved till date and over 200 molecules in the preclinical / discovery stages, presently represent the largest class of biologics. The discovery of antibodies is a long, arduous and cost intensive process. As a result, many biopharmaceutical developers are opting to outsource such operations. Modern contract research organizations (CROs), offering antibody discovery services, claim to have novel and advanced technologies to support players developing antibody-based products in their early stage research requirements.

Opinions expressed by eminent industry stakeholders acknowledge the increasing trend of outsourcing and licensing activity within the antibody discovery market

70+ companies are actively providing services for antibody (Ab) discovery; of these,11 players claim to have the capabilities to offer services across all discovery stages

Presently, a myriad of antibody generation methods are being employed for the discovery of a wide range of monoclonal antibodies and other advanced antibody variants

In fact, players have built sizeable portfolios to offer a wide range of services across various stages of the antibody discovery process

Over time, several platform providers have also emerged with innovative technologies, designed to augment discovery stage operations in this domain

These platforms vary considerably in terms of their features as demonstrated by our proprietary product competitiveness analysis

Growth in number of partnerships reflects the rising interest of stakeholders in this domain; in fact, companies have raised over USD 2.6 billion in financing over the last few years

Driven by the growing demand for therapeutic antibodies, in various novel formats, the market is anticipated to witness steady growth during the coming decade

Primarily centered in the developed regions, the long term opportunity is likely to be distributed across different types of services related to various stages of the antibody discovery process

The sustained growth is expected to result in lucrative monetizing opportunities for platform providers as they compete for a share within the USD 3 billion licensing revenues over the coming decade

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