Oral Peptides and Proteins: The Growing Importance

Oral peptides and protein-based therapeutics have been in use for more than three decades since the approval of recombinant human insulin, the first protein therapy, in 1982. Earlier, most biologic drugs were the subcutaneous biologics. However, over time, advances in delivery formulations have enabled the development of oral peptides / proteins. Owing to numerous compelling reasons, the concept of peptide pills has gained significant traction. The need for efficient and patient-friendly treatment options for chronic disorders, such as diabetes, is estimated to boost the demand for oral proteins and peptides in the coming years.

Robust Development Pipeline

With two approved drugs and close to 100 clinical / preclinical product candidates, the field of oral protein / peptides therapeutics has evolved significantly over time.

Widening Influence Across Multiple Therapeutic Areas

Majority of product candidates are in early developmental phases, targeting a wide range of disease indications based on novel technologies

Currently, there are over 20% of the oral proteins and peptides that are in discovery phase and likely to get commercialized in the coming years

Novel Technology Platforms: A Vital Enabler

Ongoing advancements have led to the development of innovative technology platforms, which are designed to improve oral delivery and bioavailability of biologics.

US, EU: The Innovation Hubs

Driven by the efforts of small to mid-sized companies, as well as established players, current research activity is heavily concentrated in the US and certain parts of Europe.

Growing KOL Community

In fact, several prominent scientists, acting as key opinion leaders, have made significant contributions to clinical development efforts.

Insights from Social Media

Increasing chatter on social media, and the fact that multiple scientific articles have been published in the last few years, are indicative of the growing interest in this domain.

VC Funding: A Key Driver

Consequently, companies engaged in the oral proteins and oral peptides market have raised close to USD 5.4 billion in financing, as investors have grown to realize the numerous benefits and future potential of oral therapies

Around 30% of the funding were raised through venture funding round by stakeholders in past few years

A Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity

Prevalent trends indicate that the market is poised to grow at a significant pace in the mid to long term as late stage molecules get commercialized in the future.

Well-Distributed and Relatively Low-Risk Growth

The opportunity is anticipated to be well-distributed across multiple technology platforms and different geographical regions

North America is expected to capture the highest market share by 2035 followed by Europe

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