Gene Therapies: Mapping the Future Growth Potential

The first gene therapy, Gendicine®, was only approved in 2003 in China; since then, the domain has evolved significantly. The ‘Gene Therapy Market (2nd Edition), 2018-2030’ report provides an extensive study on the current market landscape of gene therapies, with a prime focus on gene augmentation based therapies and oncolytic viral therapies, featuring an elaborate discussion on the future potential of this evolving market. Some of the most interesting insights from our study are presented below.

A Mushrooming Area for Researchers, Gene Therapies are Now Ready for Strong Commercial Growth
With more than 34,000 patents filed in the last five years, the gene therapy market continues to garner significant interest in the biopharmaceutical industry

The Promising Development Pipeline Holds Significant Potential
Presently, there are 8 commercialized gene therapies and close to 300 clinical / preclinical product candidates under evaluation; AAV vectors appear to be the gene delivery vehicle of choice

Gene Therapies are Being Evaluated Across a Wide Range of Therapeutic Areas
Although oncology continues to be the major area of focus, several candidates are being developed against metabolic, ocular and a variety of other disorders

The Landscape is a Mix of Small Start-ups / Mid-Sized Companies and Large Enterprises
Characterized by the presence of over 60 start-ups and many mid-sized and large-sized firms, the broader landscape is spread across various geographies

Heavy Investments from Venture Capitalists Validate the Rising Interest
The field continues to garner significant attention among venture capital investors; significant support has also come in the form of grants

Vector Manufacturing CMOs are Amongst the Key Stakeholders Driving the Market Forward
CMOs offering vector manufacturing services have become indispensable to the development of novel gene therapies and gene delivery tools

The Overall Market is Expected to Witness Rapid Growth in the Near Term
Overall, prevalent trends indicate that the market for gene therapies is poised to grow significantly as multiple late stage molecules get commercialized in the near future

In the Long-Term, This Growth Will be Well-Distributed across Multiple Regions and Vector Types
In addition to US and EU, several Asian economies are expected to benefit from the anticipated growth

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